Sorry this is another short chapter but the next one IS longer and we will be getting to the main point of this fanfic soon I promise...

Friday, 14.04 Consultant's Office, Darwin

Jac and Jil entered the office to find Elliott knee deep in patient notes – the precarious pile that Jac had noted earlier in the day, finally having given in to the inescapable pull of gravity, and collapsed just moments before. "Oh," Jil commented, "well that clears up that little mystery anyway. We were wondering what that noise was. Are you OK?"

"Yes, yes I'm fine" Elliott replied, distractedly, "although goodness knows how long it'll take me to get all these sorted again – my system's going to be ruined now." Jac and Jil exchanged glances – both thinking, as they often did, exactly the same thing 'System! He calls that a system!' As if he'd read both their minds, Elliott continued, "I mean, I do realise it might not have seemed very systematic but I can assure you both I always knew exactly where everythi…Oh," he stopped mid-sentence, "I'm so sorry how rude of me, with all this" he said indicating the mess around him "I didn't notice you had someone with you Jac." And turning his attention to Jil, he continued, "You must be Jil – Dr Lo's been singing your praises ever since I got back from the university, and Nurse Maconie also seems to have taken quite a shine to you. It's very nice to meet you" he finished, stepping over the notes that surrounded his feet and offering her his hand.

Jil shook it saying, "The pleasure's all mine. I'm so glad I got to meet you – Jac's told me such a lot about you, and I was hoping you'd be back from the uni so I could."

"Jac talks about me?" Elliott asked, sounding surprised.

"Oh yes, she's been telling me all about your artificial heart trial for the past few weeks, it sounds fascinating." Jil replied

"Oh," Elliott said, glancing at Jac, "I had no idea Jac was so enthusiastic about the Hertzig."

Jac gave a characteristic shrug of her shoulders and said smiling, "Well you know me Elliott, I always like to keep people guessing – maintain the air of mystery."

Elliott returned her smile, and addressing Jil continued "Do you have a professional interest in the Hertzig?"

"Oh no, no I'm not a doctor. Well, actually I am, but not a medical one – I've got a doctorate in clinical psychology," she explained. "But, I've been friends with Jac for so long, I suppose an interest in all things cardiac must have rubbed off. And really it just sounds so amazing – I don't see how anybody couldn't be fascinated."

"Well," Elliott said proudly, "if you're that interested I could show you our trial version if you'd like?"

"Really," Jil replied enthusiastically, "yes, I'd love to. If you're sure it'd be alright?"

"Oh yes, it'll be fine, it's hardly a secret now we've actually fitted one in our first patient. That is, if it's ok with you Jac, if I borrow your charming companion."

"It's better than OK," Jac replied, "you'd be doing me a massive favour actually – I've got two AVR's to do this afternoon and the first one's due to start in," she looked at her watch, "ooh, eight minutes ago, so I'd better be going. Can't believe they haven't bleeped me yet!" Before she left the office, she turned to Elliott, and said smiling, but with a seriousness in her tone that he recognised well. "You look after her Dr Frankenstein – she's very precious to me."

"You can count on me Miss Naylor," Elliott said, "I've already got an idea of how special she is."

As Jac hurried down the stairs to Theatre 1 she reflected on the impression her friend had made on her colleagues in the space of half a day. She'd charmed Elliott, was seemingly Tara's second favourite person (after Oli) and had even managed to put a smile on Jonny's face, after he'd been acting so plain weird for the rest of the week. 'I need to find out how she does it,' Jac decided, 'she's captivated the whole ward! Although actually I already know how she does it really' she thought, 'by being completely and absolutely herself. Because let's face it how could anybody not love her!'