The Cullen Paranormal Society

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A/N: Hey Everybody! It's October and I had the sudden urge to write a Halloween story dealing with the Cullens. I'm really into the paranormal and all, and I love watching ghost hunting shows; so one day while watching one of these shows I got the sudden urge to send the Cullen kids on a ghost hunting trip. Bella is a vamp in this, and there is no Renesmee. They no longer are in Forks, and any place I mention is completely made up. Enjoy!

To my regular readers, just so you know this is not a discipline fic. This is my attempt at a scary story of sorts. Once this story is posted I will begin to actively work on Fathers and Sons: Jasper since I know that's the story you're eagerly awaiting. No promises, but I hope to have it out for you guys in late November.

The Founding

October 23rd

Emmett's POV:

I was lounging on the bed in my room flipping through the channels when I stumbled upon the show Ghost Adventures. I smiled as I began to watch. I always loved shows like these. It was funny seeing humans freak out at any small sound or movement they heard; and it was funny how they would take these grainy pictures that looked like nothing and claim that it was a face or a demon or something weird like that.

I wouldn't exactly say I don't believe in ghosts, but I also wouldn't call myself a believer. I was sort of on the fence. Sometimes the evidence they found, such as EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) could be pretty convincing.

Well, as I continued watching the show I laughed at the screams erupting from the humans. Jeez, if I were doing this I wouldn't get scared at all. I was sure I could do a much better job than them, especially with my supersonic hearing and eyesight. I would be able to see and hear things that humans couldn't. As I pondered this, my thoughts turned to the old abandoned sanatorium off of Crypt Rd. The kids at school all swore it was haunted, and they sometimes dared each other to go in there alone. There were always new stories circulating of kids who'd been pushed, who'd sworn they'd seen something, or who had heard screaming.

Hmmm, I mused in growing excitement. Halloween is right around the corner, and we have no plans. What if we—

"Yes, yes, yes!" I suddenly heard Alice shout as she burst into my room. "Oh my god, your idea is awesome Emmett!" she cried excitedly, and I grinned in amusement.

"So you're going with me Pixie?" I asked, and she hopped from foot to foot as she exclaimed, "Not just me Emmypoo, but Jazz, Rose, Ed, and Bell too! It's going to be a Cullen kid adventure! I'm so freakin' excited!"

"What are you guys going on about?" my beautiful wife asked as she strolled in the door, followed closely by a curious Bella and Jasper. Edward strolled in as well, but by his skeptical expression I knew he'd seen what Alice had seen.

"Babe, and my loving siblings," I announced imperiously, "I have decided what we are going to do on Halloween. We are going ghost hunting at Meyers Sanitorium!"

"Oh god Emmett, really?" Rose griped with an annoyed expression as Jasper looked between Alice and I skeptically. Bella exchanged a look with Edward who just shrugged his shoulders in amusement.

"I'm not taking no for an answer," I declared with a mock-stern look. "I am invoking my authority as oldest sibling that everyone is to attend. This is a sibling bonding moment, so no ifs, ands, or buts!"

I deflated slightly when I heard several scoffs as Jasper drawled, "Hate to burst your bubble Em, but you have no oldest sibling authority, especially considering you ain't the oldest."

"Jazzy," Alice then whined as she looked at him with puppy-dog eyes, "are you saying you don't want to go?"

I stifled a snicker when he suddenly looked upset as he went to reassure his manipulative wife. "O-of course not darlin', of course I'm goin' with ya all," he said, and Alice immediately shrieked in delight as she wrapped her arms around him.

I turned towards Edward and Bella at this point. "You two coming along?" I asked with raised eyebrows.

"I want to go," Bella remarked with an excited smile, and I pulled her in for a hug. "Emmett, put me down!" she shouted with a laugh as I crowed, "I knew I loved you baby sis!" If Bella was coming there was no way Edward was sitting out.

"You got that right," Edward stated, confirming my thoughts.

Now all that was left was to convince my lovely Rose. Turning towards her, I wilted slightly when I saw her glaring at me. "Awww, please Rosy," I begged pitifully, staring at her with wide eyes and trembling lips. "It'll be fun, I swear."

She maintained her glare for a few more seconds before rolling her eyes and giving me a nod. "Why not," she sighed before giving me a smile. "It'll sure be more fun than sitting here and doing nothing."

"Hell yeah!" I cheered as I pumped my fist into the air. "The Cullen Paranormal Society has officially been formed!"

Alice shrieked in excitement once more before disappearing, muttering something about needing to shop. Amused eye rolls were exchanged before everybody but Rose left my room.

I practically vibrated with excited anticipation. This Halloween was going to be one to remember for years to come, I could feel it!

October 31st, Halloween

Alice's POV:

It was Halloween, and I would swear I was Jasper because I could feel the excitement in the air. Even Rose and Jasper, who I knew didn't really want to go were looking forward to tonight. It was going to be awesome, I could feel it!

By unspoken agreement we decided to keep our little adventure a secret from the parents. It wasn't that we felt they would stop us, but we weren't going to take that chance. As it was, they would be gone at some Halloween party being put on by the hospital. My parents didn't always attend such events, but since it was also a fundraiser for cancer treatment, they decided to go. So, they would leave before we did, and we would make sure to be back before them.

Unfortunately, the one bad thing about all our excitement was that we had put our parents on edge. I saw the confused looks they exchanged with each other as they warily watched us. I didn't blame them, especially since Emmett had been grinning like a maniac the entire day. Everybody knew when he smiled like that something was about to happen. I already had to warn him several times over the past couple days to tone it down because he was freaking Mom and Dad out, and they were seriously considering staying home. He listened, but the mournful expression he now wore more suited for a funeral only served to further increase our parent's anxiety levels. My Jazz had been working overtime to allay their worries subtlety so they wouldn't realize what he was doing. As it was, they were going to be sitting us down before they left to interrogate us on what we would be up to tonight before leaving us with a stern warning to behave or else.

Speaking of interrogation, here it comes, I thought as I heard my mother shout, "Children! Please come to the living room, your father and I would like to speak with you!" I rolled my eyes before dancing out my door, just as Carlisle was walking out of his. He was wearing a black tuxedo and I looked him over critically before flashing him a wide smile. "Good job Dad, you look very dashing," I praised, "I wasn't sure if you could dress yourself right without my help," I told him half jokingly, half serious.

Carlisle rolled his eyes good naturedly as he said somewhat sarcastically, "Why thank you Alice, god knows I would be absolutely lost without your fashion advice. I mean, it's not as though I were successfully dressing myself for three centuries before meeting you. Oh wait, I was," he remarked in mock thoughtfulness, and I gave him a playful shove as I laughed.

"Keep joking and I'll make sure you have nothing but hot pink dress shirts for all next month," I threatened, bursting into laughter at the look of horror he gave me.

"You even think of doing that, little miss," he warned, "and I will make sure you don't go shopping for a month." This time it was me gracing him with a look of horror. He gave me a wide smile and a wink in response as he ruffled my hair before going to stand by Mom as we had reached the living room.

"This isn't over Old Man," I called to him. "Mark my words, we have barely begun!" I exclaimed before gracefully sitting down next to Jasper and pecking him on the cheek as he gave me an incredulous look.

"Bring it on Tinker Bell," my father replied, and I laughed at the nickname.

"If you two are quite finished," my mother interjected, gazing between the two of us with amused exasperation. I nodded my head, giving her an innocent smile while Dad answered contritely, "Yes love, we're finished."

"So whipped," Emmett muttered before bursting in raucous laughter. However, he immediately fell silent, mumbling an apology when Rosalie slapped him upside the head and told him to shut up. We all did the best to stifle our laughter, but completely lost it when Bella stated, "So whipped," with a sad shake of her head. Even Emmett couldn't help but start laughing.

"Alright, alright all of you, settle down," Esme eventually declared while trying to control her own laughter. After a minute or so we all got ourselves under control.

"So, whattaya wanna talk to us about?" Emmett asked with an impish grin as he wrapped his arm around his wife.

"We want to know what you lot are planning to do while we are gone," Carlisle stated, his voice suddenly stern.

"Nuthin' Pops," Emmett answered with a shrug. "We're just gonna chill here and have a marathon of horror flicks. Jasper tells me little Bellsy still gets scared," he said, giving my newest sister a smirk.

"I do not!" Bella protested as she threw a pillow at his face.

"Do to!" Emmett crowed as he threw the pillow back at her. It never reached its destination though as Mom intercepted it before gracing my two siblings with stern looks.

"So you're just staying here," my father stated, gazing at each of us skeptically.

"Yes Dad, it's the same thing we do every year, you know that," I remarked before he could focus his gaze on Bella who had already begun to fidget uncomfortably. Her lying had improved, but she still couldn't lie worth a damn to Dad or Mom. Seconds before I had received a vision of her spilling the beans since Dad had noticed her guilty look, so I felt it was time to interfere. Make sure she doesn't speak at all Edward¸ I quickly thought to him.

"Why do you two seem so anxious?" Jasper asked in confusion. "It's like you don't believe us," he said, and I quietly applauded his acting as he had just the right amount of hurt in his tone.

"They think we're up to something," Edward answered with a slight laugh.

"What?!" Emmett bellowed as Rosalie tsked. "Do you guys not trust us at all?" she asked mildly irritated.

I bit my lip to hold back a smile as I saw my parents exchange slightly guilty looks. "Of course we trust you," Mom reassured us, "but you have all been acting very strange lately. There's been certain air of excitement building, and I can't help but feel you are all planning something."

"I haven't noticed any air of excitement," my husband lied smoothly, and my mother frowned as she gazed at each of us.

"You guys worry too much," I stated fondly before freezing when Bella stated, "You guys should get going or you're going to be late. Quite worrying about us, we'll be fine." I relaxed almost immediately. What she said was true, so her words came out confidently.

Mom and Dad exchanged another look before Mom sighed. "Alright you guys, please enjoy yourselves then. You know where we'll be and we'll have our phones on us in case you need anything," she stated in concern.

"Mom," Emmett groaned, "relax. Jeez, you'd think we were a bunch of little kids being left alone for the first time," he remarked with a laugh. She laughed in response before giving us each a hug and walking towards the door. My father on the other hand stayed in place, stared at us for a few more seconds before simply stating, "Behave or else." We all gave him hasty nods in understanding before he graced us all with a smirk and left.

We all remained sitting and silent as we heard them get into the car and drive away from home. When we were certain they could no longer hear us and that they weren't planning on coming back for any reason I immediately jumped up and ran to my room. Grabbing two large boxes full of all the items I had ordered, I then ran downstairs to see everyone but Edward giving me curious stares.

"Okay guys, I figured if we're going to do this ghost hunting thing, we got to do it right!" I announced as I began to pass out backpacks, night vision camcorders, digital cameras, digital voice recorders, radios and even flashlights.

"Uh Alice," my husband asked, "You know we don't really need flashlights, right? We can all see perfectly,"—

"We are doing this right Jasper," I repeated firmly, "and in the shows they always have flashlights with them, and so shall we!"

"Why do we need all this stuff?" Rosalie asked, and Emmett gave an exasperated groan. "Rose, come on, don't you ever watch any ghost shows? These are so we can get hard evidence of ghost activity!" he shouted in excitement.

"Emmett, you know we're not going to find anything, right?" Edward asked as he played with features of the camcorder.

"You don't believe in ghosts Edward?" Bella asked, and he looked at her in surprise as he asked back, "Do you?"

"I don't know," she said, "but I definitely don't rule it out. I mean I used to believe vampires and werewolves were all make believe, so who's to say ghost aren't real also," she mused out loud, and Edward and Jasper gave her thoughtful looks. Rosalie just rolled her eyes but said nothing.

"Hey!" I yelled, once more grabbing everyone's attention. "I also got us all outfits to wear," I informed them as I proudly held up a black short-sleeved t-shirt with our family crest on the upper left of the front and the words 'Cullen Paranormal Society' in big, white lettering on the back. As I gave everyone their shirts I also passed out black pants, black chucks, and black beanies, all which sported the Cullen crest.

"Awesome Alice!" Emmett exclaimed as he immediately ripped off his shirt and pants and put on the clothes I gave him. "Emmett!" Rosalie, Bella, and Edward shouted angrily at his lack of modesty. He ignored them before placing the beanie on his head and asking, "How do I look?"

"Like you're about to rob a house," Bella grumbled before turning to me with a pleading look. "Alice, do we really"—

"Yes, you do Isabella," I told her with my hands on my hips. "All of you had best go change because we are leaving in 15 minutes," I ordered, and Bella gave a sigh before heading upstairs with Edward to their room.

"What's the matter guys?" Emmett questioned with a smirk. "Too shy to change in front of the rest of us? You ain't got nothing we haven't seen before, y'know," he teased. The rest of us ignored him as we also made our way to our rooms to change.

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