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A swift silhouette swam about the shadows of Central Reef – cautious as to not draw attention to itself. Night finally consumed the vibrant reef. Lustrous amber eyes lit the dark aquatic suburbs.

A tingle went down the sea witch's spine. 'The power of that Muse is no joke...' she thought as she neared a rather large abode. The familiarity in the magical signature caused a wicked grin to creep upon the mermaid's face. "Perfect. Now let's get to work," Roo whispered – looming over the redheaded mermaid. "Permissum mens exsisto torqueo," she chanted as a gold and black haze entered the Muse's ear.

Faint sniveling echoed in the recesses of the young mermaid's mind. "I feel so broken inside. How? Why did she dump me?! Was I such a horrible mate?" the sobbing continued.

"Damn, this girl is even crying in her dreams. Almost makes me feel bad to do this… well I did say almost," Roo thought as she went deeper into Kim's subconscious.

The small mental embodiment of Kim's psyche met the invading mermaid. "What are you?"

The gold and black smoke internally smirked. "Just another part of your subconscious. I'm the embodiment of your common sense. Forgive me for being relatively blunt, but you need to hear this. Quit crying you sniveling guppy! Fix the problem instead of crying about something that can be handled in a heartbeat!" she chided.

"Well if you're my common sense tell me what I should do then?"

"Oh this is too damn easy," the mermaid-octopus internally grinned. "Who was the one mermaid that seemed to have the answer to your love problem, hm? The sea witch! You should pay her a visit. See what she could do for you."

"For my common sense you seem like an idiot. What makes you think that she'll want to help me after embarrassing her in front of her master?" the mermaid-lionfish muttered.

"Hey, hey, hey! Who's the common sense? Me, so just do it or are do you not want Shego back? I know I do. This is torture!"

The smaller mermaid seemed to think this option over. "I suppose that it can't be that bad to just ask. The most she could do is say no," Kim concluded.

"See! That's why I'm in the brain and you're the pretty face. Meet her after school tomorrow and hopefully she'll say yes. If not, then I'll be right here already thinking of a better way to get our dearest mershark back into our arms." the sea witch mused before fading out.

Roo fazed outside of Kim's head – stretching out her bones. 'I hate fucking doing that, but the results were worth it and in such a short amount of time too,' she paused before her eyes went back to the redhead. 'Plus I don't trust Sirena that much. She's young and bullheaded. I don't want that mermaid messing up my revenge.' The enchantress leaned down towards her soon-to-be client. "Sleep well Kimmie..."

Kim jolted awake – her eyes peering across the room. "Must be from a bad night's sleep or something," she whispered before returning to her bed. Her eyes cast outside her window down towards the murky depths of the Cove. 'I won't give up that easily Shego. I don't trust that new mermaid you're with... she smells a little fishy,' she thought. A small sigh escaped her before her head hit the softness of her sea sponge pillow.

The faint murmuring of the Central Reef halls seemed to merge as the day rolled on. The classes seemed to roll as if time was moving fast-forward. A small, but frequent whisper beat against the mermaid's eardrum.


The mermaid in speaking flinched. "Huh, what?!" she asked baffled.

"You alright. You don't look too good?" Ron asked.

"I'm fine Ron. No need to worry."

"I don't need electroreception to tell me you're lying, but I'll let it slide for now Kim," Monique sighed.

Kim silently thanked the sea gods.

"So we hanging at Bueno Nappe or go to Club Barracuda," the adolescent mers asked.

"Actually... I have some business with Shego I have to take care of. You know, try to patch things up," Kim muttered.

"So that's why you're all twitchy."

"I am not twitchy Ron!"

"Calm down it was a joke KP, dang."

"Well if you're bugging this badly do you want us to come with you?"

"No! I, mean no..." she said blushing. "I think it's something that should make it seem like I'm doing this on my own accord. She'll probably get offended if she thinks you guys forced me to do it or something."

"I guess that makes sense. You never know about how mersharks are like anyways. You're probably right. Well have fun and be all lovey dovey with Shego Kim. Come on Ron, you can be useful and help carry the bags," Monique said slyly.

"But I want Bueno Nappe and your bags are always heavy," the blond complained.

"Quit whining and we can eat there when we're done."

"Booyah! The Ron-merman scores!"

The two maidens rolled their eyes.

The sea witch softly purred in anticipation as her eyes glowed ominously over the bubbling cauldron.

"And what has you in such a happy state?" a robust voice asked from the background.

"Nothing, nothing at all. Now Dorado, I'll put this bluntly. Get the hell out of my hollow."

The merman huffed indignantly before taking his leave. "Fucking mer-harpy," he muttered.

The mermaid paid very little attention to the bull as he left. "Soon. Very soon and she'll be mine," she let out a hysteric laugh. Her eyes cast towards her cauldron once more to see how close the mermaid was towards her lair. 'I'm surprised the girl can actually find my magic signature. Well, I guess that's the power of a Muse for you,' she thought relatively bored. The tingle of a new power surged her senses. "She's here. It's show time!"

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