Since the oh so special Valentine's Day is upon us, I decided to make a little chapter to celebrate what is probably the most hated holiday of the year! Hahaha jk. But anyway, enjoy!

"Ashley. Come on, wake up!" Lourdes was whispering and shaking me awake.

"What!?" I moaned. Since we got in so late, I was only able to get about 5 or so hours of sleep.

"Shh! Just get dressed." Lourdes was smiling and pulled me out of bed and I was too tired to try and stop her.

I got dressed, combed my hair, and followed Lourdes into the infirmary. "Why are we going to the infirmary so early?" I started to panic. "Is someone hurt?!" And by someone, I meant any of the Masons.

"No." She assured me. "Do you know what day it is?"

I tried to keep a calendar, but I missed a few days and messed up the counting. "Um, someday in February right?"

"Yup, February 14th to be exact." She was smiling like there was some secret I should know about.

What is on February 14th? Then it clicked. "Valentine's day Lourdes? Our planet gets invaded and you're talking about Valentine's day!"

"Yes! People need to forget about all their problems and today is the day to do it." Lourdes picked up a box full of stringed and un-stringed hearts of various colors and sizes.

"How did you make these?" I rummaged through the decorations.

"There were some supplies still left in the art rooms, I stayed up all night. Oh, and I talked to Anne and Weaver and they said that we can let the kids, and anyone else who wants to join, make Valentine cards. Are you fine with helping me with it?"

I shrugged, "Yea, I could help."

Lourdes smiled and handed me the box then grabbed another one for herself.

"So where are we hanging them?" I asked, grabbing a roll of Scotch tape on the table.

She looked at me and smiled. "Everywhere. But hurry up, I want to finish before everyone wakes up."


As Lourdes and I hung up the decorations all around the school while she told me more about her family. Apparently Valentine's day was a pretty big deal in her household, "A day to show our loved ones how much we care." as she put it. We put hearts up along all the hallways and finished off with about 20 in my office in the infirmary, where everyone would be doing their Valentine's. Lourdes put a few desks in rows and put red and pink construction paper, pencils, and scissors on them.

We heard people starting to get out of their rooms and filling into the heart-filled hallway. Throughout the day parents dropped their kids off to make Valentine's and I made a few of my own. Lourdes took over and I went to deliver my hand-made heart-shaped cards.

My first card was to Tom. I made a red heart with a message inside. The message read, "Tom, thanks for looking after me after I lost my parents and Danny. I don't think I would've making it this far with anyone else. You're the father I no longer have. Love, Ashley." My card brought tears of joy to his eyes as he hugged me as a thank you.

My next card was to Hal. Both Hal and Matt were together working on some ammo, so I gave Matt his too. Matt's read, "Hey Matt! I hope you know that I love you and would do anything for you. I consider you a brother and I hope you consider me your sister. Love, Ashley." He said he did consider me a sister, and I was glad of that. Hal's card said, "Hal, we've been friends since as long as I remember and nothing has been able to break our bond. You mean so much to me and to everyone in the 2nd Mass.

Last, but not least, Ben. He was working on the transmitter while Uncle Scott was getting gas for the generator. "I wasn't sure what to say, but I hope this card says it all." I said, as I handed him the heart. His note was longer, "Ben, I know we really didn't know each other before recently, but I feel like I already really know you. We have more in common than Hal and I, and I think that's a great thing. I love your choice in books and movies, and I love your view on things in life. Your so optimistic and you light up my day. I hope you know that you can always talk to me and trust me with anything, and not just as the psychologist, but as your friend. Love, Ashley."