Michael was a sleep in the next room, While James found himself with his hands tied above his head and a gag in his mouth, he was moaning and crying as Pyramid Head's cock pounded into him as lay under James, his hand rested in his hips as the monster rocked his hips into the human above him, he licked his lips as he watched James' face contort in pleasure, James didn't last long as he cried out arching his back as he came on PH's stomach, growling at his muscle tighten around him the monster lot his load inside his human.

Panting and feeling his arms and the rest of him ache he gave Pyramid Head a muffled plea, chuckling the large man pulled himself out of the blonde and the untied him and gently lowering him onto the bed and pulled his gag off "Better?"

"Much, hornyness more or less gone... for now." He smiled "But next times don't tie my hands like that."

"You're no fun." Pyramid head said watching as the man rubs his baby bump.

3 months later James woke up with a sharp pain in his stomach, he frown and hissed as another pain hit him "Damn it." He looked around to see big tall metal head but not having much luck "Where are you?" he winced holding his stomach, as he pushed himself up, he see Michael was still a sleep, he winced again letting out a soft cry "Pyramid Head!" he cried off a little louder, the large metal door open and in walked the demon itself

"What's wrong?" he asked just a James moaned as he felt his water broke

"Oh nothing just you know walking around here in the sun… MY WATER JUST BROKE!" He yelled, the Pyramid Head just looked at him before taking his helmet off

"What do I do?" he asked James looked at him and frowned

"If I die I am taking you with me!" he said as he walked back the bed room.

Jamie's births wasn't an easy one, Pyramid Head had found one doctor in Silent Hill and had dragged him into help his human, James was drugged as the terrified doctor pulled the scalpel across his stomach, the blonde groaned as he watched "If you kill me baby I wouldn't have any trouble having him kill you." the drugged blonde growled

"T…This is not natural you can get pregnant."

"And yet you're the one pulling my son out of my stomach." He said "You know I think I should be feeling this but I'm not."

"I…It's the drugs." The grey hair doctor said as he pulled baby Jamie free, he warped the scream baby up and handed him to James as he sawed James up. "There you go, I will leave the pain kills here and and you should really kill that baby." He said James looked back at the doctor and frowned

"PYRAMID HEAD!" He yelled, the large monster walked into the room, his metal rusty head looking at him "Kill him." He said as he held him baby close to him

"What no! You promise I will be left alone."

"You wanted me to kill Jamie so fuck you." the man was dragged from the room screaming as Michael came running in hid near James bed, the blonde hair care he just sent a man to die but the love for his child and the drugs he didn't want care, "Hey Mikey look, say hello to Jamie." He whispered

"H…Hello Jamie." He said quietly, this made James smile.

Days become weeks and then months and finely years and Jamie grew into a health hellion, Michael still never talked to anyone but Jamie it seemed and the two were thick as thieves, Jamie now 5 and Michael 7, they were running around the streets of Silent Hill, James watched them play, the sound of sirens made then run back to the blonde "Come on boys best to be inside." He said


"Yeah hell raiser?" James smirked at his dark hair son

"Can I marry Michael when I'm older?" he asked raising an eyebrow James picked up Jamie and let Michael climb onto his back,

"Well I think you two would make a very sweet pair but let's not worry about that until your much older." He said as they walked inside, Pyramid Head stood there getting ready for work.