(I couldn't stop myself once I get something stuck in my head the only way to get it out is to draw it write it or beat out of my head but the beating hurts so I am writing it!)

James saw it standing there looking at him, it didn't do anything it just stood there looking at him, it's large knife in his hand was currently had a body stick to it, feeling all his hairs stand on end James took a deep breath and turned on his heels and ran down another corridor, a move that could be a bad idea which it was because the blonde skidded to a stop a few meters from a group of nurses, he takes a couple of steps back as he watches them jerk towards him, James turns back to see Pyramid Head standing at the only other way out, panic grew tenfold in James that he just notice the large sliver wear was throw it slices the top of his shoulder as it sails through the air striking at the nurses. Wincing at the cut on his should James start to make his move when a large strong hand grabs him "NO LET GO!" He screamed as he was pinned to the wall. Pyramid Head stood in front of him holding him to the wall, he towered over James, the blonde waited for this monster to kill him to slice him up, and a large bloody hand coved his face and then smacks James' head back against the wall knocking him out.

He could feel the banging in his head like someone was playing the drums next to motor bikes, a scream woke up him completely making him jump up, he really wished he didn't move so fast his head was really killing him but not as much as the screams and the sounds of metal grinding, once he felt the room had stop spinning he open his eyes again and saw he was in a dark room he was on a rusty bed, there was not much else in the room apart room the bed and the chest of draws next to it with a smash lamp. A banding noise made James jump and looked up at Pyramid Head, he stood there looking at him or he guessed it was looking at him, it walked over to him and stood above him his hand reached out to his throat and pulled him up by it, James chocked slight on the hand as his own hands bashed and scratched at the monster hand around his throat, chucking out entered James' ear making him look wide at him as the thing used it free hand to help James out of his clothes tearing them up in places as the fell to the floor "No!" He cried out struggling even more kicking out.

Pyramid Head threw James onto the bed and flipped him into his stomach, still struggling James tried to pull himself away, the monster grabbed the human's wrists and pinned them above his head and then tied them down to the head bored "STOP NO!" James screamed as he was man handled onto his knees, his backside up in the air exposed to the metal head, the blonde's breath was heavy and panicky, tears started to burn in his eyes at what it was planning to do to him, something thick and blunt was pushed into him, he screamed as Pyramid Head started thrusting in and out of James hard and painfully fast, James knew there was blood running down his leg as he felt he was being ripped open, he screamed and cried out as tears run down his face, and suddenly there was a blow on his prostate make his scream a different scream, Pyramid Head stopped his movements and turned his head to the side at the new sound and then started moving again hitting James prostate over and over again getting moans and cries out of him.

He couldn't believe that he was becoming hard by this monster but every time he hit his prostate he was seeing starts making him scream and moan, he couldn't care anymore how it was happing it just was and his cock was now aching, Pyramid Head seem to liked the new noises his toy was making and made sure he kept making them, James cried out climaxing on the bed seeing the metal head into his own orgasms and filling James with his seed. Tried out James just stayed there head hanging low, sweat covered his body along with the blood down his thighs and the semen "P…Please pull out." he whimpered when he was aware that Pyramid Head's cock was still in him, but what happen was the monster started thrusting into him again.

It seem that Pyramid Head kept fucking him for hours until the sirens went off and he pulled away from him untying his hands and put his apron on and walked out the room, James by then was unconscious, when he woke up he was aching all over, there was nothing that was not hurting, he open his eyes more and notices the room was white not the horrid bloody rust colour as it was before, he sat and decide to ignore the screaming pain and put his tatted clothes on and ran, (limped rather fast) he busted out into the open and ran to the way out of town where instead of a large hole there was a road and he ran down the road to his car.

He prayed that the car started and cheered when it did, he made a U turn and drove away from the hell of Silence Hill, James kept driving until the mist cleared and he past a town that had normal happy people, he kept going until he was home back in the safety of his home, his neighbours looked at him oddly as he limped out the car "What happen to you?" one asked James looked at him

"I got attack by a large monster with a metal Pyramid for head." He answered and walked inside, the house was just how he left it, it was like yesterday he left heck it was yesterday he left it a "A fucking night away and it felt like years." He sighed heading for the bathroom.

It had taken awhile to adjust form the nightmare of Silence Hill and he got one with his life the best he could with his wife being dead and gone, he dealt with it the best he could, but at some point down the line he started to get sick in the morning and at some point he forced himself to go the doctors where they told him that he was pregnant about 4 months along, James wondered did he get to leave that place or has he gone insane and still there, but having a needle jabbed into his arm told him at the was home and this was real he was having Pyramid Head's child, he looked at the doctor as he drew the blood and said "Any chance that this kid had a normal head and not a metal pyramid head shape head? He asked, the old grey hair doctor looked at him oddly

"I will get the ultrasound." He said leaving the room.