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Chapter Four: Deception and Honesty

Minutes passed by. Then hours. Then what seemed like days. In her crash course (literally) of realm travel, time seemed not to matter anymore to Jane. Flashes, fractions of seconds, passed by as if they were a slow motion recording, yet she could not think straight. It was like an uncomfortable slumber, where one wished they could fall back asleep in peace, yet time didn't work with them, and even at some points, worked against them.

Her head was spinning from whatever spell Loki had conjured upon her mind, and by the time she woke up (if she even did), she had no idea how much time had passed. The only things that she remembered, as she lay in a pool of velvet, silk, lace and satin, were subtle, tiny images that lasted for only tiny increments, such as simple frames in contrast to a twenty minute film.

A taunting laugh. A loud boom. Loki fading into darkness while holding her... then... golden light?

She tried reaching for her forehead (she was so sore) and caressed the skin of her own cranium but didn't even feel her hand leave the confines of her sheets.

Then again, how could she be so sure it was her own hand that brushed so tenderly against her temples?

As she lay, her memories evolved turned from mere flashes to actual increments lasting for seconds at a time. Golden light morphing back into place... And a bridge... A bridge of purple crystal, glinting like blu tinted rubies... with silver liquid flowing like a falls off to the side, with a door, an emerald door, with golden graven images of serpent like creatures with eyes to match the precipice, with steam rising from their gaping mouths. The gateway opening its hinges, with stars above her twinkling for a second or two...

Then they vanished. Everything that had been familiar had vanished. There was nothing.

And in their place-all of them, the stars, constellations, celestial bodies she remembered, studied, adored-were suddenly replaced with thousands upon thousands of green lights glinting at her, twinkling at her as Though they were charmed by her very presence...


That was all she thought as she burrowed deeper into the bed, in her fever like state, as a man with familiar black hair, green eyes and a charmed smirk reeking with mischief, regarded her besides a dozen others, all of their green eyes glittering with great anticipation.

The horns sounds at the return of the heir as Asgard, but not true pomp and circumstance was had. Possibly because the people sounding the alarm at Thor's return were shoved recklessly to the side as Thor tore through the lines of his welcoming committee. The golden Prince of the realm eternal shoved his way past the workers of the new rainbow bridge, his wound still stinging but completely healed, his mind set on one thing.

Must find Jane... must find Jane!

And to find her, he had to seek out the only individual to knew the answer to that question.

The man with the metallic amber eyes stood by the older ruins of Asgard's old gateway, looking reserved as he always had, but not without some form of tension. He sighed and said, "You will find that there is no point, my lord."

Thor hardly heard his, his ears ringing and his mouth gasping. He took only a moment to catch his breath, after he accomplished one of his rougher landings from his moment above. He then stumbled a few steps and reached for his loyal servant. "He-Heimdal..." he gasped, "Where did they go?"

Heimdal repeats, his composure having not changed, with with the Thunder God's arrival "...You will find that there is no point to this-"

Thor continued to try, and not fully understanding the implications of what Heimdal meant yet. He reached for his shoulder, engaging his ally with a trusting, non-doubting gesture, "Hemidal... You are all seeing... you have one of the greatest powers possessed in Asgard! You see everything from the flocks of birds, to the swarms of fish, all at the same time, from galaxies, realms, universes away... you saw the impending invasion of the Chitauri, you warned us of it! You saw that Loki lived and told me personally... so tell me! where did he take her!?"

Heimdal said nothing continued to stare at Thor with the same level of discomfort.

Thor, unable to either notice this, or accept this, cringed. He then shook his comrade's shoulders, and groaned in inner turmoil, demanding an answer with a feral tonality, "Heimd~al!"

Heimdal, in all his loyalty and blunt honestly, finally looked Thor directly in the eye. His eyes were empty, lacking any truth, and at that moment, Thor knew. He answered, in a more frank way, "My lord... I am so sorry... but... I see... neither of them."

To Be Continued...