"Look at this face. How can any woman spend eight hours a day alone with this face and not fall in love with it?" Amy held her phone up and showed a very scary picture of Sheldon smiling his 'kill the Batman' smile. Penny held back a creeped-out shiver. She may care about the guy but if he was forced to smile against his will... Look out Joker, there's a new guy in town.

"Well, for starters, at some point that face starts talking." Then Penny asked, "Is that the only picture of Sheldon you have?"

Amy nodded. "Yes it is. I asked him for a contact picture so every time he calls me I can see his beautiful smile. Sheldon doesn't like pictures of himself unless he's being awarded for something."

Penny rolled her eyes at Sheldon's ego, but smirked fondly. "You know, Amy, I have a few pictures of him if you want 'em. They're definitely better than that one." She dug out her phone and scrolled through her gallery looking for the ones of Sheldon.

Amy's brow furrowed in slight confusion. "Why would you have pictures of Sheldon on your phone?"

Penny, without looking up, or even thinking for that matter, responded, "Raj took one of us playing Halo cuz we had the same look on our faces. I took one 'cause I thought it would be fun to rile him up. And I couldn't not take pictures at Disney Land. He was so adorable in the Mickey Mouse hat! And he was just so happy, I had to capture it. He's never that happy." She found the pictures and handed her phone over to Amy. She had to admit Penny's pictures were better than hers. Penny had the scowling one as Sheldon's contact photo. She skipped over that one. If there were happy Sheldon pictures she was getting them. When she scrolled to the one of them playing Halo she stopped and looked. They really did have the same intense expressions on their faces. Fierce concentration and a bit of manic glee. Amy felt a small prick of jealousy and vowed that she would be at the next Halo night, if only to claim what was hers.

Finally she got to the Disney Land photos. She chose the picture of Sheldon posing with Mickey while wearing the ears. He looked absolutely delighted. Again, Amy felt a slightly stronger stab of jealousy that Penny got to spend this time with him. She BlueToothed it to her own phone, cropped it to just his face, and set it as his contact photo. When she finished, she hid her jealousy and thanked Penny.

Amy was starting to wonder about her bestie. It looked like she was getting bored with Leonard. Amy felt as if she had to protect what was hers; not only from Sheldon's new assistant, but also from her bestie.

A/N: And suddenly Amy marking her territory in Penny's apartment makes a lot more sense. Not what I intended when I started this, but hey. Whatcha gon' do when the brain takes over?

Shorter than I intended, also, but I can't exactly do much more with it. Lol.

Hint: Amy does have a reason to worry. At least in my mind. Shenny is endgame!