note: I don't own pokemon and Make is a OC


I was ready to do the impossible, something no one has done before, the task that makes people simply give up… I was going to catch mew. I know, I know, you're thinking how on earth am I, Make, the great, ninjamatic Make, going to catch the quite, well, the catch. After all mew simply isn't in tall grass scurrying like rattata or in the mountains like the too many zubats, no, it lives in faraway place, a place so secretive that only the world renown scientists might hold some clues to where this mythical place might be (hence 'might' and 'some'), also as far as we know, the uncatchable mew, can only, probably, if any, be caught with a master ball (hence 'probably'). Back to how I'm going to do it. I simply was going to gather the clues to find mew and 'hope' the master ball works. The rest is pretty simple if you're as great as me. Hold on you know barely know anything about me, or where this little obsession came from, shall we discover how it started? Thinking no my life is pretty boring… to bad you're finding out about the girl of, no to ruffle my feathers, legend.

I was on the Goldenrod radio tower, nothing, to do except brush my long stark white hair and stylise it into the usual ponytail secured with a midnight black ribbon I stole from the blackthorn markets. I looked into the metal of the world renown radio satellite and smiled, my bright and unnerving violet eyes, smiled back at me. I snapped my gaze to Claw, my impetuous weavile, who was getting extremely annoyed and hungry and decided to entertain himself by scratching his claws against the pavement of the roof, not surprisingly, is the sound of nails on chalkboards. Mimic, my chatot, looked at him, just and bored and pestered, said "if you're so bored can you by the very least get the gang some food," perfectly mimicking professor Rowan's voice. Dit, the ditto nodded in agreement while shaping itself into Red, the kanto champion. "shhhh, they'll hear us and I can't hear them… ah finally he's here." I know I'm sometimes a bit of a nag but I needed something for the black markets or I would have zilch money, stealing doesn't get you everywhere (like boats , don't ask). Being a ninja is my profession, and to be a good ninja I have to have quite the amount of ornaments or info to show off, otherwise no one will hire me. So far the best thing I have done is steal 10 level balls from Kurt who is still extremely angry at me and outlawed me from Azalea town, pathetic right, so I needed this to be a success or I'm going to be classed as a loser. Back to the voice, it was heard above the mumbling of the geneneral public, this booming voice belonged to the famous pokemon professor Oak, a man who is probably the best , and most interesting, man, to steal from.

"Dit, Mimic, Claw, time for business." I say, sneering, they sneer back knowingly, as we all know this routine.