Slenderman had been calmly sleeping on the couch he lived in with Jeff the killer, Masky, the rake, Jason, and Sally. Sally just happened to be passing by when she saw Jeff holding a sharpie over Slendermans face. She let out a soft gasp. Mask stood behind Sally both of them behind the wall slightly peeking out of the corner watching Jeff's every move. The Rake was also watching from outside slightly peeking in.

Jason was well doing Jason stuff. Jeff looked around to see if anyone was watching they all had tucked away for a quick moment and then peeked back out watching Jeff commit his crime. "I-Is J-Jeff g-going t-to get in t-trouble?" Little zombie Sally asked looking up at Masky.

Masky gave a small respond, he nodded his head and watched as Jeff drew eyes and a mouth on Slenderman's blank paper face. Jeff giggles lightly sneakily so he thought, walking away up the stairs into his room.

Sally walked out from behind the wall over to slender, she waved her hand over his face to see if he was awake, she noticed he was solidly asleep. She was slightly afraid to wake him for the fear that he might blame it on her. Masky shook slender awake, letting Sally hide behind him. "S-Slenderman" Slenderman sat up rubbing his face, when he pulled his hand back there was a little black, the brow bone of his face narrowed down, he looked at Sally who slid back behind Masky, who shook his head.

Slenderman gave a growl and spoke in static. "Where is Jeff?" Masky and Sally pointed up the stairs. Slenderman was going to go up the stairs but stopped at the bathroom to wash his face. He then proceeded up the stair to Jeffs room.

He didn't bother to knock just opened the door, he stepped in to see Jeff asleep of course his eyes were covered by a bandage so that his eyes didn't dry out.

Slenderman shut and locked the door, he popped his finger's ready to punish Jeff. Jeff had don eit before, but now he was too fucking sick of it. His long black tentacles snaked out from behind him over Jeff's body.

Jeff felt the slightest movement and sat up about to rip off the bandages. "I don't think so." Was said through static, tentacles wrapped around Jeffs wrist keeping him from pulling the bandage off.

"Slendy this isn't very funny~ whats this all about~" Jeff teased trying to get out of it quickly, not knowing what Slenderman would do.

"Your going to be punished." "Aw but Slendy you know you've punished me before whats going to be different~" Slenderman now had an evil aura. Jeff shivered feeling something odd in the air. "This punishment will be far more different."

Slenderman climbed onto the bed hovering over Jeff. Jeff could feel it, the bed slowly sinking down and a cold shadow over him. Jeff suddenly felt something slip up into his hoodie under his shirt, and roam around his torso.

"Mmmm~ W-what are you d-doing." Jeff gave a small yelp feeling one of the tentacles pinch his nipple hard.

Jeff squirmed a bit shivering at the tingling warm yet cold feeling of the tentacles running over him. Slenderman enjoyed the face Jeff made as he was being slightly pleasured. Jeff's pale face was tinted slightly pink, and sweat dropped down him, he tugged at his hand wanting them to be freed from the tentacle.

"S-Slendy stop~" Slender reached out his hands pulling toward the hoodie pushing it up along with the shirt. "Not yet this is your punishment after all." Slenderman slowly rubbed Jeffs side's till his finger's touched the brim of Jeffs pants. Slenderman slightly poked the bulge in Jeff's pants.

"Ah~ Slendy d-don't touch that!" Jeff was shy since he'd never done something like this the pleasure was overwhelming. He squirmed more but couldn't help the feeling of his nipples being toyed with causing little pain but yet a pleasuring feeling.

Slenderman pulled off Jeff's pants taking the boxers with it. One tentacle wrapped around each leg spreading Jeff's legs apart. Jeff's back arched while he gave a choked moan, as slender ran his index finger from the base of Jeff's pulsing member to the tip of it slightly getting precum on his finger.

"So excited already I've barely even touched you." Slenderman wrapped his slender finger's around Jeff's member causing Jeff to gasp. Jeff felt a pressure kind of near his stomach. "Aaah~" Jeff gave a sudden moan as Slender start moving his hand up and down, running his thumb over the head, while his other hand fondled with Jeff's balls, massaging them and slightly squeezing now and then.

"A-ah! S-Slendy, n-no more i-it hurts!" Jeff whined, already in deep need of release. "Then you're going to have to wait." Jeff gave a small yelp feeling a small and thin tentacle wrap around the base of his member so tightly there would be no way for him to cum.

A tentacle reached up to Jeff's mouth slightly nudging his lips apart. "Suck or it will hurt." Jeff groan but allowed the tentacle to slip into his mouth, drool starting to coat it, Jeff ran his tongue around the smooth tentacle, moaning now and then around it causing vibrations to the tentacle.

The tentacle pulled out of Jeff's mouth and went straight to his entrance, slightly rubbing. "Ha!" Jeff gasped and squirmed, but the tentacles kept him still, the tentacle at his entrance slowly pushed into him. "Stop it hurts!" Jeff was indeed a virgin in many ways. "Relax." Jeff bit his lip hard feeling the tentacle, move around inside of him causing a stinging pain when suddenly it hit a bundle of nerves causing him to cry out.

The tentacle hit again Jeff gave the same reaction as last, it felt so good, light electricity from his feet up to his head then back down straight to member causing it to pulse more, it bright red and swollen from not being released. Jeff was so overwhelmed by the pleasure he didn't care how it happened he just need release.

"Please Slendy~ I need it" Jeff whined, Jeff moaned and gaped feeling the tentacle prod at his prostate multiple times, and slowly another tentacle joined. "Aaah….Ah…oh god please~" Slenderman felt good that he could torture the little brat, although he too was excited by this, the bulge in his pant was much bigger than Jeff's. Jeff tightened up every now and then more intense pleasure.

The tentacles suddenly left his entrance leaving him the feeling of emptiness. His hand stopped what they were doing with Jeff's member and balls so they could unbuckle his pants. Jeff was panting and a sweaty mess.

Jeff suddenly felt the tip of the twelve inch, and three inch wide member at his entrance. Jeff screamed as Slender slammed into Jeff's tightness, plunging into silk soft heat. Slenderman waited for Jeff to adjust to the new toy inside of him.

Jeff moves his hips in a small circle motion giving Slenderman encouragement to move. Slenderman started pounding into Jeff hitting his prostate dead on. "Oh god Slendy please more!" Slenderman started thrust harder and faster, pre cum dripped down Jeff's shaft so much it was almost like cum. Slenderman released Jeff's member and within three inhuman hard thrust Jeff came screaming slendermans name.

Jeff's cum came out and landed straight back on him, it was thick and warm, his entrance became so tight it pushed Slenderman over the edge and he came hard into Jeff filling him up with his warm milk.

Jeff lay panting on the bed now exhausted. Slenderman laid down next to Jeff cuddling him, not bothering to pull out of Jeff, both falling asleep in the mess.

_Down stairs_

The house in the forest was small from the outside but big on the inside for it was built downward. A girl in a black cloak hiding her small skinny body stopping at her knees, wearing combat boots and had pale white ash skin, walked to the front door ringing the door bell.

"W-who could that be." Sally approached the door. "One of you guys hurry the heck up I gotta tack a freakin piss!" Came the slightly rough but female voice. "Its Ray!" Sally swung open the door only to be tackled by the woman who hugged Sally to death if it were possible.

Masky gave a wave and Rake came inside to lick her cheek real quick as in a greeting manor.

"Hello everyone I have got us the good" Ray stepped back pulling off her hood to reveal a pale face long blood stained hair which use to be blonde no longer can you tell, Her eye a golden color, her face was like a models face. She held a suit case held by her small white hand. Ray is yes a normal person nobody knows of her which is what makes her perfect for them as a supplier.

Jeff and Slender had actually found her abandon and almost eaten by wolves, they took her in feeling it was okay. After a while she started making the runs to the town getting anything they needed or wanted.

"I have us food!" Ray shouted laughing, making people feel some joy. "Hey wait where is slendy boy and Jeffery?" She questioned, everyone but her suddenly when beat red. She face palmed. "Don't even tell me. I'll just make you all food."