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Chapter One: Late night festivities

Tonight was Ty lee's birthday. Many of the palace guards, and towns men took a great liking to her. So they had more forced than offered to take her out for a "night in the town" But what Ty Lee truly wanted was to spend the night with one person only. Azula. The princess was busy and Ty Lee knew she did not go for celebrations especially not with friends. Disappointed Ty Lee agreed to go out partying, but she did not expect to drink so much. I guess the hint of depression really got to her, after all the princess didn't know how much her heart throbbed when ever she was near, or gave her signature smirk. But, one more drink surely couldn't hurt, I mean what could happen?


Azula felt slightly irritated as she was dressed for bed, but she did not know why. As the maids left she turned her head to call for Ty Lee, before realizing she had gone out with those hooligans. With a frown she dismissed the odd feeling as unimportant, nothing a good nights sleep won't get rid of. As she rested her head on the silk pillow she began to doze, but never fell into a deep slumber. Two hours went by like this until she sat up in frustration, as she scowled at her sheets she hadn't really heard the door slide open. But she lifted her head when she heard the soft velvet voice of Ty Lee.

"A-Z-U-LA~" She purred. Azula sat there feeling extremely confused, the pink girl's gray eyes had a slight glaze and she leaned heavily on the door.

"Ty Lee, are you...drunk?" Azula asked carefully, she had never been in this kind of situation and was at a loss on what to do.

"Nah, sssure I had a sippp her' and theer'" She replied with a slur.

"I can't believe you're actually drunk." Azula sighed rubbing her temples, as if she didn't have enough problems. There was no way she was going to spend her night taking care of a wasted Ty Lee. The Circus idiot, why did she even go out with those men if she was with me-No, I don't want the nuisance. Giving another sigh she got out of bed and went to call a servant over to take the acrobat off her hands. An outstretched arm stopped her, great, the girl was annoying enough when sober.

"And wher da ya think yer goin' priiinccess?"

"If you must know I'm in the process of getting you out of my room." She replied curtly.

"I don't think so Zula~" Ty Lee replied drawing circles on the other girls chest. Azula stepped back at the sudden action, she heard how drunkers got suddenly affectionate. Of course the pink loving girl was always somewhat affectionate. Ty Lee had a sly smirk on her lips as she slowly moved closer to her.

"I've got other plans." She said her sloppy smile widening.

"Stop this nonsense at once Ty Lee!" Azula ordered feeling uneasy.

"Oh, I would hardly call it nonsense Zula" Ty Lee spoke in the most serious voice she could manage. Azula did not like the way her name was said, it was almost seductive. Before she could react Ty Lee pushed her down on the bed and hovered a top of her. Feeling shocked she attempted to find her voice.

"Ty Lee what in Agni sake are you doing!" She practically hissed, but before saying more Ty Lee crashed her lips onto her own. Her gold eyes widened tremendously before they narrowed in fury. She began to thrash attempting to fight off the girl, but under the acrobat's tanned skin was very well trained muscle, and she held Azula down. Eventually Azula was able to break the kiss.

"Ty Lee! HOW DARE YOU!" She growled, but the brunettes eyes only seemed to glow with more passion. For the first time Azula felt something similar to...fear. The thought was short lived as her lips were captured into another kiss, this one more heated. As Ty Lee's tongue thrashed at her begging for entrance she squeezed her eyes tight wishing it would all end. But a slight nibbling on her bottom lip opened her mouth in a moan. Disgusted by the sound that came out of her she tried her best to ignore the slight pleasure she felt from the touch. But her determination was slipping as Ty Lee's tongue danced in her mouth, her mouth, she was very skilled with it. Azula began to kiss her back with ferocity, but then shook herself out of it. She ripped away from the kiss and breathed heavily, gasping for air. Her heart pounded in ways it never did before, and oddly enough it was getting very hot.

"Ty Lee, snap out of i-aah." She broke off her sentence as the other girl moved down onto her neck, biting and licking away. She sent light kisses across her collarbone before sitting back a bit.

"I love you 'Zula." Ty Lee whispered before giving her one last light touch of her lips, and just like that the acrobat rolled over and slept. Azula panted having mixed feelings, she hated feeling like this, she wished it would just GO AWAY. Her heart fluttered and her body burned, it was unfathomable that this little fool could get such a reaction from her. She grinded her teeth in frustration, how was she supposed to sleep now? Azula tried to pushed down the anger that was burning in her stomach, taking deep breathes she began to calm down. A wave of extreme exhaustion came over her, getting worked up like that was not a good thing, she thought before also, finally falling asleep.

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