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The blond rabbit boy keeps appearing in Gilbert's dreams. He doesn't know when it started or even when he fell asleep. All he knows is that he's awake and needs to get home, but can he do that when he doesn't even know where he is?


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Down the Rabbit Trail

Pink Gravel Path

As far as he could see everything was black; black to the left, black to the right, black behind him and a silver table in front of him... That wasn't there before. Cautiously he approached the table. On it were two bottles. Both had the words drink me on them and looked the same in every possible way.

He picked up the bottles and looked them over. In the fine print at the bottom of both bottles were words. One said; "For those who want to escape reality" and the other "For those who don't". He put the bottles back on the table and frowned.

'I don't get it… this dram is weird…' He thought. 'What's with these bottles? Do I have to make a choice?'

"Perhaps I could make this easier for you." Said a voice. Standing on the other side of the table was a boy about his age with violet eyes and soft, wavy blond hair. He was wearing a red suit with golden accents and round rimmed glasses but his most striking features were his large, blond rabbit ears and equally fluffy and blond rabbit tale.

"You again!" Cried the boy. He had seen this rabbit boy many times before, but never really spoke to him. He always ran away before he could get the chance to, but now here he was, standing in front of him with a grin on his face.

The rabbit boy grinned and picked up a bottle. "You want this one." He said happily, handing the bottle to the boy.

Said boy looked over the bottle again. It was for those who wanted to escape reality. "No thanks… I don't drink random crap that strangers give me… Later."

He turned around to walk away, but was quickly pulled back and pulled into a heated kiss by the rabbit boy. The more human of the pair gasped in shock giving the rabbit boy the chance to slip his tongue into the other's mouth. Almost instantly the boy's mouth was flooded with a sweet tasting liquid.

His eyes widened in shock. 'HOLY SHIT HE'S MAKING ME DRINK THAT STUFF!' He tried to struggle out of the rabbit boys grip but he wouldn't let go. The boy had no choice but to swallow.

Once he had swallowed all the liquid the rabbit boy let him go and grinned. "Catch me if you can." He quickly turned and ran off into the darkness leaving the other boy extremely confused.

"The fuck? What just happened?" He was angry and confused all at the same time. Why did that blond rabbit boy make him drink that stuff and why did he want to get chased? He didn't understand. Reluctantly, with nothing else to do he got up and started to chase after the blond rabbit. "Who the fuck are you?" He yelled.

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Gilbert groaned a little as he opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings. He seemed to be in some kind of forest, which was odd because before he was… somewhere. He sighed and shook his head. He would have to figure it all out later.

He looked down at himself and frowned. He didn't remember putting on some purple button up shirt or black shorts or black knee high boots either. Gilbert shrugged it off and got up. He dusted himself off and started to look around the forest. He seemed to be next to some kind of pink gravel path. It wasn't the yellow brick road, but it would have to do.

Gilbert frowned and started to walk down the pink gravel path. For some strange reason he couldn't remember much about anything apart from the weird dream he jus had.

'Shit… What was I doing before? Crap I was going to see my brother wasn't I?' His widened in shock. 'That's right… I was going to visit him. I haven't seen him in a while… Crap where the fuck is he?'

Now it wasn't like Gilbert's brother couldn't take care of himself, he just didn't want to leave him alone when he had said that he would visit him. He was very punctual about that that kind of thing. With that thought in mind he started to move down the path a little faster.

As he was walking along he started to hear other footsteps rapidly approaching. Before he even had the chance to turn around a pair of hands grabbed him by the shoulders and a person in a red suit leap-frogged over him. Gilbert stood there in shock. This boy had blond rabbit ears and tail. He looked just like the boy out of his dreams.

"Hey!" Yelled Gilbert as he started to run after the rabbit boy. "Wait up a second! I want to talk to you!"

The rabbit boy looked over his shoulder revealing his stunning violet eyes framed by his round rimmed glasses. He looked a little frustrated. "No, no, no, no, no!" Cried the rabbit boy. "I'm overdue! I'm really in a stew! No time to say goodbye, hello! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!" Just to add emphasis he pulled out a large fob watch from his pocket and turned as white as a sheet. "I'M LATE!" He practically screamed. He quickly shoved the watch back into his pocket and bounded off like a rabbit into the distance.

Gilbert just looked at the rabbit boy in shock as he bounded off down the pink gravel path. Never being one to give up a chase, Gilbert quickly started to run. He wasn't a track star, but he was fast enough.

It wasn't long before he tripped and fell face first onto the path, skidding down a hill and hitting a rock. "… Fuck that hurt." He sat up and groaned. "Stupid rabbit thing…"

"I'm telling you it's this way!" Snapped a harsh voice, laced with a thick Italia accent.

"But if we go that way we'll have to pass through the Cold Lair!" Cried a terrified voice laced with an equally thick Italian accent.


Gilbert frowned and looked up. He was gazing at two Italian boys wearing overalls with vertical dark blue and green stripes. They both wore propeller bennies on their heads and were both brunettes. Although… one had a darker shade than the other. The one with the darker hair also seemed a lot angrier than the one with lighter hair.

The happier of the two frowned a little. "But the Undertaker lives there! I'd rather visit Mr Fix! At least he lets me sit there while he fixes the clocks!"

The grumpy one rolled his eyes. "Whatever… Hey, I think someone's watching us." He was pointing straight at Gilbert.

Gilbert grinned a little. "Um… you two see a blond rabbit boy bounce by?"

The grumpy one rolled his eyes while the other one grinned and walked over to Gilbert. "Ve, hello there. I'm Tweedie Dum, but you can call me Feliciano or Feli, and my fratello is Tweedie Dee, but you can call him Lovino."

"Don't tell him that!" Snapped Lovino. "He's a stranger! You can't tell him that shit!"

Gilbert rolled his eyes and stood up, dusting himself off. "Calm down. My name is Gilbert… Now have you seen a blond rabbit boy?"

Feliciano nodded happily and linked arms with Gilbert. "Yep! He lives at the Hatter's house. We can take you there… By the way, who are you?"

"I told you my name…" Muttered Gilbert as he tried to pull himself from Feliciano's grip. "What else do you need to know?"

"What's your fucking title?" Snapped Lovino in a huff. "That idiot already told you we're Tweedie Dee and Tweedie Dum."

"… I don't have a title." Said Gilbert.

"Bullshit." Snapped Lovino. "What's your title? Do you even have a card?"

"A card?" Asked Gilbert. He was getting more and more confused by the second.

Feliciano nodded and took a playing card out of his pocket, but it was unlike any playing card he had ever seen. It looked more like a tarot card. It was a bluish, green card called 'The Fool of Diamonds'. Lovino took a similar card out of his pocket, but his was a darker green in colour. It was also called 'The Fool of Diamonds'.

"This kind of card." Said Feliciano happily. "Don't tell me you don't have a card! Everyone here needs a card! Check your pockets!" Gilbert frowned and put his hands in his pockets. He pulled out a card. It was had the symbols of the heart, diamond, spade and club in each of the four corners. It was called 'The Alice of Wonderland'.

Gilbert frowned. "What the hell? What's the Alice of Wonderland card mean?"

As he was pondering how such a card made its way onto his person in the first place Feliciano and Lovino looked at Gilbert in shock before quickly turning to each other and quickly speaking in rapid Italian. Suddenly they grabbed Gilbert by his arms and started to lead him down the path.

"HEY!" Yelled Gilbert. "LET ME GO!"

Lovino rolled his eyes. "Relax Alice. We're just taking you to that fucking rabbit like you asked." He took the card out of Gilbert's hand and shoved it into Gilbert's breast pocket.

Feliciano nodded in agreement. "Ve, you don't have anything to fear from us Alice. We are simply your escorts."

Gilbert raised an eyebrow. "Alice? My name is Gilbert!"

Lovino shook his head and muttered something darkly in Italian. This caused Feliciano to pout. "Lovi!" He cried. "Don't be mean to the Alice!"

"Why are you calling me Alice?" Snapped Gilbert.

"Simple." Said Feliciano happily. "Your name is Gilbert, like mine is Feliciano and he is Lovino."

"But that's not your title." Said Lovino. "Your title is Alice, like his is Tweedie Dum and I'm Tweedie Dee. Kind of like how there are dukes and duchesses. Alice is just your title."

Gilbert frowned. That explanation was just odd and made no sense what so ever. 'Okay… this is just crazy! I don't have time for this. I need to find that fucking rabbit boy and get back home to my brother.'

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They walked for what seemed like ages with the Italian brothers chatting back and forth in their native tongue. It pissed Gilbert off a little that he had no idea what the two were saying so he decided to try and strike up a conversation. "So… Where were you two going before you found me?"

"Ve, we were going to the Carnival." Said Feliciano happily. "This time of the year the traveling circus stops by and makes their home there for a few months while the snow storms in the Cold Lair get worse… But we got a little lost…"

"We weren't lost…" Grumbled Lovino. "I knew which way we were going."

"Is that my little tomato and his cute brother?" Cooed an overly excited voice.

Lovino cursed under his breath. "Fuck… Hope no one is allergic to cat hair." In a matter of seconds a handsome Spanish man with a sleek brown cat tail and ears appeared. He was wearing a pair of tattered black jeans and a red vest that showed off his toned chest.

The cat man grinned happily at the trio. "Hey amigos! How is everyone? Oh, and who's the albino?" Gilbert sighed a little. At least he wasn't called a demon again. Such was the curse of having pail skin, silver hair and red eyes.

"Fuck off bastard!" Snapped Lovino. "You're not supposed to be here! This is Hatter's territory! In case you've forgotten the hatter's and the hearts are having a turf war!"

Feliciano sighed and whispered into Gilbert's ear. "That's the Cheshire Cat. AKA Antonio."

Antonio grinned and quickly pulled Lovino away from Gilbert and hugged him tightly. The Spaniard was purring happily as the Italian tried to get out of his grip. "FUCK OFF CAT!"

"No!" Purred Antonio happily. "I haven't seen you in weeks! I just managed to get away from the Queen of Hearts and I want to spend time with you!" Lovino growled and grabbed Antonio's tail, ripping out a chunk of his fur. Antonio cried out in pain and let Lovino go. "Why are you so mean to me?" He whined.

"Because you're a stupid tomato bastard!" Snapped Lovino. Feliciano sighed and walked over to Antonio and Lovino to try and calm everyone down.

While this was going on Gilbert turned tail and ran. He didn't appreciate getting man handled by two freaky Italian brothers or hang around some strange cat thing, although Antonio did seem like a pleasant sort of guy. He shook his head and kept running.

After a while Gilbert came across a small pool of water. He sat down on a rock near the edge and took out his card again. He gazed over the card with a sceptical eye, frowning. 'What is this place? It's a world on nonsense. It's almost like what everything is it isn't and what everything isn't it is… It's like that book with the chick following that rabbit down that rabbit hole, but everything was a dream…'

As he sat silently and pondered this he happened to hear branches rustling, keeping very still Gilbert sat there and watched to see what was happening. In a matter of seconds the blond rabbit with the violet eyes appeared. This time he was carrying a brown leather bag. He put it to the side and kneeled down by the pool and stuck his head in.

Gilbert raised an eyebrow. '... Is he okay?'

A few seconds he re-emerged, gasping for air. "Much better." He said happily. The boy then opened up his bag and pulled out a stack of letters. He began to sort them. "Let's see… Got to take these to the Cold Lair, then these to the Hatter and these to the Carnival and the Circus… A rabbit's work is never done."

Gilbert frowned a little. "Hey, excuse me rabbit thing?"

The rabbit boy jumped, sending several letters he was holding into the air. He gulped and quickly started to gather the letters. "No, no, no, no, no. I don't have time for chit chat. The Queen will have my head if I don't get these invitations out to every kingdom by night fall. I'm already late enough as it is!" He quickly shoved all his letter's back into his bag and took off.

Gilbert growled a little and took chase. There was no way he was going to let this blond rabbit run away from him for a third time. As he ran after the rabbit boy the scenery began to change from forest-like trees to more of the garden variety. But eventually he lost sight of the rabbit boy again.

Gilbert eventually stopped running and started panting. "That's it…" He puffed. "Rabbit stew for dinner…"

Suddenly a sword stabbed the tree trunk next to his head causing Gilbert to gulp and turn. Looking down at him was a blond man with ridiculously large eyebrows He was wearing a suit that reminded him of Two Face from the Batman series. The left side of his suit was purple, blue and pink. The right side was different shades of dark green and brown. Even this man's eyes were different. One was light blue and had a crazy air about it while other was the most astonishing shade of green and had a malicious look about it.

He pulled the sword out of the tree trunk and pointed the sword at Gilbert's throat, smiling sweetly at the boy. "What's all this about making my rabbit into stew?"

Gilbert gulped and put his hands up. "It's just an expression!"

"Sorry chap." Said the man. "I don't take to kindly to trespassers that threaten to murder and eat my rabbit." He raised the sword up into the air and swung it down.


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