The Continuation of Alice's Lament

BY: lestatscompanion ~*Jaydiekins*~

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, but I adore them all the same. Trent belongs to S.D. Perry however, an amazing character all in his self! :)



A half hour past before the main gate to the RPD came into view. Alice had stuck to the back allys, managing to avoid most of the dead mob. She breathed a sigh of relief as she grabbed the bar of the gate and yanked it open, doing a sweep with her shotgun before relaxing. She approached the giant Front doors, tucking the gun under her forarm, the only sound the patter of her feet.

She was struck suddenly with the foul smell of death and stopped, her brow wrinkling , heart thumping against her rib cage in a disturbing rythem. She glanced around to see the body of a man crumpled on the pavement, she approached it slowly, readying her gun. He was clad in green cargo pants, stained with mud and blood, as was a yellow vest jacket. She drew in closer, her eyes narrowing then widening in a sickened shock as she discovered the cause of his death. Something had forced it's way from his skull, brain and blood oozed from the gapping hole in his head, causing the bile to rise in Alice's throat, she took a step back, looking away. "Jesus......" she grit her teeth, fighting off a wave of nausea. As she turned back towards the corpse a cry escaped her throat and she stumbled back.


The man, now a zombie, reached out its clammy hands to grab her. Alice gave a yell, raising the shot gun and blowing a hole into the pitiful corpse's stomach. Flesh and intestine spluttered from the decimated back, coating the pavement in it's grotesque content, the body slumped to the ground, blood seeping from the things lips. Alice shuddered but moved in nudging the wretched thing with her foot, seeing as he was unmoving she searched the body, pulling out the mans wallet.

A S.T.A.R.S. badge contained the man's picture, grinning up at her, "Bradley Vickers" Alice murmured setting the wallet down, "Poor bastard...." she searched him more to find a silver key for some sort of locker and some 9mm Baretta bullets. she could probably find a Baretta inside. She stood and turned towards the doors, slowly approaching and swallowing the lump in her throat.


*Trent blinked, sitting up streight in his chair, his gaze locked on the monitor screen. Was that......Alice? Yes! Alice was alive and entering the RPD. Trent grinned "Looks like my little lady is still in the game"


Alice looked around the deserted main hall. The room leaving an eerie feeling in her gut. She crossed over to the main desk, peeking over the counter to see what could be useful.

Alice cried out as a pair of rotting hands shot up and grabbed her shoulders. She fell back dragging the rotting zombie with her to the floor, Alice shoved the shotgun up to keep the horror from tearing into her flesh. she grunted as she fought the thing off, kicking up with her leg to knock it into the desk with a sickening crunch, she winced getting to her feet quickly, before the thing could get back up, she was on it, beating it with the but of the gun, crushing the decaying bone, blood splattered everywhere but she refused to stop until it didn't move, not even a twitch.

She slumped, trying to catch her breath. "God Damn..." she breathed, shuddering, she spotted more Baretta bullets and snagged them, also finding a few shotgun shells which she grabbed to. "Gotta find the main office...." She spotted a door unbarricaded to her right "Might as well try there"

She approached the door slowly, grabbing the knob and turning it, she peeked into the room.

And cried out in shock at what she saw.