Hello~ I absolutely in no way own adventure time. I'm a person who loves when shows tease romance and Adventure time with Fionna and cake does just that. Each chapter will be 1 whole episode and the Descriptions of the episode will usually be where this explanation is right now. Now I will say that I don't know EVERYTHING to the last detail. I don't know if Marshall lee hates his mother for eating his tots or whatever so please leave feed back even if it's just to tell me I misspelled something. This series of episodes is all about Marshall lee X Fionna moments. Be patient and watch the sweet moments. EVERY LAST EPISODE will hint or involve FIOLEE so be happy.

"Way off Bass"

Marshall Lee comes to Fionna for a very delicate mission. To help his replace the strings on his bass.

Fionna chomped down on the apple as she was leaned against the tree sitting beside her best friend in the entire Land of Aaa. Cake simply purred and played her dulcimer elegantly underneath the shade of the tree. "I wish something would happen. it's too peaceful today! I need some action!"
"Calm down and enjoy the whimsical sound of my beautiful music." Cake continued to play and Fionna pouted, blowing her hair to the side everytime it landly on her face. This went on for several minutes and then Fionna stared at her bitten apple. She jumped as color slowly started to drain from it and looked over her shoulder just as Marshall Lee stood up.
"Dude," She playfully hit him. "Don't scare me like that."
"Sorry, I was hungry. i need you to help me Fi." Fionna jumped up and already had her sword drawn.
"ALRIGHT! So what is it? Giants? Dragons? I'd take a fire breathing frog!"
"My bass." Fionna slowly put up her sword as excitement left her face.
"Your bass.." She fell back down onto the tree " What's so exciting about that?"
"I need your help to get the stuff the forge my strings."
"They forge strings?"
"Mine were specially made by an old friend from the night-o-sphere. I just need company to-" She shot up at the mention of the Night-o-sphere and had her sword drawn again.
"ALL RIGHT! Cake are you coming!"
"I'll be here baby. I'll catch up with you later on." She plucked a string on her dulcimer. Marshall turned into a bat and climbed inside her pack.
"Ready to go?"

Jumping out of the vortex and into the Night-o-sphere, Fionna looked around excitedly at the merchants she never saw when she came here the first time. Peddling their goods and useless things. A demon approached Fionna quickly.
"Can I interest the lady in blood stone earrings" Marshall Lee hissed at him.
"She's not interested." the man bolted off scared.
"And how did you know I wasn't?"
"Cause I said so. Be careful and listen to me Fi. The night-o-sphere is dangerous and I don't want you getting away from me."
"Pssh I got this."

"So stubborn." Fionna watched as Marshall worked the crowd. " Vampiric steel! Anyone!"
"Over here!" someone yelled away from the commotion. In an alley way created by 2 very large rock formations, A demon gypsy women carrying ingots in a sack was sitting and waiting for them to approach. Marshall started for her.
" Yo what up! I need 2 ingots of Vampiric steel. Anything you want for them?" Fionna just followed Marshall obediently to the women and the women sat in thought.
"The girl."
"Umm yeah, I'm only renting her for the afternoon. Anything else?" the women thought again. Fionna nudged Marshall and whispered to him. "We've got cupcakes."
"CUPCAKES! Why didn't you say so?" She questioned in her raspy voice as she threw the ingots at Marshall. "Take them." Marshall and Fionna smirked at each other.

Marshall and Fionna stopped in front of his old friends place. An old rickety place made of rock. Fionna sighed. "Not to complain or anything but I've been following you since we got here and I've watched you trade for the junk in my pack for these items. I mean look what your carrying dude! you've got roses and ingots and an empty bottle."

"All necessary. And It's what goes in the bottle that I brought you."
"I was hoping to kick evils butt, but today just isn't the day for that."
"Well I'm sorry it's boring you." Marshall knocked on the door. They waited a few seconds before it opened slowly with no one behind it. A voice from the darkness spoke out.
"Come in Marshall Lee.." When they entered the house Marshall made sure he stood in front of Fionna just in case his friend went crazy over the past hundreds of years. The only light was from a fireplace and barely visible to the left of that was a cyclops with at least 3 tentacles. i say at least 3 because 3 were mixing potions and flipping through book pages and it was too dark to see if he had more.
"Vestus... I need you to make some more strings. Those old ones lasted he ages. It's a shame they broke."
"Ah, Marshall Lee of course. Just give me the items I require." The fire blazed and made the room fully lit. revealing a small workshop and an empty table. Marshall spilled the items on the table.
"You're missing something, Marshall Lee."
"Oh yeah, hey Fi I need you!" She perked up and walked over to him.
"What's up?"
"I need your blood!"
"What the stuff?"
"Just enough to fill this bottle. It's barely the size of an apple!"
"That's still a lot!"
"Fi the recipe calls for the blood of a v- Hero! Now please help me! I can't live without my Bass!" A tentacle wrapped around Fionna and lifted her off the ground.
"Knock it off Vestus, She'll give it to me willingly put her down!"
"I'm afraid that's not going to happen Marshall Lee."
"Why not!"
"The recipe calls for the blood of a -"
"Yes... but a hero long since gone."
"No...but last time... Don't you touch her!" Fionna slipped out of his grasp and stood.
"He won't get the chance!" She stabbed down and Vestus screamed dropping her onto Marshall Lee who picked her up and flew out of the house.
"We have to get you of here!"
"But what about your bass! Whose blood did you use last time!"
"My own!"
"You're a hero?"
"Uh yeah, But I'm not anymore so My bloods out of the question!" Marshall was yanked back by a tentacle and let Fionna go, throwing her forward onto the rock.
"Leave her alone!"
"Slaying a mortal is not beneath you. You've grown soft since we last met Marshall Lee."
"No I grew feelings."
"Oh." Marshall blushed.
"NOT LIKE THAT. Just leave my friend alone."
"You have grown soft."
"There has to be another way. She's my friend."
"Hmmm If she were undead, then it would technically count. But she's the only 'hero' around so make your decision quickly."
"No.. I couldn't..."
"Marsh what's he taking about?" Marshall looked over at Fionna who was still on the ground but ready to fight at any moment, then he looked back at Vestus. Marshalls facial expression turned determined and angry. He sighed heavily and shook his head.
"Keep the stuff and hold onto my bass... We'll travel back to Aaa and I'll see you when we have your blood. Fionna stood up just as Marshall flew past her headed back for the portal they made earlier.
"Marsh wait for me." He swung back around and picked her up and started for the portal again.
"So, what happened back there? You'd never leave your bass like that."
"I was trading some ones life for some stupid steel strings. Fi your my friend and I'm not trading that in, even for a new bass!" Fi blushed a bit.
"Thanks dude!"

Marshall Lee and Fionna met back up with cake and now all three were looking for a source of blood. Fionna opened a freshly dug grave.
"What about this one!"
"What's the headstone say?"
"Loving Husband and father."
"He's not right, we need a... Hero.."
"It says he was a war hero."
"Cake help me out here..." Marshall chuckled and cake nodded.
"Pick someone who was completely devoted to helping and didn't have time for a family!" Cake added.
"Nice save."
"That's bunk, but fine."
"I think we'll have an easier time finding a female hero rather than a male. Look for females."
"Most boring day ever." Marshall laughed and floated through the cemetery reading headstones. He came across a small pond and saw a frog minding it's own business on a lily pad. He smirked, picking it up and going over to Fionna.
"Yo Fi," he placed it on her head and laughed. " it doesn't breath fire but It's enough excitement right."
"Oh yes because wearing a frog as a hat is exciting." he sighed.
"Sorry to drag you into this, I almost got you killed earlier."
"It's cool, so what was the way that Vestus mentioned earlier?" Marshall Lee sighed yet again.
"He was saying that if you were a vampire that it would count. We are NOT going there."
"Oh." Fionna dug around in the grave a bit more. She stopped again and looked up at Marshall who was floating and staring at the frog that was still on Fionna's head...
"What does the blood do? Is there another ingredient we can get that will mimic it." Marshall titled his head.
"OF COURSE." Fionna looked at the excited cake and Marshall.
"Umm, She's not a hero!" Fionna said annoyed

"Oh yeah.." Marshall started. " That's the lie we told you." Cake nudged Marshall who began to laugh. "Plus we can't kill the Ice queen. So yeah.."

"ANYWAY," Cake interrupted" If y'all are done yapping! Let's take it up with Ghost prince."
"I don't mind stopping by Gumballs castle. Anything to get out of this and get my bass back. That Axe is my favorite."
"We can't kill Gumball!" Fionna blushed.
"Oh right, Your sweet on him. No pun intended." Marshall laughed and floated around the cemetery until a grave caught his eye. Fionna looked at him.
"Found something?"
" 'Although she died alone she was always there for the people of Aaa.. A dedicated women who could never stray from good' Gentle ladies, I think we found our... hero.

Vestus forged the string happily as Fionna, Cake and Marshall waited bored. Marshall was poking a spider that was crawling on the wall. Cake was curled up in a window sill and Fionna stared at him as he forged the steel into thin strings. Enough to last Marshall Lee another 1000 years. The 2 he had made already were sitting on a small table. Glowing with an evil aura about them. It made Fionnas mind wander to Marshall, and for some reason she though about his mother.
"So Marshall, hows stuff." Marshall stopped poking the spider but didn't look away from it.
"Aw you know." He poked it again."Stuff"
"Oh." She waited for a second in silence.
"THEY ARE FINISHED." Vestus said dramatically, waking Cake and perking up Fionna. Marshall continued to poke the spider for a few moments before he stopped.
"Cool, let me get you girls home. You've been a great help."

Marshall floated beside the enlarged cake as they walked home across the land of Aaa. Marshall quietly sang a song and was writing things down in a small black notebook every few seconds.
"I wanted you, to tell me how, I fly so high, just to fall down~" He stopped to write again.
"Hey Marsh, working on a hit?"
"Duh, this one is important and I could only do it with fresh strings, when my bass is at her best. I can't thank you enough for today you've been a huge help."
"No problem" Fionna said sweetly.
"Any time." Cake added."Well we have to get to bed. Come on Fionna."
"I'm not tired." Cake sped off toward the treehouse.
"TO SLEEP FIONNA." Marshall floated there until they disappeared in the tree house and he blushed lightly while her pluck a sweet melody on his strings.
" I say it now,no make it ' sing '.The childish girl and the vampire king."


End of the first episode. It's a sweet one and although the summary made it sound stupid, this is a sweet Idea.