It was a bad day and all Stiles wanted to do is shower and crawl into his bed and sleep, his dad was out on nights again and he was alone, Scott was meant to come over and they were going to eat pizza and play video games but Miss Allison batted her eye lashes and now he and her along with Jackson and Lydia are out on another painful double date that Lydia forced the other three to go to. He hadn't been in a good moon all week, it started with being slammed really really hard into a wall that left him with a back ache and a good size lump on the back of the head and then there was lacrosse, Jackson had it out for him that day knowing he could never best Scott so he went after Stiles for whatever reason that made Jackson pissed off that day…hair probably was gelled the right way…he thought as he looked at the bruises on his chest made, he was out cold that day for a whole hour of course Stiles was happy to hear that Jackson was not on that match that night because it seem everyone saw him gun for Stiles. To top his week he was shot by Allison's old man's friends.

He climbed into the shower and let the hot water help his aching bones, he felt his eyes burn and sting with tears and decided that he didn't want to hold back, he was alone why the fuck not he thought, so he let out his tears and balled his eyes out. Finely feeling he had enough and he turned off the shower and left the room and head towards his room, he pulled on a pair of PJ bottoms and crawled into bed and waited for sleep to happen and when it did it hit hard.

Some point in the night, his window open and the cold air filled the room making Stiles shiver and hunker down further on the bed, the bed dip and a hand touch Stiles soft lip "Stiles?" Derek called out; the teen whimpered and turned over "Stiles wake up." He growled softly, brown eyes flew open and he turned onto his back and he looked up at Derek face

"Can't a guy sleep?" he asked

"Isaac been hurt." Stiles bolted right up and looked at him

"Hurt how badly?" he asked

"Bad enough." He said, Stiles jumped out of bed , Derek watched as the teen moved to get a shirt and saw the bruise on his back and front and wanted to make the teen better, Stiles throw on a shirt and a hoody pulled his trainers on and both him and Derek took the front door and left the house.

Back at the Hale house, Stiles walked in and followed Derek up to Isaac room, Stiles walked in and moved to the bed "What happen he asked?"

"He got attacked by a group of hunters." Stiles heard a whimper as he looked down at the bed

"Hey Isaac." The curly blonde hair teen looked up at him and whimpered out to him, Stiles licked his trainers off and climbed onto the bed with him and letting the injured wolf cuddled up to him, Derek came up closed and sat next to the bed looking at them, Isaac curled up close to Stiles resting his bruised cheek on he knew to Stiles equally bruised chest

"Tomorrow we're talking about the bruises on body Stiles."Derek rumbled, the teen looked at him and nodded.