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Chapter 16

"How can I be related to him?" I asked rhetorically after the fifth stop we had made so Adam could use the bathroom.

"He isn't used to being on the road for long periods of time give him a break," Caleb sighed probably getting sick of me complaining, "You know we could use this time for something more productive," he said leaning over to kiss me.

"Mmm," I moaned as I kissed him back but even his heavenly kisses couldn't calm my temper, "Yeah well now it's going to be too late to talk to anyone until tomorrow morning," I grumbled as Adam came back to the truck.

"Ready?" Caleb asked him as he shut the door.

"Yeah, sorry."

"Yeah, sorry," I mocked shaking my head slightly.

"Did I do something wrong?" Adam asked clearly not seeing any problem in stopping to pee every hour like some freaking senior citizen, I mean Bobby even did better than this!

"No…" Caleb went to answer as we pulled back onto the highway but I cut him off.

"We should have been there four hours ago!"

"Traffic?" Adam shrugged.

"Ok, how about some music that my girl will like," Caleb said quickly putting the radio on a classic rock station before I had a chance to blow my top.

By the time we finally made it to Richardson it was two in the morning. I was beyond exhausted but since I was the only one who had a credit card, even if it was a fake one, it was my job to go book us a room. After talking myself out of shooting the guy behind the counter for taking so long, he gave me two sets of keys and I made my way back out to the boys who had everything out of the truck and in their arms. I unlocked the door for them and pulled out my cell phone to call Sam and Dean.

"Start pouring the salt lines, just need to check in quick," I said motioning to my phone and closing the motel room door once they were both inside.

I took a seat on the curb and dialed Dean's number.

"Where the hell have you been? Are you ok? You should have been there hours ago! Was there problems with the truck? Did you get lost?" he and Sam rambled on speaker and I waited for them to stop so I could answer.

"You done?" I asked with a slight eye roll, "Adam has the bladder the size of a mouse; I'm aggravated, over-tired and ready to come home already."

I could hear them both trying to stifle laughs when Sam finally spoke up, "So now you know what it's like when you ask to stop for snacks."

"I don't stop every hour on the hour!" I protested and I heard more laughing on the other end, "Alright, shut up, I'm going to bed."

"Wait, why did you want me to check out that girl?" Dean asked.

"Well what did you find out about her?" I questioned not answering him.

"I couldn't find anything on her, I even had Sam check."

"Oh, alright I guess I was just over thinking it, never mind then."

"No Lex, we meant we couldn't find anything on her at all, she doesn't exist," Sam corrected me.

"Great," I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, "because nothing we ever do can be simple."

"Want to tell us who the hell she is?" Dean questioned and I could hear the impatience in his voice.

"I'll have to get back to you on that," I answered before hanging up and walking back inside.

The Next Morning

"And you're sure that we will find this Craig guy at the music store in town?" I asked feeling much better now that I had showered and a good couple hours of sleep.

"Positive," Adam nodded, "So what are we going to be…cops, Feds, homeland security…"

"Reporters," Caleb answered simply.

"Really, that's it?" Adam all but whined.

"Just follow our lead," I whispered as we walked into the store and started aimlessly looking through some records.

"Can I help you three with anything?" a young man about my age came over to us.

"Yeah, are you Craig Thurston?" Caleb questioned taking out a small notebook from his front pocket that had a pen attached to it.

"I am," he nodded eyeing us suspiciously.

"We're reporters!" Adam blurted out randomly and I could have smacked him upside the head right then and there if I wouldn't draw attention to us.

"No way! I write for my school's lit magazine," Craig smiled.

"That's awesome, like an editor or a columnist?" Adam questioned and he looked actually curious on what the guy's answer would be.

"Anyways," I spoke up before he could answer, "We're reporters with the Dallas Morning News, I'm Alexa, this is Caleb and that's Adam. We're doing an article on local hauntings and rumor has it you might know of one."

"The hell house?" he questioned.

"Yeah, apparently about a month or two ago a…" Adam started until I nonchalantly stepped on his foot making sure to dig my heel in so it would hurt.

"Why don't you tell us what you know," Caleb spoke up.

"Well, supposedly back in the '30's this farmer, Mordachai Murdoch, used to live in this house with his six daughters. It was during the depression, his crops were failing, he didn't have enough money to feed his own children. So that's when he went off the deep end, he figured it was best if his girls died quick rather than starve to death so he attacked them. They screamed, begged for him to stop but he just strung them up, one after the other and when he was all finished he just turned around and hung himself. Now they say that his spirit is trapped in the house forever, stringing up any girl that goes inside."

"And you heard all of this where?" I questioned actually relieved that whatever this thing was, if it was real, went after girls and that I could worry a little less about Caleb and Adam.

"My cousin Dana, I don't know where she heard it from. You have to realize I didn't believe any of it for a second but I'll tell you what I told the police. That girl in the basement was real."

"Thanks for your time," Caleb nodded to him and we left the store.

"What the hell happened to following our lead?" I nearly yelled at Adam when I punched him in the shoulder.

"I was! Stop beating on me!"

"Want another split lip?" I asked clenching my hand into a fist.

"Another?" Caleb questioned.

"It was how she said hi the first time she met me," Adam explained and Caleb looked over to me.

"What?" I shrugged, "He tried to teach me how to play darts but he needs to learn when to shut the fuck up when we are interviewing people."

"He wasn't that bad," Caleb commented before turning his attention to Adam, "Just next time make sure they are the ones giving the information and make sure it's about the case or you just your waste time."

"Ok, so what now? We research and see if the story is true or do we check out this Murdock guy?" Adam asked.

"Actually, we'll go check out the house for ourselves first," I replied as Caleb gave me a boost into the truck.

"Without researching it first?" he questioned me like this was my first rodeo or something.

"Yeah you go and scope out the place, check for cold spots, EMF, sulfur anything out of the ordinary before getting too involved with a case that could end up going no where," Caleb answered as we drove off.

"So, Adam…" I started unsure of what to say.


"What can you tell me about this Carrie girl?" I asked trying to sound casual.

"Just someone I met at Bobby's," he shrugged.

"When was she at Bobby's?"

"I don't know not that long ago, she came through for some research, it was during the time you were held up in Dean's room. I didn't really think you would be up for visitors."

"What were you sick?" Caleb questioned with concern in his voice.

"Something like that," I half smiled wondering how Adam got the conversation on me but I turned it right back, "So, Bobby knows her then?"

"I guess, she said she hasn't been hunting long but the way she talked about it was just…I don't know, it sounded so…adventurous."

"Adventurous?" Caleb asked before I had the chance to.

"Yeah like she was telling me how she worked as a bartender for awhile using her fake ID because she obviously isn't old enough to work at a bar being only sixteen and this one time she was totally kidnapped by a shapeshifter but it was like some test or something and she ended up in the hospital but she was fine," Adam rambled so quick that I missed about half of what he said.

"Ending up in the hospital sounded fun to you?" I asked incredulously.

"Of course not, but can you imagine all the fighting and the drama and just the adrenaline rush of the moment you must get."

"Yeah I think I might just be able to imagine that," I scoffed, "You do realize she is jailbait, right?"

"I never said I was going to hook-up with her," Adam protested, "She just seemed like a nice girl."

"Nice girl," Caleb laughed, "And she's a hunter?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked trying to sound upset by what he said but I couldn't help but laughing along with him as we pulled up to the so called hell house.

"Charming," Caleb commented as he parked the truck and we all got out to see the run down house that looked straight out of a horror movie.

"Here," I said tossing Adam the EMF reader. He just barely caught it before it fell in a mud puddle and turned it on.

"Whoa, it's already going off," he stated watching the red lights dance across the top.

"That happens sometimes when there are old power lines around, they probably still have a little juice in them," Caleb informed him pointing to a transformer that was near the house.

"So what do we do?" he asked for like the millionth time and I was starting to think Sam and Dean should have taken him, I had no patience for this.

"We still go check out the house, we just can't rely on the EMF," Caleb answered as we walked through the door to see the walls covered in symbols.

"Devil worship?" Adam asked.

"Seriously?" I questioned.

"Guess not," he mumbled and I noticed one of the symbols on the wall looked familiar from somewhere but I couldn't put my finger on it.

When my phone suddenly rang I thought Adam was going to throw a knife at me.

"Hello?" I answered shaking my head at Adam as Caleb told him to put the knife away.

"How's it going?" Dean asked on the other end.

"Wonderful," I scoffed as I walked around checking the house out leaving the boys in the living room.

"So what's the deal with this Carrie girl, I mean she isn't going to go crazy at prom or something right?"

"Ask Bobby, Adam says he knows her but…" I stopped talking when I heard a noise coming from the kitchen.

"But what?...Lex?...Alexa!" Dean yelled into the phone.

"Shh," I hushed him as I crept into the kitchen to be met by two men with a camcorder.

"Cut!" one of them yelled and I sighed in relief when I realized they were just a couple of idiots and not something supernatural, what I didn't realize was that I had hung up on Dean.

"You just ruined our shot!" the other guy complained.

"Everything ok?" Caleb asked walking up behind me with Adam following.

"Yeah just two civilians," I sighed as Caleb wrapped his arm around me.

"Oh we're not civilians and we know what you are," the man with camera said looking at us with disgust.

"What's that?" Adam asked.

"Armatures," the other one laughed.

"And you are?" I questioned un-amused.

"We are the professionals," the man said handing a business card over to Adam, "Paranormal Investigators."