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Chapter 1

Summary: Friend Requests- 'Natsume Hyuuga- Confirm, Not Now'. Mikan Sakura, a rich man's daughter has few friends. When she receives a friend request from a stranger, she accepts it. Little does she know that the little blue rectangle would change her life. Mystery, lies, friendship, sarcastic conversations, love...? What has Mikan gotten herself into?

"This dress is so tacky," my one and only best friend Hotaru Imai commented, wrinkling her nose as she held the sparkly silver dress an arm's length away from her.

"I think it's the same one Beyonce wore to some premiere," I said uncertainly.

"I don't care if Justin Bieber wore it," Hotaru deadpanned, chucking the dress on my bed. "Sell it, it should fetch a good price."

I should explain; Hotaru was kind of money-faced, even though she was so rich that she could peel off a few notes from her wads of cash to wipe her butt. Not to gross you out or anything, though. I was just proving a point.

"Here, let me." Hotaru reached across for my MacBook Air and went to eBay. She keyed in her username, and I burst out laughing.

"What sorcery is this? ilovemoneyhoney?" I grinned.

"Oh, you have a notification from Facebook," she said, ignoring me and pointing to the Facebook tab. It read "Facebook (1)".

"Oh my God!" I dove for my laptop and clicked on the tab immediately. It was a friend request. A freaking friend request. I rubbed my eyes.

"Am I dreaming?" I said dazedly. It was the first time in my life I'd gotten a friend request. In fact, I had only twelve friends on Facebook. Pathetic, I know. I didn't have many friends. I had been home-schooled since I was born. My father owned some huge company that had branches all over the world and was a millionaire. He wanted to 'keep me out of the spotlight', so not many knew of my existence. Not that I cared though.

"Do you want me to pop some champagne?" Hotaru drawled.

My cursor hovered over the button. Excitement bubbled inside me. Who could it be? Click.

Natsume Hyuuga · Confirm · Not Now ·

His profile picture was a picture of leaping flames, the glowing mess of red, orange and yellow tongues soaring towards the dark sky. We had no mutual friends.

"Who's that?" Hotaru mused. "Isn't Natsume a kind of tea? Or fruit?"

My first friend request. Does it really matter whether I knew the guy? After all, I could get to know him better... And I wouldn't be stupid enough to give him my private information, of course. I knew all about cyber wellness. And I really needed more friends... Nodding, I clicked on 'confirm'.

My thirteenth Facebook friend.

"Ooh, you're in trouble. Thirteen is an unlucky number." Hotaru raised a dark eyebrow.

I laughed and smacked her with a sheepskin pillow. "I don't believe in superstitions, ilovemoneyhoney."

But little did I know that clicking on that little blue rectangular button would change my life— forever.

After Hotaru had put my flashy, short and low-cut silver dress on show on eBay and went home, I quickly logged onto Facebook and clicked on Natsume Hyuuga.

Worked at none of your damn business

Studied at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Lives in Mars

From Mars

I clicked on his photos, but there were none. Hmm, weird. I scrolled down his timeline but there was nothing relevant as well, just random posts from games like MouseHunt and Ninja Saga.

Mikan Sakura Hello, thanks for adding me as your friend! :) :) :) Do I know you? :D xoxoxo

To my surprise, he replied to my private message a minute later.

Natsume Hyuuga Stop using those smiley faces. They're gross.

I gasped. How dare he? I was only being friendly!

Mikan Sakura I WON'T. :) :) :) ;D :D :) : :] :) (: :D :D xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Natsume Hyuuga You will.

Mikan Sakura Make me! :P :P :P

Natsume Hyuuga You won't want me to make you, little girl.

Mikan Sakura D: Who ARE you? Who are you to call me a little girl?!

Natsume Hyuuga Your senior.

Mikan Sakura Seriously though. Who are you? Why did you add me?

Natsume Hyuuga Because I felt like it, duh. You're kind of dumb, aren't you?

Mikan Sakura HEY! I'm not dumb!

Natsume Hyuuga Really. Someone who likes Rebecca Black shouldn't be too clever, now should they?

Mikan Sakura Stalker! :P

Natsume Hyuuga Now, now, little girl. Who was the one who liked my Ninja Saga post?

Damn. I must have accidentally clicked 'like' while stalking him.

Mikan Sakura Haha. Ninja Saga. Not exactly Mr. Mature, are we?

Natsume Hyuuga At least I'm not playing some half-assed game like Pet Society.

Mikan Sakura You're an ass. :(

Natsume Hyuuga Ah, just when I thought you'd ditched the smileys.

Mikan Sakura You're annoying! BYE!

Natsume Hyuuga You know you'll just come crawling back, Miss Pathetic. Thirteen friends only?

Huffing, I closed all my tabs and slammed my laptop close. Who the hell did that Natsume Hyuuga think he is? It was kind of interesting talking to him though... Argh! My iPhone pinged. Again? Wow, what was happening today? Was my pathetic social life— or lack thereof— finally going to change for the better?

Natsume Hyuuga You can't escape from me, little girl.

Maybe not.

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