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"Steve probably got them all lost again" said George, shrugging. "Oh well, nothing we can do about it now."

"I guess not" said Meredith, though she still felt guilty.. for a second. "Well, I think it's about time we have a story that is actually scary."

"Yeah, whatever" Izzie rolled her eyes.

"Hey, shush!" Meredith scolded. "You've had your chance, Iz. Now, something beyond comprehension was happening to a young surgeon named George O'Malley.."

George gulped.

"..On a weird street, in a creepy House.."

The Mercorcist

A talented General Surgery resident, Doctor Meredith Grey, daughter of the famous Ellis Grey, had turned up to help George's Mother cure his unusual condition. Meredith, who happened to be Dark and Twisty, was Mama O'Malley's last hope, because no-one else was game enough to go near the place.

Meredith dodged a brick that came smashing through the top window, and knocked on the door.

Mama O'Malley gasped as she opened it, the candlestick she clutched shaking in her hand.

"Hello. I hear you've been expecting me" said Meredith.

"Oh! Are you.."

"Yes. I am.." Meredith paused dramatically, "The On-Call Resident!"

"Thank goodness you're here!" said Mama O'Malley, waving Meredith inside. "My poor Georgie, I don't know what's gotten into him! I've never seen anything like it!"

"Don't worry, Ma'am, I've got my own little monster at Home" said Meredith. "This should be a piece of cake!"

"Ha ha!" came a creepy voice from upstairs. "Ooga booga booga! Arrgh!" Something smashed.

"Okay then.." said Meredith, raising an eyebrow as she looked up. Maybe this wasn't going to be as easy as she thought.

"I've tried every trick in the book, see!" Mama O'Malley cried, holding it up.

"'Raising Your Babies Right: A Guide To Training Interns by Dr. Miranda Bailey'" read Meredith, frowning. "Well there's your problem, Mrs. O'Malley" she headed up the stairs, Mama O'Malley following reluctantly. "Your son is a Resident, not an Intern!"

"But you don't understand, It's like he's two different people.."

"What George needs to understand is that he has more responsibilities now" said Meredith, ignoring Mama O'Malley's words. "Any mistakes he makes are his own problem. We just have to walk in there, look him in the eye and.." She opened the door, jaw dropping at what she found.

"Oop, woop, woop, ooga booga boo!" George yelled, performing a seemingly superhuman number of backflips on his bed.

"..Please tell me none of your other kids are Doctors."

"No, just Georgie."


George was now on his back, spinning his legs like he was riding a bike.

"Bubblegum fishcakes, ba ba boo!"

"Um, hi" said Meredith, nervous, as she approached him.

"Weeoooooo!" said George, his head turning a complete circle atop his shoulders.

"Okay, maybe he needs his bones realigned.." Meredith grabbed George's head, giving it a few little twists. "That should do it!"

"When you wish upon a star, you get lots of stuff!" said George suddenly.

"Really?" said Meredith hopefully. "Well, I wish for a nice quiet night where you get cured and I go home to my family."

"Okay!" said George, before setting about kicking Meredith in the face multiple times.

"Hey! Ouch! Stop that!"

Luckily for Meredith, George did stop, and seemingly fell asleep.

"There! See, that was easy" said Meredith, relieved, turning to Mama O'Malley, completely unaware that George was rising into the air behind her. "Like I always say, in parenting you've got to be fair but firm.."

"Uh.." Mama O'Malley pointed behind her, whimpering.

"You just have to let them know who's Boss, and.. He's out of bed again, isn't he?" Meredith sighed.


Meredith turned, and after a moment of panic at seeing George floating a few feet off the bed, roughly pulled him down, seizing his shoulders and shaking him.

"Okay, what's all this about?"

"Voices" said George creepily.

"Voices?" Meredith raised an eyebrow.

"Uh-huh" George pointed to his head. "In here, telling me what to dooooooooo!" His eyes rolled back.

"Voices in your head?" Meredith frowned.


"Alright then" Meredith gave a nervous chuckle. "What sort of things do they tell you to do?"

George replied by unleashing a fountain of projectile vomit that sent Meredith flying into the wall.

"Eww, yuck!"

George began to speed madly around the room.

"Hey, get back here you little brat!"

"Maybe you should try a lullaby?" Mama O'Malley suggested.

"Do I look like a person who sings lullabies?" Meredith growled.

"SING!" George screamed.

"Lullaby, and Goodnight, shut your big creepy eyes!" Meredith sang, after trying to settle George back on the bed. "If you sleep, away I'll creep, and get out of here alive.."

Finally, George seemed to fall asleep again.

"You know" said Meredith, turning back to Mama O'Malley, "Once you get past the creepy stuff, he's actually kind of.. Oh crap, where'd he go?"

Mama O'Malley pointed, and Meredith's gaze followed her finger upwards to find George crawling across the ceiling.

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!" he said, head spinning again.

"Well, there's something you don't see every.. Ah!" Meredith yelled as George dropped onto her. "Get off! Get off me!" she managed to throw George off, and sent him flying out the window. "Oops.."

"My Baby!" shrieked Mama O'Malley.

George tumbled down a few flights of stairs, before finally coming to a stop on the sidewalk. He sat up, groaning, and tapped the side of his head, causing a small wriggling something to fall out of his ear.

"Ah, brain worm! Hang on.. You were the voice in my head, weren't you?" George realized.

"That's right!" said the worm. "I'm your conscience, and as long as you let me, I'll.."

George stomped on the worm, crushing it.

"..The End." Meredith finished.

"Eugh" said George. "I hate brain worms."

"Even.." Meredith grinned, opening her hand to reveal something wriggling in her palm, "Your conscience?"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h!" George screamed as he fled.

"Well now who's cheating?" Izzie frowned.

"Oh, come on" Meredith chuckled. "Like you wouldn't have done the same thing if you'd thought of it first."

"I wouldn't have" Izzie pouted. "George and I were planning to gang up on the rest of you and share the title when we won."

"George?" Meredith guffawed. "You chose George to form an alliance with?"

"Hey" Izzie defended her friend, "He lasted longer than everybody thought, didn't he?"

"Yeah" Meredith admitted, "I guess you're right."

Outside, the storm raged on.

"Well, Iz" said Meredith, leaning forward in her chair, "Looks like it's just you and me."

"Do your worst, Mer!" Izzie challenged, puffing her chest out proudly. "There's not a single thing you can say that'll scare me!"

"Okay then" said Meredith, sitting back and trying to get comfortable. "I guess there's nothing left to do but sit back and wait for the ghost.."

"Ghost?" said Izzie, eyes widening. "What ghost?"

"The Ghost Of Sydney, of course" said Meredith matter-of-factly. "And hey, if I remember correctly, you had a hand in her untimely death."

"Hey, that was an accident" said Izzie defensively. "I told Alex to 'beat' her, but he misunderstood and thought I wanted him to 'eat' her. Besides, all that ghost stuff is just an urban legend."

"Is it?" said Meredith, raising an eyebrow.

Suddenly, the windows began to rattle, the curtains rustling of their own accord.

"Uh, that's just the wind.." Izzie chuckled.

"IZZIE..." A voice boomed.

"..And apparently it knows my name!" she gulped.

The smell of bacon filled the room, and the furniture began to slide around on it's own.

"Okay Meredith, I know it's you doing this, so stop it!"

"Hey, I'm right here with you, Iz!" Meredith cried, sounding just as freaked out as her friend.

"No way!" yelled Izzie desperately. "There is no ghost, this place is not haunted, and when the Sun comes up Tomorrow I'll be the new Queen of.."


"It's right behind me, isn't it?" the Blonde whimpered, turning to face the ghostly figure of Doctor Sydney Herron. "Ahhhhh!


"Oh my God! It's real, ghosts are real, I'm sorry please don't hurt me!" Izzie screamed as she raced out of Mercy West like her friends before her.. And Meredith collapsed into a fit of riotous laughter.

"To quote Arizona, That, was awesome." She turned to 'Sydney', wiping tears of mirth from her eyes. "What do you say we scare up a late Dinner?"

"I'D SAY.." Derek stepped out from behind a curtain, Megaphone in hand, "Grab Lexie and Zola and let's get going!"

'Sydney' removed her wig and lab coat, revealing Lexie, with a giggling Zola perched atop her shoulders.

"That was great, guys!" Meredith beamed, taking Zola from her sister. "How'd you do the bacon thing, and move all the furniture?"

"We enlisted a few little helpers" smiled Lexie, pointing.

Callie and baby Sofia stepped out from their hiding place, where they'd been working a little pully system they'd rigged up to the furniture before the others had arrived, and Mark appeared with a pan of sizzling bacon.

"Thanks for the help, guys" said Meredith. "Where to now?"

"Well" said Callie, "Between Zola and Sofia, we've got just enough dirty diapers here to throw at all the Oceansiders."

So Meredith, her family, Mark, and Callie, who'd been given honarary King and Queen of Halloween titles, squatted outside the Oceanside Wellness Centre, diapers in hand.

"I love this Holiday" Meredith grinned, as Addison stepped outside.