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Gilbert opened his eyes and sighed. He was in some kind of hospital room. Eh could smell the stench of disinfectant in the air. It made his stomach turn painfully. With a pained groan, Gilbert sat up and gently touched his forehead. There was a thick bandage wrapped around it and he could feel the itchy stitches scraping painfully against his skin.

"Damn it…" He muttered. "I must have hit the floor harder than I thought…" Looking up at the clock he could see that he wasn't there for long, no more than about three hours. That wasn't so bad. "Hey!" He called. "A little help over here?"

A few minutes later Ludwig walked in. He was frowning a little. "You… are… reckless."

Gilbert poked out his tongue. "So I fell off the steps at the palace? Big deal. It was fun."

Ludwig rolled his eyes and walked over to his brother, removing the bandages and pulling out the stitches. "You are… reckless… Stop injuring… yourself. You… worry... people."

The albino shrugged and got up. "Yeah I know… I'll see you later. I got stuff to do." He walked out of the white room and into his brother's main working area. While there he picked up a knife. "So I'm going to be heading back there now, but I'll be back tomorrow for tea. That is, unless Arthur ropes me into having tea with him again."

Ludwig shrugged. "Ja… just stop… falling… down stairs…"

Gilbert grinned and put the knife in his pocket. "No promises. See you later." Gilbert exited the Tower and sighed contently. The moon was high in the sky by now and everything was quiet, too quiet. Night-Terrors were about.

Although Ivan no longer needed or even wanted to send Gilbert back, not like he could even if he tried, the Night-terrors still wanted to attack him. Apparently it was fun for them, but Gilbert was always ready from them. He had transitioned into this wonderland quite well.

He would have tea with whomever he felt like when it was time, annoy the heck out of the Gryphon and get viciously attacked by the Dutches, before hanging out with the Cheshire cat and the Queen of Hearts. He would do a bunch of other stuff in between to make the day more interesting. But there was one place he would always end up at night. The White Rabbit's house.

He knew Matthew loved him and had decided that despite everything he would give him a second chance and they started to date. Dates in Wonderland were something else entirely. Most of the time they got together it was at night, it was the only time when Matthew was free, but Francis did give him some days off when he thought he needed them.

Gilbert made it back to Matthew's house with minimal fuss, only one or two Night-terrors around at that time. He walked into the house and smiled a little. Matthew had redecorated from when Gilbert turned into a giant and pretty much destroyed the whole place. More modern as Matthew had put it.

"Hey, I'm back." He called out as he walked into the lounge room and sat down on the couch.

Matthew smiled and happily walked in and sat down next to Gilbert. He wrapped his arms around Gilbert and sighed contently. "So how's your brother?"

"He's good." Said Gilbert happily. "You know… I think I've finally settled in here…"

The truth is hard to swallow and easily consumes even the strongest of people. Still it isn't all bad. A life in a world where one can never die is always interesting and offers some surprises. Wonderland is what you shape it. The place where you stay forever to live out your fantasies.

Though, one should have mentioned this to him when he decided to stay; if an Alice chooses to stay in Wonderland forever not only does the body die in the living world but Wonderland becomes sealed off forever. No souls can leave and no souls can enter.

This Wonderland is safe… at least for now anyway…

The End

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