Friday, 16.17. Nurse's Station, Darwin

Jac studied the computer screen intently – was that something on the CT scan or not. She dipped her head to the side to have a look from a different angle, but that didn't help – she was going to have to ask Elliott for a second opinion

"So what time you coming over tonight?" a voice said right next to her ear. Jac who had been concentrating hadn't noticed Jonny sitting down behind her and startled, reacted spinning her chair to face the direction of the voice:

"Jesus, Jonny – are you trying to give me a heart attack!" Then her brain caught up with her ears, and confusion flooded her porcelain-like features, "Tonight? What?"

Jonny, looked around to check nobody else could hear, in case that was the reason Jac looked so put out, and when he saw that the coast was clear repeated "I said, what time are you coming round tonight? I thought I'd cook something nice, we could watch a film and then" and he leaned in conspiratorially and winked, "set off some sexual fireworks. So what do you think?"

"As appealing as that sounds" Jac said, managing to sound as though it was as appealing as a root canal without an anaesthetic "I can't – I have plans this weekend"

"But you're not workin'" Jonny objected "I checked the on-call rota"

"I didn't say I was working – I said I had plans. Contrary to popular belief I DO have a life outside of work, and this weekend I'm busy"

"Busy with what?"

"Were you not listening – I'm busy with my life"

"What does that mean?" Jonny was getting annoyed, and if he was honest, a little bit worried too – if she wouldn't tell him what she was doing, it had to be something he wouldn't like, which must mean she was seeing someone else.

"What's it to you – since when have we been joined at the hip?" Jac was also more than a little annoyed by now. "When I need someone to keep my diary for me you'll be the first person I ask –satisfied?"

"Not really no," Jonny said, reaching out to hold her wrist. Jac had to use every ounce of her reserve not to pull her hand away to break the hold, instead relying on her best ice-queen stare to get him to let go. But before the impasse could be broken her bleep went off, and Jonny released his grip to let her look at it.

"Oh great, AAU" Jac said "I'm never going to get out of this place!" and standing up, she pushed past Jonny's chair and stalked off the ward. Leaving Jonny in a foul mood, a fact that didn't escape Mo when she came to write some notes at the nurses station:

"Look at the face on you" she commented "What's the matter?"

"I don't want to talk about it!" Jonny replied

"Oh right…what's she done now?"

"I said I don't want to talk about it!" Jonny insisted, "Do you never listen woman?"

"I always listen, well nearly always anyway, and that's how I know you need to tell your Auntie Maureen everything. Come on, you know you'll feel better when you do"

So Jonny told her, and when he'd finished asked her the question she'd been dreading pretty much since he started – "So…what d'you think?"

"Honestly?" Jonny nodded. "I don't know, but….sorry I think she's got someone else. What other reason could there for her to be so cagey, although, then again," Mo paused, considering "this is Jac Naylor – cagey's nearly her middle name"