Hello guys this is a new one I wanted to try out and it's a little different but hey Morganville is different CAN'T WAIT FOR BITTER BLOOD AHHHHH almost here.


I woke up with a stir and felt different. Sure I got up at this time every day, but somehow this felt I don't know cheerier? I stretched with a smile and looked at my phone. No missed calls. Good. I swung my legs over and felt light. I smiled again and grabbed my stuff heading for a shower. I hummed on my way there and stopped. Wow I was really happy. I shook myself and headed to the shower. During the shower I sang softly to myself. I stopped again I had to be happy for some odd reason. I never sang in the shower. I hurriedly got out and wrapped the towel around me scurrying back to my room. I got dressed and flew down the stairs. I wanted to get my coffee before I headed off to school. There was a groaning noise that resembled a zombie as I poured my coffee.

"Hello Eve." I said cheerily. She dragged herself in.

"I hate you and your perkiness." She grabbed my coffee and gulped down half of it. "I still hate you." She groaned, but was kind enough to add a smirk.

"Thanks hun, love you too." I said looking at what was left and finished dressing it with my usual adages. I sipped it, careful of the heat, watching Eve. "Hey do you feel I don't know different?" I took another sip.

"You mean besides the normal 'I hate this place'…kind of it's hard to explain. Like I began to hum as I woke up." She didn't look at me as she replied.

"Hmm ok." I mumbled into my cup. I looked at the time and sighed. Time flew by too fast in this town. I put my cup down waving to Eve as I left and headed to class. As I walked out I saw some people were mouthing words, but I couldn't tell what they were saying. Some of them looked quite happy. A rare sight in this town. I shook off the odd feeling inside and trudged on. I stepped into the gates of TPU and shocked to see that everyone was walking around with a smile on their face. It was creepy I have to admit. I walked into my mythology class and proceeded to be amazed at everyone's cheer. I was just starting too actually like it when someone stood up and began to sing. I felt an odd tingle in my chest and legs. I didn't like it.

"They're gonna clean up your looks.With all the lies in the books.To make a citizen out of you." He pointed around and I felt that tingling in my legs again. What the hell? "Because they sleep with a gun.And keep an eye on you, son.So they can watch all the things you do." He walked down the aisles to the front of the room and opened his arms wide. "Because the drugs never work. They gonna give you a smirk. 'Cause they got methods of keeping you clean." He gave a wicked smile and four other people stood up giving the same exact smile. "They gonna rip up your heads. Your aspirations to shreds. Another cog in the murder machine" They all walked down to the front of the room and pointed to the professor. "They say that teenagers scare the living shit out of me! They could care less as long as someone'll bleed. So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose. Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me." They all sang together and the rest of use stood up as if by some odd force. A few of us were tapping what would be the beat on their desks and I and a few others walked down to the first step before the front of the room and joined in. "The boys and girls in the clique. The awful names that they stick. You're never gonna fit in much, kid. But if you're troubled and hurt. What you got under your shirt. We'll make them pay for the things that they did" We all pointed and gave our scariest sneer at one another. "They say that teenagers scare the living shit out of me! They could care less as long as someone'll bleed. So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose. Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me!" We all yell sang and The few of use on the top step jumped down with a stomp and circled the original four. "Yeah! They say that teenagers scare the living shit out of me! They could care less as long as someone'll bleed. So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose. Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me!" We all screamed 'me' stomped our foot creating a loud thud in the room and as easily as it washed over us it was gone. People were left looking around wondering what the hell just happened. I was curious myself. My head hurt a little bit then went away. The bell rang and we all, dazed and confused, grabbed our stuff and walked out. A few other people walking out from classes looked the same way. I grabbed my phone and called Eve.

"Eve?" She answered on the first ring.


"Did something weird just happen?" I asked walking out into the sun to see other people busting out into song.

"If you mean weird by Oliver bursting into song here at Common Grounds? Then hell yes." She sounded scared.

"I'll be there in ten." I hung up and ran to Common Grounds. I panted my way in and I saw a few people looked sorely confused and scared. I saw Eve taking off her apron and running over to envelope me in a hug. Oliver was nowhere to be seen. I hugged her tight and made our way to a chair. She let go and we sat down. "What the hell happened with you?"

"Well I was running around as usual and Oliver came out a little happy. It generally scared me. He's never happy. He walked over and burst into song. As if on cue other people did too. Same song it was just creepy. After awhile I did as well. And might I add we had some very…. Extravagant dance moves." She mumbled the last part and I tried to hide my shock.

"What song did you sing?" She looked at the table for a little bit than finally answered looking at me with wide eyes.

"I write sins not tragedies by Panic! At the Disco. I think he was mocking me. I wouldn't cheat on Michael!" Yes looked on the verge of crying. I held her hands and made incoherent soothing noises. "Why what happened to you?"

"Mostly the same thing. I was sitting in class and a class mate of mine burst into song and started to sing Teenagers by MCR. We all joined in eventually." I wasn't as distressed as she, but I could see where it was coming from. She took a moment to appreciate his good choice in bands.

"What the hell does it mean? Who is causing this?" Before I could answer my phone chimed with the ring tone I dreaded to hear, but also was waiting for to see if they had answers. Amelie.

"I'm sorry maybe she has answers." I picked up the phone. "Hello."

"Claire I need you to come down here this instant I will arrange a portal to your current location." She hung up. I wasn't going to leave Eve like this, so I condemned her into a standing position as a portal opened and we walked through. "Claire I asked you to come. Not Miss Rosser."

"Well I'm sorry, but I am not leaving a distressed friend after what just happened. So excuse me." I said holding Eve by the shoulders, as much I could at least with her heels on.

"What happened?" She looked curious and shocked.

"You first." Amelie looked at me a long minute and finally waved me over. I sat Eve down on one of the couches in her office and walked over.

"This happened this morning." I noticed for the first time she had a TV in front of her. She held out the remote and pressed play. I tried to figure out what exactly it was until the face looked at the camera and surprise, they were singing.

"I'm sitting in a room made up of only big white walls.And in the hall, there are people looking through .The window in the door.They know exactly what we're here for." Kim stood up and hid her face from the camera. "Don't look up, just let them think There's no place else you'd rather be." She tapped her foot to an invisible beat and proceeded to sing. "You're always on display. For everyone to watch and learn from Don't you know by now? You can't turn back. Because this road is all you'll ever have!" She spun around with her hands out and finally looked at the camera with a crazed look. Amelie paused the video and looked at me.

"Now what happened with Miss Rosser?" She put the remote down and I still stood in somewhat of a shock.

"I'm surprised Oliver hadn't told you." Eve snapped and Amelie gave her a cold stare.

"What Eve is so bluntly trying to say is he kinda did the same thing and a class mate of mine did as well." I looked at her and she finally took her glare off of Eve.

"Hmm. I see. I want you to go to Myrnin and see what he has…experienced from this odd spell." She turned off the TV and I took that as my take to leave. I grabbed Eve and sent a portal to the Glass house.

"Go talk to Michael and see what he has to say." I pushed her through.

"Be safe who knows what this kind of curse could mean." She turned around and I shut the portal opening up another one to my final destination.

So what do you think it will get better as I go alone and this is Clyrnin so just imagine the song and….dance possibilities If you have a suggestion just shoot it in the reviews if you would be so kind of and please listen to the songs at least once if you don't like them then you can well at least know what they are