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Chapter 8: Thanksgiving

Blaine really wasn't sure what to expect. Not only was he meeting his boyfriend's family for the first time, but it was Thanksgiving and he had a feeling it would be a little different than the formal, dreary Thanksgiving dinners he remembers growing up. They had packed Kurt's Navigator full of suitcases and snacks and they hit the road early that morning. They were heading to Ohio the day before Thanksgiving so that Kurt could help with the preparations. Apparently they did a Thanksgiving "lunch" instead of dinner.

They pulled up into the driveway with stiff necks and sore backs. Blaine wasn't too fond of the idea of meeting them after that long of a drive: with his wrinkled clothes and bags under his eyes. However, before he could dwell on that thought too long, he felt something new, unless he was mistaken, he had never felt this particular emotion before, and it was coming from the direction of Kurt's family's house. This new feeling stunned him a little bit. He wasn't used to being caught off guard. He couldn't quite name the emotion though, and even though it was an extremely pleasant emotion, it was like a person's name you couldn't remember, or an itch you couldn't scratch.

"Blaine? Are you ok? We're here…" He felt Kurt's soft hand resting on his forearm, rubbing soothing circles with his thumb.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. I guess I just zoned out for a second…still a little worn out from the ride I guess." Blaine shook his head and tried to pull his focus back, getting ready to meet the family.

Walking up to the front door, he started arguing with himself in his head. He knew better, but he couldn't help it. He already had this incessant need to be liked by everyone, the fact that this was Kurt's family, made this trait work in overdrive. All of those thoughts flew out the window as soon as he saw the love radiating off Kurt and Carole hugging in front of him. It was such a pleasant and thick emotion, it made Blaine's own heart swell with happiness.

"You must be the infamous Blaine! Good lord you're even more gorgeous than Kurt said. Kurt you didn't mention he was this charming!" Carole surprised Blaine by pulling him into a snug and warm hug that could only be described as a mother's hug. (Not that he had too many of those)

"Carole! We haven't even been in the door five minutes and you're already giving away all my secrets!" Kurt was embarrassed, Blaine could feel it coming off him, but he couldn't bring himself to step in and relieve him, because his blush was adorable.

"Oh give it up Kurt, you know how we are. Come on in guys, Burt was out in the garage with Finn, but they should be coming in any second. You guys can go put your suitcases in you're old room, Kurt, and then we can all start in on dinner, it's almost ready." Carole left them and hurried into the kitchen, mumbling about burning the bread.

They grabbed the suitcases and started walking down a set of stairs that looked like they would lead into a basement. Before he could ask, Kurt swung the second door open and it opened up into a rather large room. It was indeed a basement, but it had been made into a makeshift bedroom. Blaine felt a sense of fond nostalgia and he looked at Kurt who was gazing around the room, soaking in every detail. "I always liked my room. It was the biggest in the house since Finn and I were originally supposed to share the room. But after Finn moved into the office, I really got to put my interior decorating skills to test. Of course, most of it is in my apartment now, but I still miss my room here sometimes." Kurt was getting misty eyed so he shook his head and looked at Blaine.

Blaine pulled Kurt closer to him, leaving the suitcases abandoned by the door. He wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist and just held him close, inhaling his scent. That was one thing about their relationship that was sortakinda perfect, they knew when the other just wanted to be close, and silences between them were never awkward. Blaine pulled back and smiled at Kurt. "I really liked Carole. She seems like a real character. So sweet too. Not to mention her adamant opinion of my level of beauty. That was nice too." Blaine laughed at the memory and Kurt's wry smile he was giving him. "Yeah, well…while she's right, don't be getting a big head. It's big enough with all those curls on there." Blaine raised a hand to his chest and pretended to look offended. "I resent that Kurt Hummel." Kurt laughed and kissed him quickly on the lips and then turned around to put his own suitcase on the bed.

The bed. Oh. They were sharing a room, possibly a bed. Wait, were they? Was he sleeping on the couch? The floor? Could he handle sleeping beside Kurt? "Don't think so loud over there." Kurt's amused voice brought him out of his inner panic. Blaine shifted on his feet, wondering how to bring this up. "Um, I guess I was just wondering where…I mean I don't care, but I was just wondering where I um, where I would be sleeping? " Blaine stumbled over his words. Kurt's face fell a little. It didn't last long before he put his mask back up, but with Blaine's handy little gift, he could still feel Kurt's disappointment. And that made Blaine feel horrible. If Kurt wanted to sleep in the same bed, Blaine would do it in a heartbeat. He couldn't possibly say no to Kurt, not if it makes him happy to give in. "Well, I mean, Carole was just putting you in here with me because I guess she just assumes that we…oh god this is getting weird. It was just easier to put you with me but Blaine…really, if you're uncomfortable sharing a bed with me, we can kick Finn out of his room. Or you are more than welcome to sleep in here and I'll sleep on the couch. It's no problem, really. I like the couch! You won't hurt my feelings. I promise." Blaine knew better, it already had hurt Kurt's feelings just a little bit. But it meant so much to Blaine that Kurt was putting Blaine's feelings first, and the fact that he offered to sleep on the couch, that was so selfless.

"No, Kurt, I'm fine, really. It doesn't bother me. I mean it is a little scary, considering this is new for both of us, but I just didn't want to assume. I would love nothing more than to wake up next to you." Oh god, that last bit wasn't really supposed to come out. The feeling it evoked from Kurt was worth it though.

"Guys? Finn and Burt are back and dinner is ready, so whenever you're ready…" They heard Carole's voice coming from upstairs. "Come on. Time to meet my dad." Kurt teased, but Blaine went a little stiff. "Don't be a chicken, remember?"

"Don't you mean turkey?" Blaine teased Kurt back. "You heard that?" Kurt turned around halfway up the stairs, ruining Blaine's view of Kurt's ass. He snapped his head up before he was caught. "Yes I did, it was incredibly adorable. And cheesy. But it was a funny cheesy. Actually it was funnier that you laughed at your own joke when you thought no one was listening." Kurt turned pink but rolled his eyes and dragged Blaine up the stairs.

If Blaine thought Kurt's hug with Carole was beautiful, it was nothing compared to his hug with his dad. This emotion was so strong that it actually glowed a little bit. The glow was a soft, light blue, which was the color associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness. Kurt must feel at peace and at home with his dad. Was this how normal father son relationships were supposed to go? Cause his own was so far from that light blue color. When he was around his own dad, there was a color there alright but it wasn't the pretty blue that Kurt's was. Instead it tended to be a horrible mixture of black and green. Black symbolizing power and formality and green symbolizing money and greed. Those colors seemed to surround his dad all the time now.

"Dad, this is Blaine, my boyfriend." Kurt sounded happy, that was a good sign. Burt reached out a hand. "It's nice to finally meet you Blaine, I've been wondering just who it was that could possibly make Kurt this happy." Burt pulled Blaine into a firm hug and Blaine had no idea what to do. This was all so foreign to him. Why was he being so nice? Wasn't he supposed to glare at him and threaten him with his shotgun? "Don't look so scared kid, I promise I don't actually bite, so ignore any stories Kurt here might have told you." Burt laughed.

"It's really nice to meet you Mr. Hummel, Kurt speaks very highly of you, so no awful stories." Blaine smiled at Burt whose eyebrows shot up. "Wow. Are you always so polite? Where'd you snag this one Kurt, The White House? Call me Burt, Blaine, just Burt. I don't feel old, so I don't need any reminders that my hair is long gone."

Blaine was still blown away by how nice everyone was. It was official….Kurt was definitely never to meet any of his own family, if he was used to this, there is no way he would subject Kurt to his 1950s prim and proper hell hole. He saw a large mountain of a man barrel through the doorway leading into the kitchen and hug Kurt, lifting him off the ground. "Finn! Put me down! You're wrinkling my clothes. Don't mess up my hair!" Blaine chuckled at that. "Psh, still haven't changed, I see." Finn, that was Kurt's stepbrother right? "Hi, I'm Finn, Kurt's brother. Dude, you're like really short." "Finn! You can't just say stuff like that. Take it back. Say your sorry." Kurt sounded annoyed. "Sorry dude, I didn't mean it like that, I mean, compared to me anyone would be short." Finn looked sorry. "No it's fine, don't worry about it. I'm actually one of the few short guys in the world who has no problem with it. My nickname in high school was actually hobbit. So no hard feelings." Blaine tried to make Finn feel better, he liked him already, and he was very endearing. Finn thought the hobbit thing was hilarious and was still laughing about it as he walked into the dining room for dinner.

That night, Blaine stood beside Kurt while he brushed his teeth and they were grinning the whole time at how new this was for them. The whole process of getting ready for bed and crawling under the covers with Kurt, reaching over and turning the lamp off, it was all so domestic that it made Blaine's heart clench. He could get used to this. And judging by Kurt's emotions, he thought so too. After they were plunged into darkness, Kurt rolled over to face Blaine. Blaine couldn't see him, his eyes were still adjusting to the dark, but he could feel him. "Blaine…" Kurt's timid voice reached out to him at the same time his hand did and landed on Blaine's chest. Speaking of Blaine's chest, his heart started beating faster and he was sure Kurt could feel it, if not hear it in the silence that followed. "Kurt…" Blaine let out a breath and moved closer to Kurt ever so slowly, not sure where this was going. "I'm cold." Oh nice move Kurt Hummel, whether you're cold or not, that was a smooth line. Blaine wasn't sure he believed him, but he was all too eager to comply. He wrapped Kurt up in his arms and they both relaxed, releasing the tension. With a kiss to Kurt's head and a feeling of contentment in his heart, Blaine fell asleep knowing that there was nowhere else in the world he would rather be than in this angel's arms.

Thanksgiving was a busy day for the Hummel residence. He was still able to wake up next to Kurt the next morning, but it wasn't quite what he had in mind. Kurt had set his alarm for a freakishly early time of the morning just to get a head start on cooking for the day. Kurt kissed Blaine on the forehead and told him to go back to sleep and that he would see him in a few hours, there was no need for him to get up. Blaine was thinking about it while he was getting ready that morning. He slept better with Kurt wrapped around him than he had in years. No, he slept better than he's ever slept. They would have to make this a regular thing more often.

When he walked into the kitchen, his jaw dropped. There was food everywhere. There was flour in the air and stuff in the oven and every spot with a flat surface was covered in ingredients. Kurt was standing in front of what looked like a pie crust he was rolling out. There was no one else in the kitchen at the moment so he decided to take advantage of it. He quietly walked up to Kurt and wrapped his arms around him from behind. Kurt's whistling stopped as he turned around in shock. "Blaine Anderson what is it with you and sneaking up on me?" Blaine laughed quietly and said sorry but still held onto him. He's always known he was an affectionate person, but lately he just hasn't been able to keep his hands off Kurt. Kurt had flour on his nose and it was the cutest thing he had ever seen. He took his thumb and wiped it off for him with a smile and asked, "so. Whatcha making?" Kurt turned back to his dough and laughed, "which time? The whole kitchen is full of stuff I'm making. Right now I'm working on the piecrust for the pumpkin pie. All from scratch by the way, so be impressed." Before Blaine could express just how impressed he was, Carole walked in rambling about something but she stopped mid-rant and smiled widely at the scene in front of her. Blaine blushed when he saw he was caught, and slipped away from Kurt. "Oh don't move on my behalf, I find it completely adorable. Anyway…what was I saying? Oh forget it, I don't remember. Blaine have you had breakfast yet? We don't really have much prepared, since we've been cooking stuff for lunch, but there is cereal in the pantry, fruit in the fridge, and there is some bread for toast?" Looks like the niceness wasn't going anywhere. "No thank you Carole, I have a feeling lunch is going to be pretty big…I'll save room." Carole laughed and said, "oh honey you don't know the half of it. Kurt loves cooking. If you change your mind, just look through the kitchen, I'm sure you'll find something. Oh and there is coffee made over there, so help yourself." She turned her attention to some carrots and began chopping. Coffee sounded great actually. After Blaine got his coffee fixed, he felt bad that he wasn't helping. "Can I help you guys do something? This looks like a lot, surely you could use another pair of hands?"

"I like him Kurt, you're allowed to keep him. You can start in on peeling the potatoes if you don't mind." Blaine was glad to have something to do and it was nice standing beside Kurt at the sink, their hips bumping.

Later, as they all sat around the table, which was completely covered in food, they were all laughing at a story Kurt was telling them about. Blaine honestly couldn't tell you what story it was; he was too engrossed in everything going on around him. It was a little overwhelming…in a good way. Throughout the day he kept noticing Burt's feelings in particular. Blaine was actually kind of tuning in to find them most of the time, wanting to make sure Kurt's father approved of him. What he found was even more than that. It turns out that while he couldn't read minds, he could definitely tell Burt liked him and thought he was good for Kurt. Sitting at this table, the atmosphere was positively radiating with love and happiness. Acceptance. That was it. That was what he was feeling when they first arrived. It was this beautiful blend of love, happiness, and acceptance. It made Blaine want to cry with how special it was and that he didn't know this feeling enough personally, that he couldn't even name it when he first felt it. It was so different from anything he had ever known. His own family didn't accept him like this. They tolerated him, sure…but they didn't just let him in with all of his faults and imperfections. They didn't hug him or smile at him. Kurt's family was fun and casual. It was refreshing but it was also a slap in the face since he didn't have that himself. Several times he thought he could see that Kurt saw something was different with him. He would give him a funny look or he would reach over and squeeze his hand reassuringly. This made Blaine happy. It was nice to have someone else in tune with his feelings instead of the other way around. Kurt wasn't even an empath and he could tell something was off. Which was saying something, Blaine was great at covering things up.

That night when they were getting ready for bed, Kurt brought it up. "Ok, Blaine, fess up. I know you and there's been something on your mind ever since we got here." Kurt knew Blaine completely yet he also knew nothing about Blaine. And that thought made Blaine feel guilty. He still hasn't told Kurt about him being an empath. He should probably suck it up and say something. "You're right…there has been. It's kind of a lot, and pretty hard to explain, and pretty heavy, are you sure you want to talk about it tonight? And here at your parents' house? We can wait until we get back home…" Blaine knew he was taking a shot in the dark here. Kurt wouldn't let this go if he knew something was actually bothering him. "No way, we're talking about it now. You're freaking me out, I wanna know what's going on." Yep. Thought so. "Don't freak out. At least, not yet, you might, but there's nothing to actually worry about." Blaine was getting really nervous now that his nerves were mixing with Kurt's. "So…If I don't have anything to worry about, you aren't going to break up with me? Or tell me you hate my family?" God, no wonder Kurt was this nervous if that's what he thought Blaine was thinking. "No! No! God no! I would never in a million years break up with you and I think your family is perfect. I love them, they're wonderful." Kurt relaxed a little at this and said, "ok, so what's the problem?"

Blaine let out a big sigh and looked away. "Kurt, I have a lot of talking to do. I have something that I need to tell you and then I can kind of explain the weird attitude I had today, which, I hope you were the only one to notice that…" Blaine trailed off. "I was the only one, trust me. I guess I'm just an expert at you, it wasn't obvious at all, I wasn't even sure something was wrong until the end of the day. But I promise I'll let you explain. I'll just sit here quietly." Blaine mentally scoffed a little bit. Yeah, he'd sit there quietly until Blaine told him he was a freak of nature. But instead said, "Ok then. Just hear me out. Better sit back and make yourself comfortable."

They sat down on the bed and Blaine started in on his story, "I'm not really sure where to start in on this. I've never told anyone this before. I guess I'll just say it. Kurt, I'm an empath. I'm not sure if you know what that is or not…" Kurt shook his head and Blaine took that as the go ahead on explaining this. "I'm just like everyone else only my brain processes things differently. I'm just more in tune to other people around me. I can feel other people's emotions. I can read people's auras, everyone puts off a light around them, it's a different color for every person. God, I should like a freak when I say it like that. I promise there's nothing wrong with me…I've always been this way. There are other people like me, but they're rare and no one knows who they are really because we're just normal people. I can't read minds and it's not like everyone's secrets are revealed, I just feel what that person is feeling. " Blaine took a chance and looked at Kurt. His eyebrows were scrunched together and he could tell that Kurt was trying to process this and decide whether or not Blaine was joking. Confusion was written all over Kurt, not just his emotions. "I don't know if you know this or not but people have a magnetic field. In this magnetic field, they emit vibrations. Now, to the average person, those vibrations are invisible. But for me, I read them as emotions. I can feel the vibe they put off. It doesn't have to be one person either and that's what happened when we first got here." Kurt was still silent as he promised but Blaine could see the millions of questions written on his face. "When we pulled up to your house, I felt something that I had never felt before, if I have it was never as strong as this and it caught me off guard. Remember when you grabbed my arm and asked if I was ok? That's what it was. It was beautiful and powerful and completely foreign to me. I didn't know what it was until tonight. That's why I was a little off." When Blaine stopped to think about how to continue, Kurt spoke up. "Um…so what was it?" This is a good sign, he isn't rolling his eyes or running away. "It was love and happiness and acceptance blended together and it was so pure and lovely that it physically effected me. See, I'm really sensitive. I avoid crowds like the plague because it emotionally drains me. Imagine walking into a grocery store and feeling every single person's emotion. It just gets to be a bit much sometimes. It's like working out or swimming all day, you know that feeling? Just…drained I guess. But that's not all, not really. I know I don't talk about my family much and I'm sorry I've never opened up to you about them."

"You see- they are the polar opposite to your family. My parents live in this ridiculous house that is way too big and gaudy. They care about their image. My dad is obsessed with 'keeping the family name spot free' and I was a disgrace. I was short, didn't care about money, and was gay. That's like a three strikes, you're out with them. They knew they couldn't disown me because that would stir up rumors and end up tainting the family name anyway. So they tolerated me. See…I never got hugs from my mother after I came out. I haven't seen my dad smile at me in six years. I don't mean to go on with a pity party here or anything, cause I've accepted this and moved passed it, but I just wanted to make sure you knew where I was coming from…why this was such an emotional trip for me. I've had a great time, being here with you and your family. It's so nice to be around loving people, I'm not used to it so its been really wonderful."

Blaine looked at Kurt when he saw him come closer. Kurt had tears streaming down his face. He was about to ask if Kurt was ok, but Kurt just latched onto Blaine and said, "Blaine I am so, so sorry you had to grow up like that. No one deserves that. And I'm sorry this trip has been so emotional for you. This couldn't have been easy. I'm sure it just kept reminding you of what you never had and I'm so sorry." Kurt sniffled and buried himself into Blaine's neck. "Oh Kurt, don't be sorry. It isn't a big deal at all, and trust me, it isn't like it's made me bitter or anything. I just wanted to be honest with you since you asked. Also, why aren't you freaking out about my freaky abilities? I expected a bit more of a reaction than this."

Kurt pulled away from his neck and gave Blaine a watery smile. "You're feelings come first Blaine and you're hurting. Even if you say you aren't, underneath there somewhere, this is affecting you. Unless you're pulling a fast one with me, and I don't think you are because you wouldn't do that, then I believe you. You could tell me you're a dinosaur and it wouldn't change the way I feel about you." Blaine was amazed. "And how do you feel about me?" Blaine whispered, looking into Kurt's eyes.

"I love you, Blaine." Kurt whispered back and kissed Blaine with so much love and feeling, all Blaine could do was soak it in like a sponge. There was so much more they needed to talk about, but it would just have to wait.

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