A/N: Its a new story from yours truly, DistanceMaster. Since D. Gray-Man was the series that got me started on fanfiction, I thought I would pay homage to my favorite manga/anime. I enjoy a good shounen written and drawn by a woman. Katsura Hoshino is one of the best mangakas out there. Enjoy! Oh, and remember to read some of my other stories. They like attention too ;)

Prologue: Strong Memories

"Bakanda! Don't go dragging me into dark hallways without asking first! It's not-"

"Shut it, moyashi! It's important."

"Of course. Everything having to do with you is so important."

"This involves you too, stupid moyashi."

"Me? What the hell would anyth-"

Kanda pushed the smaller teen up against the wall and silenced him with a fierce, warm kiss. Allen froze, but slowly, he leaned into the kiss, wrapping his arms around the taller man's neck. Their mouths opened, tongues meeting halfway and entwining. The two teens were practically crawling up each other, Kanda's leg slipping between Allen's. Breaking away, Allen rested the back of his head against the wall, panting as the samurai attacked his neck.

"Okay, that definitely has to do with me," he moaned.

"Told you so, stupid moyashi."

"Bakanda, what does this make us?"

"Whatever you want us to be."

"I like lovers."

"Why not?"

"Bakanda! They'll kill us, literally! You know how they feel about gay relationships."

"We were gay when they accepted us into the Order, stupid moyashi. We're exorcists, not finders. They can't just kick us out."

"Easy for you to say. You don't have Link watching your ass all the time!"

"What is this about that mole face watching your-"

"-This is not the point, Bakanda! We can't tell anyone!"

"I don't give a fuck what they think. The rabbit is sniffing around. He already suspects and you know how well the rabbit can keep secrets. The idiot can barely keep his mouth shut for five seconds."

"Please, Kan- Yu? Please?"

"Fine. I give in too easily to you moyashi. I'm getting soft."

"It is a fitting look on you."

"Only to you, stupid moyashi."


'I stabbed Allen! I! Stabbed! Allen! I stabbed! Stabbed Allen! I stabbed Allen!

Stupid moyashi sends me away and when I get back to collect him, he's fucking gone? Stupid moyashi! He gets lost in the halls of Headquarters, let alone a big city or the whole fucking world!

Shit. I have to find him before Rouvelier does.

These are four important memories from their early relationship, fyi for anyone who didn't get it.