Author's note: This is the sequel to my story Alexa Winchester, so if you haven't already please read that one first so there is no confusion. I am doing a time jump but please stick with me I will be doing flashbacks of what happened during that time. I know this is a short chapter but I felt you needed a glimpse into Alexa's new life. I do not own anything having to do with Supernatural, only Alexa belongs to me. As always please Read and Review!

Chapter 1

It has been two years since I have left Bobby's house but more important than that it has been two years since I left everything I have ever known behind including my brothers. It has been a year since I met Nathan my boyfriend, my best friend, my roommate.

"What time did you say you needed to be in today?" Nathan asked as he came out of the bathroom of our small one bedroom apartment.

"Nine, Julie took off to go dress shopping for some school dance but I should be done by four," I replied as I got dressed for work.

"Are you sure you have to cover her shift?" Nathan asked seductively as he planted kisses along the side of my neck.

I groaned before stepping away from him, "That's not fair."

"I didn't do anything," he said innocently.

"And to answer your question, yes I have to cover her shift it's overtime and we need the money so we can take that vacation we have been talking about," I said pinning my name tag to my shirt.

"Fine," he sighed as he started getting dressed.

"Oh stop pouting, you are going to be late for work and I don't want the guys from the garage calling again."

"I'm going, I'm going."

"And call if you are going to be late please I'll have dinner ready by 6:30 at the latest," I said as I rushed out the door.

We lived in a small, quiet town the kind you see in movies where everyone says 'Good morning' and where the sun always shines. It was the kind of town where everyone has manicured lawns, white picket fences and two point five children. I was living what Dean would have called the 'apple pie life'. I was working at the local hardware store as a full time cashier; the same store that I had met Nathan in. This was my new normal, getting up going to work, cooking dinner, hanging out with friends and the best part no hunting. I'm sure my brothers have tried to find me in the last two years but so far I haven't heard anything from them. I must have done a good job covering my tracks besides the fact I changed my last name to Milligan. I figured it was the last thing they would ever expect me to change my last name to since I never really got along or accepted Adam into the family. Nathan knows nothing of my past and I finally feel like I'm living my dream, sure I miss my brothers more than anything in the world but this life is something I wouldn't trade for anything. I often find myself thinking about them and their well being but calling them would only drag me back into the life I so desperately wanted to get away from at all costs.

"Hey Lex, Lucas called and asked if you could work until close tonight," Bailey informed me as soon as I walked into the store.

"Sure thing," I smiled, "I'll call and tell Nate that I will be late tonight."

"You know you don't have to always say yes, I mean it's Friday night…don't you want to go out?" Bailey asked.

"Where?" I laughed. She had been trying to get me to go out to the local bar for awhile now but after spending so many years in crappy bars around the country I was more than ok staying home.

"Joe's, come on Lex it will be fun and I've been dying for you to introduce me to Nathan's friend Troy," Bailey pleaded and attempted to give me the sad puppy dog eyes.

"That doesn't work on me," I laughed again. That's something else that was new for me, laughter. I no longer found myself drinking to take away any pain, I no longer cried myself to sleep and best of all I longer felt fear.

"I'm going to die alone," she complained.

"You're twenty two years old you are not going to die alone," I tried to reason as I turned my light on for my line.

"But what if Troy is the one?"

"The one?" I asked incredulously, "Bay you haven't even met him yet."

"But he's sooo dreamy and did you see those biceps?"

"I'll see what I can do," I said as I started ringing up my first customer.

"Really?!" she squealed as she nearly tackled me with a huge bear hug.

"I'm not making any promises, I just said I would see what I could do," I said trying not to get her hopes up even though I knew Troy was into her as well.

The rest of the morning went by pretty quickly; I called Nate on one of my breaks to see about going to Joe's after work. He was surprised I wanted to go but happily agreed.

"What should I wear?" Bailey asked nervously once I told her we were all set for that night.

"Clothes would probably be a good idea," I joked.

"Can I come over and raid your closet?" she begged.

"If you want but you're not going to find anything pink," I smirked.

I lived close enough to the hardware store that I walked to and from work but since Bailey was coming over to go through my clothes she decided we should drive there. Once we got home and up in my room clothes started flying out of my closet.

"What are you going to wear tonight?" she asked while I skillfully ducked as another shirt came flying out of the closet.

"I was just going to go like this," I replied.

"Oh no you're not," she said not taking her head out of the closet.


"Trust me Nate will love it," she smiled that devilish grin before taking a pair of scissors to my jeans, "Here put these on."

I reluctantly put on my new pair of shorts grimacing as my chicken legs revealed all my old hunting scars.

"Much better," she nodded in approval.

"Can we go now?" I laughed.

"I love your shirts they are so retro," she declared pulling out one of Dean's old AC/DC shirts.

"That one can't be cut," I said quickly taking it out of her hands and shoving it in the bottom drawer of my dresser. Bay had a habit of taking scissors to clothes to make them unique and that was one shirt that I would always save.

"Oookkk…" she said confused at my sudden outburst. That was the other thing, everyone in town thought I was an only child whose parents were deceased.

"Come on you look great Troy will love it," I said trying to change the subject.

We met the boys at Joe's and just as Bailey predicted Nate was shocked when I walked in wearing very short shorts. Much to my surprise it was an awesome night usually bars meant a place to go to drown your sorrows or make a few bucks but this was a completely different experience. There still was lots of drinking but this time it came along with laughter and dancing. At once point in time Warrant's 'Cherry Pie' blared through the jute box and Bailey pulled me onto the bar where we sang along into our beer bottles. After last call we all piled into Nate's car to go home, we said our goodbyes to Troy and Bailey before trudging our way into our apartment.

"I had such a good time tonight," Nate smiled as he kicked his shoes off and flopped onto the bed.

"Me too," I agreed still humming the chorus to 'Cherry Pie'.

I was about to change into my night clothes when there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it Bay probably just forgot something in the car," I laughed quietly patting Nate's back amused that he had fallen asleep so quickly.

I shuffled to the door and opened it.


"I need your help."

"Wh-what?" I asked staring at Sam.

"I need your help," he repeated.

There was something different about him almost as if his facial expressions had hardened.

"I don't hunt anymore Sam," I said trying to close the door but he stopped me.

"It's about Dean."