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Chapter 3 - Vanishing Act and a Parking Ticket

As Jane stood shell-shocked in the iron grip of the man who ten times out of ten (you heard right) delivered no mercy, no sympathy and no sentiment of any kind, Thor was glaring at his brother in a menacing yet penitent way.

He wasn't a fool. He knew exactly what his brother was capable of. Hundreds of years back, he had seen what he was capable of on the battle field, during the time of their adolescence. Though Loki's head-to-head kill count wasn't nearly as high as his own (though after the offense on Jotunhiem, that claim was now actually questionable), the fact of the matter was Loki possessed a much higher and acute fatality count. 'cause his brother wouldn't just go weapons blazing into hand-to-hand combat, as Thor would with his hammer (or sword, as it had been then), not at all! Loki had other, more signature methods. Instead, he would poison his enemies with words, deceit and illusions- and it mostly ended on his enemy's destruction of one of their own ranks, or even, in some cases, intentional self-destruction. How he did it, he would never know. For just like the rest of his brother, his method were still completely clandestine to everyone but Loki, himself.

Thor had never doubted him for a moment when the god of lies made the threat to "Visit Jane", and part of him perhaps knew deep down that when Loki perished, and definitely when he resurfaced, that it still stood. Though why now, and at this moment, why his brother would chose to live up to that promise, he did not know for sure. Clearly some scheme was involved, not known to him, but to his credit, he knew only this fact:

It would be a cold day in the realm of Hel before he let his wayward brother do anything to Jane!

Clencing his teeth and supressing a growl, he growled out, "Loki! Unhand Jane now and I will let you walk away from this!"

Loki didn't budge, nor make any sign of change. Then a smirk crawled up on his face, and his eyes twinkled malevolently before he chuckled, "Thor, what might you have in that satchel you brought with you? Some treasured item you planned to share with Miss Foster... how I wonder..."

Thor growled, "Do not twist the conversation in another direction! Now I will say for the last time, end this and leave!"

Loki ignored him, allowing his hand to travel up the nape of Jane's neck, Jane cringing as it trailed to her jaw line and caressed her cheek. Looking at Thor pensively, and watching his whole frame hardened after witnessing Jane being handled as such, he knew he was treading on Thor's most sensitive and predictable emotional nerve. Perfect.

He chortled softly and whispered to Jane, ignoring his brother, "Such a pity... that such devotion will never be." he then leaned foward to her ear, his lips moving against it in a sensual way, "Not if I have to anything to say about it, my dear." He then let his gaze leave his brother entirely, and casually licked its shell, Jane shuddering in response.

That did it.

Seeing nothing but red in the wake of his visoin, Thor let out a huge roar and lunged towards the two of them, Hammer swinging in an rage filled stamina. He leaped into the air, poised for the blow, aiming directly for Loki's head-

When Jane was suddenly standing by herself looking directly up at him.

Noticing this abrupt change, eyes widening in response, Thor withdrew every bit of strength he had to prevent Mjolnir from colliding into Jane's cranium. His speed and force was thrown completely off target, and that hesitation was all Loki needed as he reappeared as suddenly as he vanished, and threw his dagger towards his would-be brother. It hit Thor's shoulder blade directly, and the impact was strong enough to have him stagger back, Jane screaming in response while Loki let out a confident laugh. Jane let out a couple of pained sounding gasp, watching as golden tinted maroon blood oozed freely from Thor's clavicle.

Thor clutched his wound with his free hand, the wound continuing to bleed profusely, and enough so the grip on his hammer lessened from the sharp stinging pain. He wasn't a fool. That dagger was enchanted. Frost giants had used it on their armies thousands of years ago. It had been glazed with a poison that was used to slow the Asgardian healing process, with an added serum to increase the pain of the impact.

Jane made a move to run to the side of Thor, but then remembered abruptly that Loki hadn't exactly freed her from his grip in the first place. Swinging her back, and being pulled towards the god of mischief, she stared at him in fear and panic. Breathing heavily, she regarded him, fearful of what he would do. Still wearing that cocky and confident smile, Loki leaned forward, their noses touching and cooed enticingly, "Sleep well, Jane. We have quite the journey ahead of us... " He then leaned towards her ear, his breath hitting her lobe like a breeze of ice and mist...

The last thing Jane heard was lord of lies whispering something in a strange tongue, and her eyes lids became heavy and her mind became slow.

Thor watched as Jane fell limp against Loki, who held her to him, his arm curved around her lower back like a steel vice. He slowly turned to look at Thor and smiled insidiously. "Such a shame, brother," he stated, pausing to lick his bottom lip slowly, "You really should have told her while you had the chance."

Thor made one last move to get to Loki, but felt himself stumble, Loki lingering only to enjoy that moment of seeing his brother twitch in pain. But not a moment following this, Loki brought Jane closer to him, and Thor watched as that familiar green and gold light surrounded his brother, and circled Jane, before they completely disappeared.


A gust of wind blew by the mountainside, blowing up dust from the hiking trails and the trees released pine residue. The RV remained parked on the side of the mountain, (its hood completely torn in half, with electrical cables and parts swinging with the wind, seemingly completely vacant. All that came to an end, when Thor came tumbling down the side of the Rivera, clutching his side as it continued to bleed.

He couldn't fly with the wound, it took too much effort and he didn't have the strength to keep up with it. It was almost a miracle he could climb back down, for his brother's magic was strong. He then moved towards the vehicle, purpose clearly inside.

He had left it inside the car, just next to the "Diet Pepsi" Jane had bought him on the way to trip. The second satchel that was standard and essential for trips to Midgard. Kicking the door to the vehicle open, the sad barrier being crushed as if it were something as soft of dough, Thor reached in and grabbed tied up cloth.

Inside, were two stones... one green, one gold. He grabbed the green one, and moved it towards his wound, remembering the incantation his mother had taught him. It began to glow and he cringed, knowing that it would pass momentarily. Continuing to voice the phrase, he waited until his wound began to close, the blood that had bled out but lingered retracting back into his body. Once the wound had sealed shut, he took a few deep breaths, before searching the vehicle for Jane's cellphone. He snapped open the embedded basket (not knowing that this was the glove compartment Jane was referring to) and reached for the device, remembering Eric's teaching on mobilizing such a thing.

As the wind blew, something caught his eye.

A yellow slip lay stuck on the front window of the mechanical chariot. Reaching for it, he looked over the slip, which was labeled with the most unusual words he had ever read, "Yosemite National Park Ranger Services: Parking and Transportation Department." He looked at it for only a moment, but then remembered he had more important matters to attend to, and let the wind take it away, reaching for the seconds of the stones he had brought.

This stone was rare, and it was the only reason he had been able to come to Earth in the first place, while the new Bifrost was in construction. It held Odin's properties and dark energy, concealed and kept in a stone. It was what was going to allow him to return to Asgard.

And pay Heimdal a little visit.


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