He hadn't been at the airport... why wouldn't he have been at the airport? Annie sighed and leaned against the side of the lift. Eyal had done all the communication in Russia, and once they were out she'd been overcome with fatigue. She could hardly remember being wrapped in warm clothing and ushered onto a plane where her rescuer had said his goodbyes and disappeared again. A CIA goon squad picked her up instead and then the weird fast forward at the farm... through it all, no word from Auggie... not one.

When the lift doors opened she stepped out into the steady artificial light. Everything had seemed brighter since Russia, as though her eyes were never going to be accustomed to light again after weeks in the dirty half-light.

"Annie," even if his sight magically returned tomorrow, Auggie knew he'd never need his eyes to know it was her...

"Oh God, Auggie." It no longer matt ered how he knew, it would have been unnatural for him not to know. She took two quick steps and then her arms were tight around his neck, her breath hot on his cheek as she clutched at him tightly.

"Hey... hey, I've got you." One of his arms slid securely around her waist, the hand of the other cradled her head. "You're alright."

Annie nodded and hid her face in the side of his neck. "I could always hear you," she breathed. "The voice in my head that brings me home."

With a shakily indrawn breath, Auggie pulled his head back and felt around until his nose bumped hers and pressed their foreheads together. "I'd have come myself..."

"I know!" She nodded, keeping her eyes closed. "I know."

The wild impotent rage that'd been building in him since she'd gone missing receded somewhat at her words. It should have been him. He should have been the one to storm the gates and get her, not some deep-voiced Mossad officer, impressive enough to pull off the impossible for which Auggie both loved and hated him. After a moment he made to pull back but she clutched at his neck and shook her head.

"Don't..." she gasped. "Can't we just stay like this...? Don't let go?"

With one hand, Auggie fumbled for his laser guide and swung it around for a moment. "Come here, it's OK, come here." He tugged her by the hand across the hallway and down a few meters until he could duck her into a bathroom. Still fumbling slightly he found the lock and turned it as Annie leaned back against the wall and pulled him close again by his vest. "You shouldn't be here, Annie." He whispered even as he allowed her to pull him in and found her forehead again. "You need to go home."

"Joan wanted..."

"Annie, you're shaking." His hands came up and he cupped her face gently. "You need to go home. Have a hot bath. Try to get back into your skin. Whatever Joan wants, it can wait."

Struggling hard to get her breathing under control Annie opened her eyes and looked at his worried face. "I'm OK... I promise, I'm OK." One deep breath. Then another one. "You'll be around today, right? Auggie smiled and bumped their noses together lightly. "Then I'll be fine..."

Agonisingly slowly, Auggie tilted his head and kissed her lips lightly. Annie gasped and tightened her fists in his vest, tilting her face up so she could deepen the kiss. "Come home with me tonight..." Auggie breathed against her mouth when he finally pulled away. "I'd feel a lot better if I knew where you were..."

Part of her wanted to make a bigger deal out of it. Their fist kiss, first real kiss anyway, had been in a bathroom and he launched right into asking her to come to his place after work and it all seemed rushed and weird and... normal. Like a normal thing to happen on a normal day. In the end, that was why she didn't buck, why she smiled shyly and nodded. Why she snuck in one last peck on his lips before heaving a huge sigh, "Is it 5 o'clock yet?"