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Note: This story takes place in an alternate universe; there will be changes in the history and personality of primary characters. Please be aware that there will be inconsistencies when compared with real world laws, people and events.

I hope everyone will enjoy this, as my life has finally settled down enough for me to write again and to any of those wondering if I have abandoned my Bones story I am pleased to tell you I have not and do not plan to, it's just life took a turn for the worse when I started it but I will be posting an update for it soon.

####################Mil-Net Operative Profile####################

-----Opened: 4th May 2077 + 16:30-----

Name: Kiera Cameron

Age: 38

Height: 201 cm

Eye Colour: Light Blue

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Marital Status: Married -- Greg Cameron

Dependants: Son -- Sam Cameron

Current Occupation: Senior Protector / Tactical Operations Leader

Occupation History: Military ---- Access Restricted ----

… Bypassing …

… Access Granted

---- Streaming Data from Mil-Net Redundancy Server ----

Occupation History: Military/ Special Operations Intervention Division

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel **Inactive**

Specialities: Infiltration, Assault, Retrieval

Secondary Operational Training: TechOps

Years of Service: 10

Discharge: Honourable Discharge

Major Participating Theatre of Operations:

-- Cuba; -- North Korea; -- Siberia; -- China; -- Indonesia; -- Hong Kong; -- France; -- Kuwait; -- Venezuela


-- Nightsong: North Korea

-- Pigsbay: Indonesia

----List Redacted: Classified ----

Fielded Implants:

-- Class 4 Sub-Dermis Kinetic Inhibitor

-- Class 5 Cranial Cyber-warfare package

-- Class 2 Skeletal Restructure

-- Reflex Combat Display (RCD)

---- List Redacted: Classified ----

Risk of Desertion: Low

Oppositional Risk to Corporate Congress: Low

Personal Risk Assessment: High

########################### End File ##########################

-- Present Day: 5th May 2077 – 3 hours until the execution.

'It will all be over soon' Keira thought to herself, a gentle sigh escaping as she continued to tie-up her hair.

'38,216 people lost their lives just six months ago… all for the sake of a single man's ideals and now… they are calling for the blood of those responsible…'

"Public executions" she almost snorted, 'it is as if they had all forgotten about the war… the sacrifices of over 90 million service men and women…all for vengeance.'

Walking towards her window, she stares out at the pristine city Vancouver, at all the holographic billboards promoting the spectacle that was about to take place just 3 hours from now.

She could not help but frown.

"I suppose ten years is a long time…"she spoke to herself "enough time for all the weariness to be forgotten and for complacency to settle in again, but for those who served…"

focusing on her reflection in the glass,

"Those who survived" she added as a grim afterthought.

She turned, entering the loving embrace of her freshly washed and clothed husband as he tried to sneak up on her.

"I never could get the jump on you" he spoke softly into her ear.

It was a game, born at the start of their marriage.

That was over 10 years ago and he hasn't won once.

"You know that this little game of yours is completely futile" she replied clearly amused, all the while taking comfort in his embrace and gracing him with a soft kiss. "my implants monitor everything within 400 meters"

Oh, how she loved her husband, he knew exactly when and how to break her out of melancholy.

"Thank you" she said

A tender kiss was the only reply she received.

-- 2.5 hours until the execution

-- Hover Mass Transit System

"The first execution in 40 years, you should be proud you got the assignment," said Greg in mock seriousness

"Thanks…" Karin replied, sarcasm practically dripping from her tone.

Greg chuckled at his clearly unimpressed wife, "I know the Cooperate spiel doesn't work on you sweetheart, but we both know the truth of the matter is that the remaining board is scared… we can't take any chances tonight, which is exactly why they called you in."

"It is times like these I wonder why I even took…" she started, interrupted by an incoming CPS transmission

'Perp check in your sector… please confirm ID'

Two photo IDs appeared on her Retina Display.

"Hang on" she said offhandedly as she slowly scanned that train compartment, her RD performing a full facial metric scan on every occupant.

--- ID Confirmed ---

Potential Suspect: Tyler Killen

-Race: Euro-American

-Age: 16

-Crime: Property Damage

-Warning: Psych Profile - Heightened Aggression

Potential Suspect: Hill Samsen

-Race: Asian-American

-Age: 15

-Crime: Property Damage


--- Orders: Direct to CPS Station for Questioning ---

Kiera sent her husband an apologetic glance.

"Well… looks like you're up" he replied with a smirk

"This won't take long" disengaging from the handrails she walked to the centre of the compartment, engaging her suit's CPS authority displays as she went.

"Tyler Killen, Hill Samsen you are suspects in a crime. Maintain your position" she spoke with authority, her voice amplified.

One quick glance was all it took from them to run.

Kiera instantly pursued them with the passengers making way to assist her. Intercepting them in the first half of the next compartment where the commuters trapped them.

Tyler quickly spun around and attempted to surprise her with a right hook to the temple, a tactic that might work on most people but to Kiera he appeared to be moving at 1/2 speed, even without activating her implants her experience simply rendered his attack useless.

She caught his fist, stopping it cold while simultaneously grabbing Hill by the front of his jacket.

--- Neural Shock Override System: Engaged ---

--- Setting: Submission Pose 4 ---

--- Pacifying ---

Her Protector uniform discharged a regulated electrical signal through Tyler's arm and into his spinal column tensing all his lower muscles and forcing him to his knees, his back straight and arms snapped to his sides.

Placing her palm over his forehead, she pushed his head back until he was facing her.

--- CNeck Chip Detected ---

"CPS 811, suspect is chipped. Uploading suspect's recog" she reported

'That's a match, Tyler Killen status elevated… Book and process '

Fluidly removing her multi-tool, she injected a tracer dot into the sub-dermal layer at his neck before releasing him.

"You've been tagged, Mr. Killen." She informed him, "Report to a CPS station for booking, or face a status upgrade to a class 3 misdemeanour and a 12,000 volts pacifying shock… oh and bring your little friend here with you." Releasing Hill, before walking to the open door revealing the Vancouver district prison.

Before completely exiting the train she turned around to give a final warning, "Hey, you two. You better clean up your acts, as I have no desire to make you permanent residents of this place."

Greg was waiting for her on the platform, "quick, efficient, and nobody got hurt." He said with a smile, proud of how his wife worked.

"They keep getting younger Greg" she spoke, ignoring his praise as they made their way to the prison. "Those two kids were barely 16 and they are almost looking at prison time"

Greg sighed, the downside to being a parent, he knew his wife had it worse than he did since she faces the worst of society on an almost daily basis.

"Sam won't end up like them." He said gently, suppressing his own doubts to comfort his wife "we raised him well and besides he loves you far too much to do anything that might disappoint you."

"Thank you" Kiera replied softly

"Come on, we can't be late for his" stated Greg while offering his hand, shifting her thoughts to other things.

-- 2 hours until the execution

-- Vancouver District Prison: Security Room

"We just received credible information that Liber8's plan is to attack the execution chamber itself, all protectors are to backup prison security and stay alert!"

The CPS director announced to numerous protectors and prison security personnel before he started to scan the room. The suspect of his search was evident when Kiera entered the room.

"Mrs. Cameron!"

Kiera paused, looking to her right at the approaching CPS director.

"Change of plans… The potential risk assessment has been elevated, you have been reassigned, Elena will be taking your patrol" He continued, pausing to face Elena who nodded in confirmation before turning back.

"Kiera I'm selecting you to head the military unit we've been loaned to guard the chamber, due to your experience… You'll be fitted with full combat gear, which is waiting for you in the next room."

Pointing towards the furthest double doors, he continued.

"We don't know how they are going to attack the chamber nor when, but my orders were made very clear to me this morning. Those people will be executed tonight… it will be your job along with the other seven military operatives to ensure that and should the unforeseen happen perform the deed yourselves. They are not to leave that chamber alive."

Kiera simply nodded crisply in response before heading to the next room to gear up.

-- 1.5 hours until the execution

-- Vancouver District Prison: execution chamber

Kiera now in a full combat harness led her team into the execution chamber and observed them fall in line awaiting further orders.

Activating her tac-com

'Game-time everyone, Jason you've got Valentine, Mark… Kellog, Lesslie… Garza, Kane… Kagame he is a priority target don't lose LOS, Jess… Jaworski, Vern keep a bead on Chen profile indicates psychosis, Tony I'm leaving you Verta he's ex-SpecOps, I don't need to remind you how dangerous he can be.'

'No Ma'am'

'This is a combat zone, make no mistake and don't get complacent… Alright everyone take your posts and keep sights on your targets the moment they walk through that door, our primary objective should this chamber be breached is there immediate termination. Are we clear!'

'Yes Ma'am'

They all walked swiftly to their vantage points each behind their designated target, outside of each other's fire zone, and assumed a ready stance.

Kiera couldn't suppress the wave of nostalgia, how easy it was to fall back into her role. Those ten years evaporated the moment she activated her RCD and assisted its assimilation of her law enforcement implants, donning her full battle harness as if it were a favourite dress, field striping her assault rifle, forming team introductions, synchronizing tactical readouts, all fell under a smooth reflex she thought long forgotten.

There were no complaints, no posturing, none of comments that she expected them to have thrown at her once they found out that a protector will be commanding them, they recognised her as a soldier, her field prep was too well practice to be anything but. It unnerved her how smoothly her military mindset returned; it was if she never left the service, she would have thought all those years of marriage, the birth of her son, her role as a protector simply an elaborate dream; if it weren't for her ever present wedding ring and the protector suit she could feel under her armour.

Kiera took her place behind Lucas Ingram's chair, her rifle at the ready and making one final pass to verify her teams placement.

'Now we wait'