Beautiful Chaos,

Beautiful moon,

How many times

has one died too soon?

Beautiful Chaos,

Near-broken heart.

No one but you

can break you apart.

Revolting Chaos,

Disgusting Soul,

Your eyes, you know

are black as coal.

Revolting Chaos,

Congregating Dark.

The Wheel of Fate

never misses it's mark

Destroying Chaos,

Destroying Light,

but Destroying all

takes most of it's might.

Please find the Chaos,

Please light the Fire.

Because if you don't

we all will be Liars.

A/N: Aaaaand that's all that you'll get for now. I'm still waiting for Beautiful Redemption to get to my Library. I'll probably get it mid-Feb. ARRRRGH!

But, THANK YOU all my lovely friend who review! Special Thanks to my Girlfriend, Sinsoftoday! She may not know it, but she gives me inspiration every day!(I'm just to much of a lazy ass to write it down) Hearts~!