Her lips were sewn shut, the better to muffle the sobs that were coursing through her body so they didn't disturb the neighbors. She was blindfolded only because he couldn't be bothered to stitch the eyes closed- the fact that one was already missing held no interest for the man that was currently dragging a sharp-bladed scalpel across her stomach, moving higher and higher with each pass.

Sobbing eventually turned to screams as the blade sliced against her sensitive breasts and the man couldn't help but giggle, biting down hard on his lip to silence them. He couldn't have the neighbors coming to investigate, not yet. With a sudden flash of clarity the man slid the scalpel into the woman's throat almost gently, making a single delicate incision before removing it. Laughter mingled with the blood that poured from the woman's throat as he stroked the side of her face lightly.

A second later a rasp of air erupted from the woman's throat, a step removed from being a scream, as he slid the scalpel over the stitches holding the woman's mouth closed. Blood poured down her throat and he laughed, using already blood soaked fingers to remove the thread from the ruins of her lips. Almost tenderly he pressed his own lips against hers, savoring the taste of the blood that was running freely down them.

A ragged whimper came from the woman's throat and he pulled away, looking at the original incision with a critical eye, realizing that he hadn't completely severed the vocal cords as he had originally thought that he had. With a shrug he repositioned the blade, the woman thrashing in fear beneath him, and continued the incision.

She jerked suddenly, thrusting her head forward and against the blade, and the man cursed as he felt the scalpel slip and bury itself in her throat; a gurgling sound coming from the woman as blood rushed down her windpipe and into her lungs. Anger rushed over the man and he ripped the blade free violently.

"I wasn't going to kill you, you dumb bitch. I was going to remake you. You were going to be beautiful when I was done with you. You were going to look like her." The man stood as the woman below him gasped desperately for breath. "I wonder if that will make a difference if they ever catch me."

Full throated laughter burst from him and he bent double from the force of it. "If? When. Shinigami-sama will find me. He'll make me answer. I wonder if I can see what is under his mask and cloak before he destroys me."

A maniacal look swept over the man's features as he left the still living woman bleeding on the floor, her black hair soaking up her own blood as she mewled pitifully. Her mewling gasps made a splendid accompaniment to the man's insane laughter.

"It has to be Hakase Stein."

Spirit just shook his head. "It's not Stein."

"And what makes you so certain, Death Scythe?" The red head looked up at the Internal Affairs agent they had sent to replace Joe Buttataki after the other man's unfortunate death.

"Stein wouldn't be so careless, plus he's been under house arrest."

"And the coincidence that each of these women share a marked resemblance with his missing partner, Marie Mjolnir? Or that each has been attacked, and killed, with a sharp tipped weapon, most likely a scalpel?" The man asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Don't make an accusation that you can't back up." Spirit said as he stood and walked away from the corpse.

"What about the stitching in her lips? It matches what Hakase Stein does!" The man was against the wall a second later, a blade at his throat, Spirit's blue eyes flashing dangerously.

"Do not make accusations that you can't back up. What part of that do you not understand?" The death scythe hissed.

The Internal Affairs agent swallowed hard. "I understand. We'll find out who is actually doing this."

"Yes, yes we will." Spirit promised, releasing the unfortunate meister.

Rubbing his throat the man muttered too low for Spirit to hear, "Crazy fucking man."

Vigorous knocking echoed through the lab and Stein pulled himself away from the computer screen, just realizing that the computer wasn't even on. "I could have sworn I was reading something… something important…" he thought as he walked to the door.

He opened it to find Spirit standing outside it. "Stein, mind if I come in."

The scientist just shrugged and stepped to the side. "Not much I could do to tell you no, Senpai. Though why are you the one checking up on me, and not one of the Internal Affairs agents?"

"Because I have questions I don't want Internal Affairs knowing of or asking." The death scythe walked over to the couch and sat down, his elbows on his knees.

"Want tea?" Stein asked more out of polite courtesy than a real desire to make tea, knowing full well that Spirit would refuse.

"You know I don't drink anything you make." Stein just smirked and sat down across from the man. "Where's your lab coat, Stein?"

"In the lab." Stein said it as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Spirit stood. "Show me."

Stein blinked but stood to his feet, leading the way through the darkened hallways and into the lab. With a sweeping motion he indicated the lab coat in question. It was draped over the back of the man's green and white patch-worked chair, and Spirit gave a sigh of relief as he saw it. "You have any others?"

Stein looked at him but shrugged, walking over to a cabinet that sat in the corner of the lab and opened it up. Inside hung two more lab coats, each identically stitched to the one that hung on the back of the chair.

"I haven't touched those since Marie hung them up." Stein said as Spirit stepped over to look at them. The one on the right had old bloodstains on it, but nothing that was new enough to bother Spirit. Something else caught Spirit's eye though, a bulge in one of the lab coat pockets. Glancing over at Stein the death scythe slipped his hand into it and pulled out a small black box, just slightly larger than a pack of playing cards but not as thick.

He turned and showed it to Stein. "What is this?"

The scientist took the box from him and gingerly opened it, only to have the box fall from nerveless fingers. Falling from the box was Marie's eye patch and a note on a bright orange sticky note.

How long did it take you to find this? I'm betting that you weren't the one to find it, Franken. Please, don't look for me. Don't give up your life for mine. If it's been more than a week since you last heard or saw me, it's a moot point anyway. Stay safe, Franken. Fight the madness. I'm sorry I can't be with you. I… I love you. I can hear them in the hall outside now. You're gone speaking with Shinigami-sama… I pray that they're gone before you get back. They're after you, not me. Please, stay safe.

Green eyes met blue and Stein brushed past Spirit, grabbing the lab coat that had concealed the box for so long. For too long, according to the note and moved to the other, transferring items from one to the other.

"Stein, you can't leave."

"I'll be damned if someone took Marie and I don't go after her." Stein's voice was empty, as if the man were trying desperately to keep something under wraps. As he walked past Spirit, the death scythe's arm snuck out, and he grabbed Stein's, flipping the man to face him. "You're not going to stop me, Spirit."

"Hit me." Stein stared impassively at the shorter man. "Stein, hit me. Knock me out with your wavelength."

"Spirit, what does it matter that I knock you out before I leave? You could just say I did." Stein turned the screw in his head with his free hand.

"Who said you were leaving me here?" Spirit took a step towards the meister. "I know you're a damn good fighter without a weapon, but you're better with one."

"And you trust me enough for that. To let me incapacitate you. To let me leave with you unconscious." Stein just smirked.

Spirit was silent for a moment. "All the times you had me on that table, you could have killed me. I refuse to believe that you were sane for all of them, either. I have the scars still to show. As twisted as it is, Stein, I trust you with my life."

Stein's hand rested lightly on Spirit's chest as he pushed the death scythe to the wall. The scientist leaned against the death scythe, and his mouth was right beside Spirit's ear as he whispered, "Then you're a fool, Senpai. Even Marie knew better than to trust me implicitly."

"Give me a reason not to." Spirit said.

Stein's wavelength tore through him then, the death scythe's head almost slamming into the wall. It would have, had Stein's hand not been there to cushion the blow, the scientist's body flush with Spirit's to prevent the man from falling to the ground. Spirit's eyes rolled into the back of his head as his body seized with the force of the wavelength being forced through him, but it was over quickly enough. Stein lowered Spirit to the floor with a smirk, retrieving a towel to wipe away the blood that had come with the injury.

Pulling Spirit piggy back on his back Stein stood and walked, unimpeded, out of the lab and into the night.

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