The Continuation of Alices Lament

By: lestatscompanion ~*Jaydiekins*~

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Two months..... Two months had passed since the Red Queen went homicidal. Two Months had passed since Umbrella sent in their Secret Security Patrol Team led by Head Operative One which had been quickly annihilated. Two Months since the capture of Alice Parks, and the new NEMESIS speciman. Two months since his fight took a tremendous turn.

He turned and cast his gaze over the tube in the corner of the lab, the pale body of a woman floated within. She was in perfect shape, save for the bullet hole that adorned her forhead. He approached the glass slowly, his penetrating gaze locked on the speciman. Alexia Ashford's research had quite possibly made this possible. The preservation of this body and the research that would create the true antidote.

It was his idea to retreive the body from the underground train, his idea to bring her to the labs, despite the woman's poor demise, she would prove the key to defeat umbrella. He would have his revenge yet also save the lives of millions, maybe even more then that.

"You are our real savior Rain." he smiled turning away and pulling his cell from his pocket. He needed to make a check up on the woman Alice. Soon he would need her as much as Redfield and the others. They weren't many, but they had the will and determination to destroy the company that killed for the sake of their developments.

His hatred grew more intense at the thought, waiting for his informant to answer he took one last look at the body of Rain Ocampo.

"There's no turning back now. It's all or nothing."



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