"How did you break your hand?" The Sheriff asked looking at his son sat on the hospital bed

"I hit a tree." Stiles answered

"Why…you know what don't answer." He said as he and Stiles left the hospital "And I don't want to know why you were in Derek's car."

"No Derek we're not having sex."

"That's good." He as they walked to the car


"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that." He said as he open the door. The drive back was a quiet one, he could tell his dad was wondering why he was wearing PJ bottoms and in the woods at 9am, "Stiles you know I worry about you." he said "I heard about Jackson yesterday." Stiles stiffen

"Please tell me you didn't talk to him?"

"No I didn't I talked to his father."

"That does not help." Stiles mumbled as they pulled up at the house "You got to back to work?"

"Yeah Samuel is off with the flu." He said "You be okay on your own?" he asked Stiles at the front door and saw Danny sat there

"I think I'm okay." He said waving to Danny

"Alright... Chinese tonight your 'pack' is coming over." He said Stiles looked at him wide eye "What you think I don't know about werewolves?" he driving away leaving one stun son on the drive away.

"Hey Danny what's up?" he said walking up the house and letting them in, the taller teen walked in behind him

"What happen to you?" he asked seeing the hand and the cut on his face "Please don't tell me it was Jackson?" he begged, Stiles looked at him after hearing the plea in his voice

"No this was not Jackson, I got into a fight with Derek's jaw then fell down the embankment, Jackson was no to be seen, what's going on Danny?" he asked as he walked into the laundry room "Give me a moment." He said "Keep talking!" He yelled from the small room as he got changed to something warmer and dryer

"I…I am sorry about Jackson." He said

"Why are you sorry he was the one who knocked me out?" Danny looked down at the floor and sighed

"Promise you wouldn't tell anyone?" popping his head around the door he looked at the taller teen

"I wouldn't." He said as he walked out the room "Can you help me with this?" he asked pointing to the button of his jeans

"You're joking?"

"Hello broken hand?" he said Danny sighed did his jeans up "You have such soft hands." Stiles giggled

"Pain killers?"

"Awesome ones, now what about Jackson?" Stiles asked as he went to get a drink from the fridge.

Danny blushed and stood a seat taking a can of cola from Stiles "Jackson and I slept together." Stiles eyes widen

"Whoa when?" he asked

"About 3 months ago." Stiles frowned and looked at Danny

"So he's pissed off now?"

"Ummm no not really about that, he was helping me after I broken up and we were drunk I mean really really drunk." Stiles took a sip of his drink

"So what's wrong then?" Danny was quiet and looked down into his lap; Stiles could almost see the cogs in his brain trying to work out what to say

"I'm pregnant." He says, Stiles jaw dropped and looked at the teen


"Yeah found out that day and I don't think he's happy about the whole thing."

"Well it's not every day you find a male teenage boy pregnant…shit it's a wolfy thing." Danny looked at him

"Wolfy thing?" He was confused

"When you two did the nasty did you wake up with a massive hicky?" He saw Danny's cheeks blush brighter as he moves his shirt off his shoulder a little

"It bled quite a bit and took forever to heal."

"Ummm I think it's time you met the pack." Stiles got up and found his phone on charge and sent out a text asking for Derek to come around.