I keep thinking back to the Rumors chapter it pops in my head that I could have done it differently and how it wasn't right and how bad it was and argh it won't leave me alone I neeeeeed to focus on the next chapters, darn you mind, darn you! I made this beginning and I was ligitimitaly thinking of cutting it off, that's why it took me so long (well and the above) And I had those songfic ideas X.x

How can we tell what is the truth and what is a lie? Do we trust those we love to supply it to us? What is the truth, and what are lies. Is lying really all that bad? And is the truth all it's cracked up to be? Is one right, is one wrong? What are truths and what are lies. The real question is who is telling a lie and whom is telling the truth? Can we trust the liars before us? What do we claim as the truth, and what do we claim as lies. Tell me, why must you lie to me? Can I trust you to see the truth within my lies? What are truths and what are lies, show me and in return, I shall show you.

"Azula! Azula! Azuuuuuula! Do you know what today is?"

"The day you will finally leave me alone?"

"No silly!" The girl giggled "It's your birthweek!"

"Oh joy." Azula drawled.

"Don't be like that 'Zula." Ty Lee pouted "It's a very special day."

"Thank you Ty Lee, I am aware of that fact now will you go away?" The princess replied plainly.

"Of course not! After all I have a surprise for you." Ty Lee replied softly.

"Oh?" Azula said raising her eyebrow.

"Yes, I made it myself, something I picked up at the Earth Kingdom, its um...ah I forget what it's called but it has to do with these er minerals and glass, it was very pretty when the shop keeper gave me the starter-"

"Ty Lee, shut-"

"Shut up I know, but this isn't the time! Ok ready?"

"Uh yeah." Azula replied a little shocked that the girl actually cut her off.

"No, you have to close your eyes!" The pink girl sighed.

Frowning deeply the young Princess, for whatever reason, obliged and closed her amber eyes. "Fine, just hurry up."

"Ok." Ty Lee shifted and produced a sparkling necklace from her back carefully grabbing her friend's hand, feeling her flinch slightly at the contact, she placed it in her fingers. "There."

Azula opened her eyes quickly. She stared at the piece running her fingers over it. She had to stop herself from saying just how beautiful it was. The necklace was in the shape of the fire nation insignia, but it flared with colors of blues, mixed with green red and yellow. As if the elements had been engraved inside it. But there was a touch of the smallest pink in the middle, giving it the Ty Lee mark. Looking at it you could see marks of clumsy hands, definitely identifying it as handmade. Azula had to snap out of her trance from the swirling colors. She noticed the girls gaze on her, obviously waiting for her to speak.

"Well, such a trashy thing, but the symbol is fitting." She remarked dryly. Ty Lee's smile wavered and her eyes dulled. "But seeing as it is such a special occasion I will keep it anyways." She added quickly, making the girl perk up again.

"Good, I'm glad you like it." She said cheerfully."

"I never said I liked it." Azula pointed out.

"Sure, sure." Ty Lee hummed in reply. "So Azula later we ca-" She began, but was cut off hearing her name being called. Mai appeared a little behind them, informing Ty Lee that it was time she got going. "Oh, already, I'll be right there." She replied slightly unhappy. Mai nodded and walked off muttering to herself. Azula was slightly curious as to what they had to do that she didn't know about.

"I guess this all for now 'Zula." Ty Lee said softly, Before Azula could say something the girl came up to her.

"What are you doing?"

The pink girl smiled and planted a quick peck on the Princess's cheek, whispering in her ear. "Happy birthday my Princess." Before running off giggling happily, the sound of her laughter like bells in Azula's ears, and her words stuck in her mind.

"'Happy birthday my Princess.'" What a funny lie.

Lies. They hurt and save. Harsh and cruel depending on the user. The one user Ty Lee knew well, never changed how her lies were used. Actually, Ty Lee could honestly not recall the last time she said the truth. Of course not everything were lies, but even the truths that came from her mouth are inserted with twisting traps of lies. She supposed it was the only way her friend knew how to go about conversing with anyone else. Yes, Azula, THE princess, HER princess, only filled in lies, mostly trapped in her own and of others. You could ask anyone to describe Azula, and each one would say the same thing. Indestructible, cruel, perfect. But Ty Lee often wondered how no one could see the true princess. One look into Azula's eyes and Ty Lee knew exactly how to describe her. Fragile, vulnerable, broken. She is just like a fallen angel, standing above others in her perfect nature, her beauty. And yet she herself can no longer fly. Her once white wings tainted, scarred, dyed in black, too heavy to be of any use. Hanging on her like weights it was only a matter of time until she fell permanently. The pink girl tried, so, so, hard to stop that from happening. But as days, years, months went by she saw it increasing. She was losing to it, Azula was losing her internal battle. Even though Ty Lee wished for it not to happen something inside her knew, just knew that her perfect angel will fall, deeper than ever before. And she feared that no one could drag her out. For the princess headed for the deep waters of her own lies, and the lies others spun around her, whispering in her ears. Lies. Such a cruel tool, hurting others and the user more than any physical blow. Lies hold nothing but emptiness But if we forgive our lies, and the lies of others, than what do we have left?

Ty Lee rolled over in her bed laying on her back. She opened her grey eyes and stared at the ceiling. Doing all of this thinking was now seeming like a bad idea. What was she supposed to do anyway? There really wasn't, so then why was she looking for an answer? If the princess wants to pretend nothing happened, then it would be wise to do the same. Then again, that was the strange part. Would Azula not have some sort of punishment for her? Unless if she...No way! Ty Lee get your head out of the gutter! Something like that...could...would never happen. Letting a sigh escape her lips she pushed herself of the bed. Stretching she looked out her near by window. The sun was still bright, it's rays warming the room. She suspected it to be two in the afternoon by now. That nap felt good, but it probably wasn't the best idea. She had gotten up with Azula, when the sun had risen of course, but sleeping during the day would mean she would be up at night. Not that it was such a bad thing, but it normally threw her off, and it was disappointing that she missed the chance to go out earlier. Not a big deal, she might as well go to the garden now, it was just so beautiful out. Relaxing would certainly take her mind off of...everything. That plan in mind she skipped out the door, trying to shove down the uneasiness in her stomach.

Azula exited the room, even more frustrated then she had been when entering. Walking swiftly through the many halls thinking furiously. Her actions as of late were unacceptable. It needed to be resolved immediately, she will not stand for it. But how can she get rid of these...feelings. Growling to herself she stopped walking, only to see she had arrived at Ty Lee's room. Yes, she thought, it all started with Ty Lee. Everything always does. That's just how it had been, anything that would cause the slightest change in herself was all because of that acrobat. Sighing, Azula allowed her anger to cool shoving it down, making sure it was controlled. There would be nothing to worry about as long as she resolved the issue. It was simple logic, but it was harder than it seemed. What needed to be resolved? It was because of that...night, she felt all..twisted. It was something she had never truthfully experienced before. Sure, Azula heard about these different feelings, mostly being related to love. But that was absurd, her in love with Ty Lee? On top of that what Ty Lee did in her drunken state, did that mean Ty Lee secretly loved her? Azula is talented, and intelligent, but this was something even she could not figure out. What was love anyways? It's just stupid, what's the point? Love. For Agni sake! It makes no sense!

Pacing she began to re think things from a different perspective. Perhaps Ty Lee was in love with her would she make a move? How ever that works. But maybe this could be used as some sort of advantage. No, it was too much of a burden. Even if Ty Lee didn't 'act' on her feelings, then Azula could always confirm her loyalty. She would certainly stay by her would be useful, especially how special the pink girl's skills are.

But then what about herself? Obviously these feelings meant something, but all they had been so far was a nuisance. It had only been a day and she was already becoming a mess. If she didn't do something soon, then what would happen in the future? Everything would fall apart. All she had to do was get rid of this nuisance. But how? She felt the anger boil over again and forced herself to take a calming breath. Over thinking wasn't any help. She obviously needed some sort of information, a source. After all, you don't destroy a city without knowing what's inside. Sure of what to do, the princess turned around down the halls again. Getting rid of these feelings would be a simple task. After all, conquering is what she did best.

Ty Lee sat an a tree branch that she was fond of. The same one she would hang from when she was younger. Staring down at the turtle ducks it slightly irked her at how happy they could look. Her attempts at 'forgetting' were not working. Frowning for the 100th time that day she rested her head on the trunk. Looking over the garden she rested her eyes on a small circled spot. Looking out at the flowers surrounding it, a type of small courtyard, she began to remember one of Azula's birthdays. The whole palace had been in a frenzy, making preparations for the princess's birthweek. It was a tradition to celebrate the birthday of any royal member for a complete 7 days. Different events would be held each day always ending in a buffet. All kinds of dances, plays, and performances it was always like a festival. Then the citizens would come everyday to present gifts, it was such a great time, everyone was so happy. That was one of the reasons Ty Lee loved it so much. And well...it was Azula's birthday, and that makes it all the more special, to her that is. If Ty Lee recalled, it was when Azula turned 11 that she took the chance and gave her something hand-made. A necklace...but what happened to it? Thinking about that day, she thought about how pleased Azula looked when she received it. Something happened after that though...oh yeah. She remembered with a sinking feeling, it had been the best and worst day. Although the princess had accepted the gift, later that day she found out what happened to it.

"Hey 'Zula! I'm finished what I had to do, so we can do that thing I was talking..about." Ty Lee stopped staring at her friends neck. "What happened to your necklace Azula?"

The princess stared at her with cold eyes. "That thing? It was getting in my way, I burned it since it was such a nuisance. It's probably in a trash heap or something." She replied plainly.

Every word felt like swords stabbing her heart. Trembling slightly she turned around, hoping the girl wouldn't notice her tears. Willing her voice to sound calm she spoke. "Well, I guess I'll just get something better next year." But before Azula could reply she ran away.

Ty Lee felt a bitter sadness at the memory, she had cried in her room all day. Sometimes what Azula did was cruel, and just plain unfair. But still Ty Lee wasn't strong enough to stay away from the fire princess, no matter how hurt she was. She just kept coming back, day after day. But Azula could be really sweet, well in her own way. Ty Lee giggled happily, remembering when the princess had given her this one gift for her birthday. Having Azula actually remember her birthday was enough, but the fact that she actually brought a gift was even better. That nervous looking face she had, it was such a great pink ribbon with a ring- Her thoughts stopped realizing that the very gift was missing. On every one of her birthdays she would wear it, since she couldn't regularly considering what she always ended up getting into. She became flustered, searching her person just encase. What would she do if it was lost at the bar? A new wave of panic came over her. Ok Ty Lee, just take a deep breath, check the palace first. Jumping down she ran towards the doors. It was best to check where she was first thing in the morning...Azula's room. Her breathing nearly stopped thinking about it. But it was something she had to do. A few winding halls and a staircase later she arrived at her destination. Truthfully, Ty Lee never thought entering a room could be such a hard task, but then again, there was a first time for everything, right? Biting her lip she just went for it. Knocking on the door lightly, she tried to say something but the words just stuck in her throat. Clearing it, she tried again. Being more successful this time she called out.

"Azula? Azula are you there? I forgot something..."

But when no snapping remark came she frowned deeply. It was extremely disappointing but then again, if no one was there she could easily be in and out, Azula wouldn't even have to know. Making her decision she entered the princess's living quarters. She swept her eyes over the room looking carefully. Ty Lee moved to the bed and searched in the smooth sheets. When she had no luck her disappointment was like a rock in her stomach. Grimacing she moved to leave the room before remembering to look under the bed. With a splash of hope she dived to the floor searching for it, a snip of pink caught her attention. Snatching up the object she recognized the ribbon and a wave of relief came over her. The ring was still there and nothing seemed damaged. Scooting out from underneath the bed, she accidentally smashed her head on the boards.

"Owwww, guess I'm a little big for this..." Ty Lee groaned before something else hit her lightly on the shoulder. "What is it now!?" She looked down, squinting slightly because of the lack of light. She saw something white in front of her, slowly picking it up she examined it.

"Oh yeah...as kids we'd hide stuff in the boards under the bed." She murmured to herself. "But I don't remember hiding anything like this..." It was small, fitting gently in her palm. Whatever it is, was wrapped carefully in a white handkerchief with an A stitched into the bottom. It was obviously Azula's, and telling from the wrapping, it was something important. Ty Lee was very curious about what it could be.

Maybe if I took just a peek...No! it's Azula's that wouldn't be right, and what if she found out? But by the dust it's been there awhile..maybe she forgot about it. No! I shouldn't She continued to argue with herself, until her curiosity got the best of her she began to open it. Slowly and carefully she unwrapped the cloth, there was a clink of what sounded like glass before the object was now sitting in front of her. She only felt numb at her discovery, even though charred black and with a few cracks in it, she could still recognize the piece. Her necklace.

"Liar." Was all she could say.

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