A/N: Hey there readers. It's that time again to revisit Trent's disturbing past. I apologize but I am a terrible sucker for extremely despicable conditions imposed on characters. So yeah...ENJOY!

Trent couldn't sleep. Despite his feeling of being tired, part of which was just an interpretation of his body's low energy warning, he wasn't sleepy in the least. Two eyes stared at the ceiling searching for something they wouldn't find. Trent himself wondered what he was looking for. Certainly not a physical object. More like a sign, or an omen. Something to let him know what he was doing was right.

It never really felt virtuous to begin hunting down a man with a vengeful drive. If there was a god, Trent wanted a sign. An honest to goodness blessing of approval that he was doing something for the purpose of the greater good. If not, then what was his life about? This sort of thinking would surely leave him awake until the sun rose.

But as he tried to come up with a reason not to kill his own half brother, the reasons why he should became much more clear. And as a few memories cluttered his thoughts, he managed to drift into a fitful sleep complete with tormenting dreams.

Penny was only nine when her Uncle came to take her for the day. Her parents were celebrating their anniversary and Trent had offered to take his niece to give them some time. Marian hugged the girl at the door and smiled at her brother. "Thank you Trent." It was only a year since he and Tex had been in an accident working over seas for the government. They were partners working for the CIA. And they had just recently been released from the Bioshock Infirmary.

"Don't mention it. We'll have a great time won't we?" He asked the small girl in pigtails. She nodded.

The two climbed into Trent's Mustang and drove off. Trent took Penny to the movies, lunch, and then to the science museum. These events were mundane, but in a memory each smiling second cut into his heart. They were the calm before the storm.

On the drive home they stopped and got ice cream. Which Penny spilled on the seat. Trent gave her the rest of his assuring her it wasn't a big deal though she apologized numerously. With the sun almost setting they pulled up to the house.

The door to the Westhoff home was ajar and Trent instinctively took it as a bad sign. He put his finger to his lip and Penny nodded, she would remain silent. The two peaked into the room but could see nothing. There were no noises from within the house, though Trent's modified hearing picked up three heart beats. Two were faltering. "You stay here and hide in the bushes," he whispered. Penny nodded and crouched in the flowerbed.

Trent quietly pushed the door open and walked into the house. The familiar entry hall was unblemished. A sign that there had been no struggle to get inside. Whoever was here had either been invited in, or was someone Marian and Derek knew.

The breathing grew louder in his ears and as he came to the living room the sensors in his nose picked up on blood. Trent held his breath, the scent was disturbing, even if it was a digital analyses that his brain received.

He turned the corner and the living room did not surprise him. Blood was spattered on the walls and carpet. The furniture had been shoved and knocked over. The couch cushions were shredded and the fluffing inside gave a sickening sensation it had snowed in the room. The coffee table was splintered and lying atop the remains was Derek. The man had been flung on his back atop the table, splinters of wood dug into his sides and a long series of gashes cut a diagonal pattern along his chest. Trent went to his brother-in-law hoping to help and maybe learn what was happening.

"Derek. Hey, Derek!" Trent whispered urgently. He didn't want to yell. His ears picked up the shallow breaths and fading heart beat. Derek opened his eyes and stared at Trent. They were clouded and glazed over the brown irises were dull. Trent spoke as quietly as he could. "Derek, it's me Trent. What happened? Who attacked you?"

Recognition donned in the other mans' eyes and he coughed up blood as he tried to speak. "…ex" He sucked in a breath through his mouth. "Mar...ian…upstairs…came to…kill…us." He coughed some more as Trent tried to steady the shaking man. Derek's blood splattered on his hands and sleeves.

"You wait here. I'll call for help." Trent glanced around at the room. The walls had been dug into. He pulled out his private phone and dialed a number. "This is an emergency. My sister and brother-in-law have been attacked I came to the house and found Derek unconscious. He needs medical attention immediately. I'm going to check on my sister. The first victim says she's upstairs. ….I'm a detective, I will be just fine." He turned for the front door. He hurried to where Penny huddled behind a bush. "Penny, can you tell the woman on the phone your address?" The girl nodded taking notice of the blood on his arms. He gave her a brave smile, "Everything will be ok." He handed her the phone and she put it against her ear.

Trent hurried back inside and up the stairs. He took them two at a time. He grabbed the railing with his right hand when his foot slipped. He looked down at the wooden stairs. They were coated in blood and he had slipped on it. The thick liquid clung to his shoe and he felt the nausea rising.

He followed the trail of blood and destruction to the master bedroom. The door was closed. He tried the knob and found it was locked. He gripped the door knob with his hand and slowly twisted. He heard the metal bolt inside groan against the inner workings of the lock. With a snap the bolt gave way and he shoved the door open.

Tex, his right arm a hideous sharp claw, stood over Marian lying on the bed. She was in her clothes, with her shirt hiked up to expose her ripped open stomach. Blood pooled on the bed around her. Her arms were marred by long gashes the seeped red rivulets. Tex looked at Trent and grinned. "Hello brother."

"What have you done?" Trent screamed. He ran to Marian and checked her pulse. It was already fading away. Tears welled in his eyes as he stroked her bloodied cheek. "Marian please wake up."

"She's not going to." Tex replied. His suave voice carried a hint of pride.

Trent turned to glare at him through his tears. "You bastard." Trent began in a low growl. He stalked toward Tex. "How could you?" He continued his voice rising in pitch. Tex, who's handsome face was visible at the time grinned.

"Why not?" He replied. "I have power. You have power. We're not just men anymore. Look at this." He raised his large mechanical arm. "It's the power of a God." Tex whispered.

"It's the weapon of a homicide." Trent replied. He stopped just in front of his half brother. "And you will pay for that."

"Fool. I am unstoppable now. With this I have transcended humanity, and I will exact my revenge on those who have held me back." Tex's eyes were crazed. He had surely lost his mind. Trent shook his head pitying the man.

"You've gone crazy. You killed our sister. Our sister!" Trent pointed at the bed. "That's what you did. You just robbed Penny of her mother. You killed your half sister, why? What did she ever do to you to deserve that?" His voice was a sea of raw emotions.

"Don't appeal to my compassion." Tex growled. "I have none, it's no longer necessary. This is all need." He waved the cybernetic arm for emphasis.

Trent charged him then using his recently added strength to shove the other man to the ground. Tex grunted and swiped his blade like fingers across Trent's face. He screamed but instead of falling back he brought a fist to Tex's chin.

Tex put his left hand around Trent's neck and began to squeeze. Trent panicked for a second before remembering his trachea couldn't be shattered by mere force anymore. He mumbled a command "Activate buzz saw," and a spinning saw blade came out of his wrist. The blade sliced into Tex's cheek and carved a line down to his chin. Blood and bits of flesh and bone flew from the rotating blade.

Tex screamed and grabbed the thin arm that protruded from Trent's wrist and yanked the whole device out. Wires tore from Trent's arm and sparks flew. A striking pain shot through his spine. He gasped as he was released and dropped to the floor.

Tex put his fingers to his shredded face and looked at the blood. "You will pay for that." He stood up slowly. "I was going to invite you to join me, as a brother and a partner. But since you have chosen humanity over power I think I'll kill you." He raised his claw.

A scream made them both turn to the door. Penny, still holding the phone and crying, stood in the doorway. She stared unbelieving at the bloody pair. Her eyes looked to her mother on the bed and she fell to her knees. Sobs shook her small frame and her tears spilled to the floor mixing with the blood.

Trent scrambled to his feet to go to her but a vice grip snatched his leg and he fell face first to the floor. Tex laughed. "Hello Penny."

Tex took a step towards the girl. Trent grabbed a fistful of pant leg and pulled. He rose to his knees, "Activate electrogun," he whispered. From his right wrist a gun barrel protruded, aimed at Tex, and fired into his back. The man fell to the floor just inches from Penny. The girl screamed again, but accompanied with another sound.

The sound of shattering glass rose to Trent's ears. That didn't belong in the memory. The traumatizing dream melted away. Trent sat up and stared at the room. He was in his bed room with the lights off. He sat up and the moonlight streaming through the window glistened on the shattered remains of a glass. That explained the noise, he must have turned over and knocked it off. Either way the dream left him shaky and unwilling to go back to sleep.