So this is my first multi-chapter Amorra story! I don't exactly have this story planned out other than the prologue, so I'm going to wing it. *shrugs* I won't be able to update very often due to computer access, but I'll eventually finish this story!



It was surrounding him as he hunched over to protect his brother from the flames. The fumes were overwhelming, burning his eyes and throat mercilessly. There was no way out. They were going to die.

The firebender laughed maniacally, flames shooting from his fingertips with astonishing power and ferocity.

Fire. There was no where to run.

"Time to pay for your deeds, Bloodbender!"

The heat was stifling; he could feel his lungs searing from the ash with every breath. He couldn't focus, couldn't think, couldn't react. He was completely at the firebenders mercy.

The last thing Noatak heard was his own agonized scream piercing through the night sky.

Amon stared at the map of Republic City mounted on the wall in front of him. The memories of that night haunted his thoughts. It happened ten years ago from today, and while the physical pain had long since subsided, the emotional pain was still very much alive.

Quickly he tamped down those thoughts. No, he was Amon, feared and respected Equalist leader now. Noatak died when those flames set to his skin. Amon was born out of his ashes that night. That teenager, that boy was destroyed.

"Amon, what do you want to do?" His Lieutenant asked.

The younger man contemplated his question. The Avatar arrived in Republic City a few days ago. This would most definitely not benefit his plans; she would only be another obstacle he had to face. The problem was, Amon didn't have the time or the desire to deal with a teenage girl.

"It looks like we will have to accelerate our plans," he mused, turning to look back at his Lieutenant and younger brother.