No time will be better, kiss the girl

"Captain." a voice, like silky lingerie and curvy legs wrapped around his waist, whispered in the dead of the night.

Killian turned immediately and his heart threatened to climb out of his chest when he saw her standing like a vision in his room. Ariel was dressed in silk and lace, like her voice, and she smiled innocently and he clutched the sheet in his hand, fighting for power over himself.

"Little mermaid, what are you doing in my room so late?" he tried controlling his voice, but it was gruff from sleep and lust. She was like a gift sent from a demon, tempting, alluring, but so delicate and breakable. He couldn't dare touch her like he wanted to. Not even a kiss that could end his misery.

"I want to go for a midnight swim!" she practically bounced with excitement and he tried to stifle a grin but failed. The ridiculous combination of her naivety and her appeal would be the death of him.

"Sweetheart, the water will be cold," he started but she walked towards him and pushed his hair from his forehead and let her hand travel down his cheek; "the ocean will be very dark and I won't be able to see a thing," he continued trying to ignore her hunting fingers as they rubbed his lips apart and his breath came out ragged and desperate; "and you'll probably get sick" he finished lamely, but she was almost face to face with him and her pout was the most heartbreaking and tempting thing he'd seen.

"Bugger, aren't you unrelenting? Fine, let me get my jacket" he caved in and nipped her finger into his mouth and she giggled, and he all but groaned. She jumped in glee and starting dancing around his room.

They walked across the deck and he lowered a boat. He rowed to the shallow part of the beach and laughed softly, amazed at the night. It was like the moon was enamored with her as well, because tonight it shined like fairy dust covered the black sky and the sea was peaceful and kind, bright with the moon's gift for her. He stood on the boat and before he could warn her, she stood with him. The boat shook and they quickly lost their balance, falling into the waters.

As the boat turned, it formed a bubble for them to breathe underneath it. She was laughing unrestrained and he couldn't help but imitate her. Her laughter was made of the purest happiness and he didn't remember a time when he knew joy like that. Except now with her.

She swam to him and wrapped her legs around his waist, like in the waterfall. He wanted to warn her, he tried in vain to not register that this time she's dressed in silk, wet clinging delicate silk, and her body was practically at his disposal now. His body reacted to her touch and every muscle hardened in anticipation. But she didn't seem to mind, she just laced her arms around his neck.

She itched closer and her breath fanned over his lips and her eyes darkened to marine green, like the sea at dusk. He felt her tongue touch his mouth, teasing him, and she bit his bottom lip. He held himself back, refusing to crumble to the desire she surely must feel against her bottom, as the sea rocked them in waves and he felt like exploding.

"Killian." she murmured over his mouth and the brush of her words on his lips was seconds away from yielding him to her temptation.

"Killian..." she moaned as the waves crashed against them and their bodies rubbed deliciously against each other. He groaned and lost the battle.

The moment he was about to touch her lips was the moment he opened his eyes. The night was cruel and implacable in its lustful dreams and promises and he woke up reaching for her ghost in the middle of the room. He groaned and his body tightened, unfulfilled and desperate for her, but it was his heart what pained him the most. It was like her voice was a craving his heart couldn't control, her company was his air, he had come to need her without even realizing how. He didn't understand the magic that holds them together, he just knew he wants her so much closer.

He found her in the kitchen talking to John. He was grateful for the cook's caring for Ariel, she has adapted well within the ship, he's crew is very charmed by her, just like he is.

"Killian" she greeted him excited, but her voice woke up moans and memories from his dreams and he nodded and kept his distance. She frowned, confused by his cold greeting, but he touched her shoulder gently and even that small touch is charged with energy. She seemed to settle with that and smiled.

"John, we'll be docking this afternoon, do you need supplies from the market?" Killian asked his cook.

"Yes Captain."

"Can I come with you? Please. I want to see the market." Ariel asked John timidly, but she looked at Killian and her eyes pleaded him and they are clear and enchanting, and if he could gift her the ocean, the moon and the stars he would, just for a look like that.

"Sure" he shrugged, but she bounces and her excitement is almost palpable. He remembered her looking exactly like that in his dreams and he groans and left the kitchen in a hurry. She looked at John, who chuckled and turned his back at her as well, not risking having that conversation with the captain's lady.

"I loved my father. Being the king's daughter was not always about duty and royalty and honor. We were meant to behave, that's for sure. But my sisters never did, they chased after mermen and caused chaos in the sea court." she started her story as he bought her a new dress. It was bright violet, and her hair stood out with the color. He gently guided her elbow, so she wouldn't be too far away from him. The market was crowded and he saw the looks on the sailors when she passed. She radiated loveliness with her eyes wide and marveling, and her mouth open in astonish and wonder, but he'd rip their throats before they got closer to her. He didn't question his jealousy or her importance to him, so colossal that he would kill for a slight malicious stare at her direction. He couldn't inquiry it, he just knew it, like he knew his name and his past and the chains that held him back from her kiss, like he knew the shade of her lashes, the jingle of her laughter, the feel of her hand in his as they dance with the sundown as background. He just felt it, like he felt her in his veins, and he couldn't get her out.

"I just wanted to see the worlds beyond the coral reef we lived in. I used to come up the surface and count the colors in the sky. The sky fascinated me, some days it was clear light blue, when the sun hits the sky midday, and everything is alive. Your eyes are like that Killian, they have light inside." she commented, but she grazed his hand with hers and he complied, feeling the gratification of her loving stare as they walked hand in hand. "You are the light." he longed to whisper but he didn't stop her.

"Other days it was purple and pink, and orange played in the background and the clouds moved like fishes dancing. It was the most beautiful thing I've seen, the sunset." Killian grinned because the color palette she just described was exactly like her with the dress he just bought, all vivid colors and dazzling smiles.

"And even when the sky is mad, and the grey is spiteful and swirling like it will swallow the world, it's the most striking anger I've seen." she gasped at a giant tiger in a cage, and he let her get closer and he thought they were both striking, the tiger and her, both an orange miracle, and he wondered who could destroy him more easily.

"I imagined if the sky was as wonderful as that, how would the land be? Would be it green and fresh, or would be it brown and warm? Would creatures of the land be happy and forgiving, or would they be like the ocean, unpredictable and temperamental?" she tried to touch the bars of the cage but he pulled her back and she stumbled and he wrapped his arms around her.

"It's about time." he chuckled as they embraced and she smiled up to him. Hope was swimming in her eyes and he practically could hear the longing tempt him: "Boy, you better do it soon, no time will be better. She won't say a word until you kiss the girl". So he let her go before he fell in her spell. She sighed but continued looking at the fruits and bottles in the market's carts.

"But mostly, I wanted to learn the ways of humans. I had spied ships from time to time and I could hear the music and fell the happiness coming from their celebrations, but I didn't know what was happening. It was like tasting joy but being complete blind, and then having that joy ripped away from me."

He laughed bitterly, amazed at how her words fitted his feelings for her right then. Ariel guessed he was only mocking her for her curiosity, so she continued.

"Oh how I wished for legs. Legs were the most captivating thing I had seen in my entire life. Nothing that I had could compare to what legs gave to humans. I wanted to run, run for miles, run until I collapsed in exhaustion, run over prairies, run over beaches, run always, anywhere I wanted. I want to climb mountains and sit on cliffs and descend on caves. I wanted to dance to every music imagined by men, I wanted to do and be everything humans were." the yearning and dreaming was so evident in her voice he could picture her clearly running and dancing, and in his illusion she was like a wind spirit, playing over him, soothing old wounds that still burned, everywhere at once.

"This world was so full of adventure, of wonders, and so was my sea. But I had already explored those. I needed more, my curiosity was as vast as the ocean, my thirst for journeys was a powering as the sky. So I looked for an old enemy of my father, a sea witch who made a deal with me. A memory in exchange for humanity. I can't remember what memory she took obviously, but it doesn't compare. Whatever I loved before can't compare to what I've found here." her eyes softened as she said that and her look of expectation was meet by his hungry stare. He cradled her face as he held her nape and he moved her towards him. He stopped her a breath away and she closed her eyes, remembering his promise, waiting for the flavor of his mouth, of that kiss that had enslaved her and tormented every moment he wasn't kissing her again.

"You're dangerous mermaid. You're perilous with your dreams of adventure and your love for this land. A man can get lost in your hopes." he confessed but didn't kiss her.

"But you won't?" she questioned baffled at his restrain. He was like a rock that guarded a spring, always unmoved by the touch of water, never yielding to her caresses.

"I cannot. I don't want to hurt you. I can't risk my past burying you under old curses and previous enemies. You're too innocent Ariel, I don't want to ruin your trust and your optimism. No matter how much I want you, believe love, I want to bury myself in you until I can't remember what hurt me before, but I won't do that to you. You deserve a better man to show you why this is a fairytale land." he finished and he could see heartbreak in the way her mouth trembled.

"I don't want another man Killian. I don't want someone who is clean and unsullied, who thinks I'm made of glass and will treat me like a shadow, like I'm going to fade away the second he shows me any pain or evil. I don't want that!" her voice had raised and he could see the nearest vendor looking at them with mockery.

"Easy love, you're making a scene." he warned and she huffed annoyed, but she quieted and followed him into a dark alley between carts.

"Ariel, please stop seeing me for something I'm not. I'm a monster, I robbed women from their husbands, I took mothers from their children. I was just a thief, a murderer, can't you see it? I'm darkness, a void that will suck all all your goodness and I'll destroy you if you get too close." his voice was crammed with sorrow and regret and he stilled his words, he had revealed too much as it was.

"Killian, you can't fool me. You might pretend to hide under this past and whoever broke you and took your heart, but now you're here with me. You saved me and taught me how to swim again, how to be complete again. You can't pretend you're all darkness and tell me that I need another man to show me fairytales when you already did. You kissed me Killian and there's true love between you and me. So don't you dare treat me like a child and a fool and make me think I'm alone in this feeling. I'm done with your fears!" she screamed the last part at him and she resembled a storm, blushing and panting, anger making her shoulders shake and her eyes dilate, and he broke, finally.

"Fine, let someone else have mercy on your soul, because I won't." he advised her before capturing her mouth. The fire started in his toes and traveled over his legs and his groin, he felt in his stomach and his chest, in the way his arms caged her against the alley and she wrapped her legs around him, the fire seared his heart and hers as magic pulsed between them. Her mouth was supple and sweet, like forgiveness, and he could feel the salt of her tears in their kiss. He tried stopping to ask what was wrong, but she bit him and his tongue caressed her deeply and he felt a groan in the back of his throat.

"Don't stop." she pleaded as he paused for breath and she attacked his mouth with nips and licks, trying to catch his tongue again. He had trapped her against the alley's wall and her body was small and withering against him, and he wanted to step away, far away from the comforting she provided, from the love he didn't think he deserved. But she didn't let him, as she kissed him with all her might. He touched his forehead to hers and she stared at him as she bit his lower lip. He shuddered and she let him go, smiling seductively, but happily. His dream became true indeed, that was the danger of her, with her dreams and hopes, she made them happen. She was magic embodied.

"I knew you were dangerous, mermaid." he breathed but she just smirked and he lowered his mouth to kiss her again.

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