First Marvel Fic. Everything is based on the movies, and maybe a few of the most recent comics. Everything else is winged, so there might be some huge plot-holes. Just bare with me.

And no, while I am writing about him, I'm not obsessed with Tom Hiddleston. I like how passionately he does his work, his enthusiasm for bringing Loki to life, and yes, he is very good looking and all- but I don't dig the whole "marry the actor/he's mine" thing. I give him just about the same consideration as Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Junior.

Lastly, spelling and bad grammar will probably be rampant throughout. I have no patience with waiting for betas.

by An Imperfect Paradise

Chapter One: A Clean Slate and a Flat Tire

It was dark, cold and isolated. It lacked much of anything, had no horizon or terrain, and was certainly not some place where one wanted to boldly go. But the best way to describe said place was nothing. Because that was what it was. A place lacking physical structure, the metaphysical, the paranormal and even something as simple as stars. This place wouldn't be worthy of being called a blank slate. Because even canvases have texture, shadow and traces of color. This location, wherever it was for the most, just... empty.

But that didn't last.

Within a moment in whatever time functioned in this level, a single greenish/gold dot sparkled from what someone would assume was from above. But it wasn't light. It was a person. Said person who sported a green cape, golden armor, shoulder length raven hair and with piercing mint colored eyes-reeking with partially controlled contempt. But despite his bitterness, the man couldn't help but be pleased with the emptiness of the realm before him.

For a barren place would hold so much more potential for mischief than a populated one.

Looking back, it had been severely foolish for him to league up with Thanos. Too many conflicting viewpoints, and while working for that monstrosity, he would have never truly had free reign. And the people he had to rule? Bah! Humans... They were stupid, unpredictable imbeciles, and not worthy of his time. Overall, the experience was very suffocating. He supposed he should go as far to thank the Avengers for removing him from situation.

...and allowing him to complete a much bigger and fulfilling purpose.

Enough, he thought, There is work to be done here.

He had the chance to create the world he had always wanted. Wasting no time, he began to start what he had intended to perform on this blank sheet of a world. He moved his hand as a way a composer would conduct music, and within moments, fire and sparks emerged from the tips of his fingers. Said sparks began to spread like wildfire and effortlessly lit up the area, and actual physical forms came from the smoke of the fire. Loki chuckled, thinking of the old Midgardian Biblical term, The Lord said let there be light... How perfect that such a silly little human book could be so literal and ring so very bright and true.

For establishing himself as equivalent of a big-bang had never been so much fun!

For he would rule not only as its king, but its god, and most importantly- its creator. But he could only do so much on his own and with what he had. There was something else, that every creation story required, and needed. Now, he just needed that ingredient to make it so...

"Damn, damn, damn, damn damn!"

Jane stared at the vehicle as it lay slightly slanted on the side of the California Rivera, its tire having been completely popped, with bitterness. As clever as the officials of Shield and the world made her out to be (with the success spawned from the Foster theory which had now received world acclaim and honors upon her part) she was still the same spaz as she always had been.

Damn it! I am such an- idiot!

Resisting the urge to tug at her hair and throw a mini-tantrum, Thor nonchalantly emerged from the other side of the car to join her side. "Jane! Did you find out why the car stopped? We should hurry! We couldn't be any more closer to the top of the peak."

Jane didn't make eye contact, only glowered in spite of herself. Even though this situation was, for the most part, eighty... ninety? Fine!- one hundred percent her fault- she couldn't help but blame the thunder god for this situation.

Having joined her for his usual routine visit (that occurred every week or so), two years following the new york incident, Thor had never really understood how she felt. His previous priorities, successful as they were... had limited the efforts of his previous engagement, and while in truth, she could completely understand that, it still felt frustrating. For he could have at least said hello during his second visit to Earth, but no... He had just mindlessly dumped his brother off on the rainbow bridge (where he was hoisted away by Hiemdal and the warriors three shortly afterwards) ignored her completely. Eventually, he did realm-jump to Norway, and just when Jane had been packing her stuff to return to the US, following her relocation. And if there was ever an incident where she had hit him harder than a mortal ever could (well, minus the hitting him with the car thing), the high-heeled shoe she had tossed at his head might have come the closest. Over all, it had been a most intense encounter.

After that, Thor tried to convince her as much as possible that he cared for her, and little by little, it became much less frosty. After all, someone who successfully memorized all of Shakespeare's romantic sonnets and recited them to her enthusiastically (Tony claimed complete responsibility and credit for Thor's immersion) was something to crack a small smile at. But it wasn't completely flawless. Jane had taken it upon herself to exploit him in some ways (for not even bothering to send as much as a message to her during the Loki event), such as asking questions that specifically benefitted her research. Thor never caught on, he simply saw the whole thing as day to day talk and treated the whole thing as any other ordinary social event.

But she had never actually forgiven him.

Something she planned to remedy, on this very night.

There had been numerous reports on a meteor shower, with a record number of objects connecting with the Earth's atmosphere, and she did not intend to miss it. Moreover, it was important that Thor was here for it, because while under the stars in the most remote area of Northern CA (not quite New Mexico but close), it was fas good a time as any to reminisce on old memories, and finally forgive the man who left her. And maybe tell him more.

And while she had been sneaking glances at him in the car, and staring at him contemplating a way to strike up conversation in the most subtle way-

-was the very reason she curved towards the mountain side of Yosemite road, hit the jagged rocks, that successfully took out the tire.

Thor, not even noticing the heat of her glare upon him, inquired once more, "So, what's the problem, Jane?"

Jane sighed and explained exasperatingly, "Here is the problem. One, our tire is out. Two, the nearest gas station where repairs could be done is twenty miles from where we came from. Three, the meteor shower is coming, and we need to be up on that cliff in about five minutes!" (she pointed to a mountain just three horizons from the road) "And we have no way of getting there on time!"

Thor let out a booming laugh, Jane's nerves practically vibrating with irritability in response. He then shook his head and explained, "My dearest Jane! There are other ways of getting there in time!"

Jane looked at him as if he were completely daff, but then Thor reached out with his hand and his opposite arm, in a gesture that left Jane completely nostalgic. Oh of course, she thought, almost laughing at herself. After Thor made motions with his head and gestured with his finger tips, he asked, as innocently as someone with his stature, pride and strength could imply, "Shall we?"

Jane couldn't help the smile that appeared on her face, and words had completely lost her for the moment. She reached out for his hand, and balanced herself on his arm while stepping on his boot. It didn't take them a second before Thor shot up into the air, and flew towards the mountain in a practically seamless pace.

By god... Jane thought to herself, I forgot even the most basic benefits of being affiliated with the God of Thunder.

Author Note: Starts out really slow, but it will pick up. But I do need motivation. Will include the following pairings. ThorxJane, LokixJane, OC?xJane (notice the question mark, more on that later), and hints of more mainstream or canon Marvel pairings.