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"If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second."
-Johnny Depp

Somewhat the Beginning

"I was at Hal's lacrosse game when the aliens attacked; we call them 'Skitters' now. Mom and Dad were there, and so were you. Ben wasn't though because he was over at Nick's house that day. Dad and Hal tried looking for him, but they couldn't find him, so they think the Skitters took him. Then Mom died, but Hal said we had to keep moving on. We did have a funeral though...but Dad wouldn't let me see her." Matt said, looking up at me and holding back his tears. Then he continued drawing.

"Is that all?" I asked. He didn't say anything, he just nodded. I didn't believe him, "Are you sure?" I usually wouldn't push him like this, but Dr. Glass said I needed to talk to every person who had lost a loved one (which unfortunately was a lot of people). Since I'm the only person qualified, I'm the official psychologist of the 2nd Massachusetts. Everyone comes to me if they have any mental problems they want to talk out; people don't usually want any advice, so I'm mainly just there to listen.

"I'm done." Matt said, holding up his drawings. I looked at them for a second. There were two pictures, one with a woman under what looked like a support beam of a building, and the other were of three people, all males I think. "Why don't you tell me what they are?" I asked, even though I already had a pretty clear idea. "Um, the first is of my mom, and the other one is me, Dad, and Hal." He answered. I nodded, though I was a bit confused by the second drawing, "Where's Ben?" Matt looked at me, then down at his drawings, "I don't know where Ben is."

I felt so bad for Matt, Hal, and Tom. They lost Ben and have no idea where he is, or even if he's alive or not. The ironic thing is that they felt bad for ME because both my parents died and I couldn't find my little brother, Danny. But I don't even feel anything anymore, pain and sadness is just an inconvenience I don't have time for.

After that there was a long silence until Anne (a.k.a. Dr. Glass) called me from the classroom-turned-infirmary, "Ashley can you take over for me in here?" "Sure Anne, I'll be there in a second." I called, and then I looked at Matt, "I've got to go help Dr. Glass, so why don't you go to the library and see if Uncle Scott needs help with his radio receiver thing." "Ok." Matt got up and left towards the hallway. I started cleaning up the left over crayon mess.

It's amazing the roles people had to take after the invasion. Anne Glass used to be a pediatrician, Lourdes Delgado was a sophomore in college studying to be a surgeon, Tom Mason was a history professor at Boston University, Hal Mason was a star lacrosse player, and I was at Hunter College Department for Psychology... "Ashley? Where are you?" Anne called from the infirmary again, stopping me in my thoughts. "Uh, I'm coming." I quickly put Matt's drawings in a stack and back on the desk and then I walked over to the infirmary.

By the time I got to Anne's patient I couldn't believe my eyes, "Iain you're hurt again?" He just looked up at me and smiled innocently. Anne stepped in, "I have to leave for a bit, and Iain fell out of a tree..." "Again?" I said staring at him. "Yeah," Anne continued, "So could you patch him up for me please? He just has a few cuts and scratches on his elbows and knee, nothing major, but I don't want the wounds to get infected." "Sure I could do that." I shrugged.

A few months back Anne and Lourdes started teaching me some medical procedures so I could help them out. I went over to the medical cabinet and opened it up. Uh, I hope the scouting team finds some more medical supplies, we're almost out. I took out the hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial ointment, and some bandages, "Iain, come over to the sink." He walked over and I took his arm and poured some hydrogen peroxide on his scratches. "Ouch!" He said, cringing away. "Shut up ya big wimp!" I said chuckling. He looked up at me, "I'm not a wimp. I'm just...fragile."

That made me burst out laughing, "Fragile?! You are anything BUT fragile!" Iain braced himself as I finished tending to his wounds. "Now you're going to have to come back to see Anne tomorrow for some fresh bandages." I told him. He got up "Ok." He started walking out the door saying, "Thanks Doc!" and giving the peace hand-sign.

I looked around and the make-shift infirmary was empty. Since no needs any medical attention, physically or mentally, I guess I'll go take a nap. I walked towards the door and saw Lourdes entering, "Slow day today." I said. She sighed, "Not for long." I didn't know what she meant, but I was too exhausted to think about it.

It took me about 5 minutes to find my room, but when I did I went straight to the bed. I didn't even try to close the blinds and within a minute I was fast asleep dreaming.


I was in the middle of a soccer field watching one of Hal's college lacrosse games with the most of the Mason clan. Danny was at the doctor and Ben was over at Nick's house but I didn't care, I'm mostly hung out with Hal since he was closer to my age. Hal was 20, I was 19 going on to 20, and Ben was about 17. Tom and his wife, Rebecca, were sitting at the bottom of the steel bleachers, and Matt and I were at the top screaming our heads off.

Everyone was happy and cheering. Then in a matter of seconds the scene turned dark. Bright blue ships fell from the skies, and out of them came a hoard of green four-legged bug-like creatures, and behind them were giant silver and blue bi-pedal machines with guns for hands charging towards us. Tom picked up Matt, threw him over his shoulder, and ran. I followed them but then turned to look back for Hal. I saw Hal and he grabbed my hand and we continued running out of the field and into the streets towards the city.

We were following behind Tom and Matt, but then two skitters jumped down from the side of a building and ran towards us. Hal still held on to my hand and made a hard left into an alley and made a right turn that lead back out to the streets. We ran towards an empty Opel Astra four-door Sedan and Hal opened the back door. I jumped inside and he followed, closing the door behind him. I frantically searched for the hatch on the backseat to open up the trunk, found it, and pulled it. Hal held the backseat until I entered, then went in after me. He closed the seat enough so that no one would notice, but not so much that it would lock.

"What's happening?" I asked, trying to calm down. "I...I don't know Ashley." Hal stuttered. I kept trying to slowly breathe in and out but that only led to me hyperventilating. "Where did they come from? Why are they here? WHO ARE THEY!?" I just couldn't stop asking questions and Hal had had enough of my meltdown, "Stop! Look I don't know who they are, why they're here, or where they come from. All I know is that they don't seem to be friendly or want to negotiate. We have to keep quiet until the coast is clear enough to get out and find our families."

This was the first time I was ever heart pounding scared. We fell asleep and woke up about four hours later, according to my watch. We listened and didn't hear anything so headed out of the car. Even though the sky was moonless and dark, the street was lit up with fires that burned in almost every building and dwindled in some of the cars. We walked around for a while, trying to avoid all of the charred and bloody dead bodies. "Oh my god." I said looking away and going into Hal's arms.

We got up to an intersection and heard something got knocked over inside of a building in front of us to the left. Hal and I froze in our spots and a woman I'd never seen before came out running towards us and screaming. When she finally reached us she grabbed me by the shoulders and started shaking me yelling, "Wake up! Ashley Wake up!"

My eyes flew opened and I saw Maggie shaking me by the shoulders. "What's going on?" I asked panicked. Maggie pulled me out of the bed and answered my question as she led me into the hallway, "Tom brought back a group of harnessed kids and Anne needs your help taking the harnesses off." She was leading me to the infirmary.

On the way I saw parents crowding around Tom Mason asking him if he found their kids and when we got closer to the infirmary I heard Dr. Glass telling Lourdes what to do to help the kids.