You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

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When Chloe pulled the shower curtain aside, she wasn't exactly thinking clearly. All she knew was that the voice on the other side singing her lady jam sounded absolutely amazing and had to be recruited. After their embarrassing performance at Finals the previous year, it had been difficult getting girls to even audition for a part in their a cappella group, and they were desperate for talent. So when she heard the talented singing voice, she let her excitement get the best of her.

It never occurred to her that she could come across as creepy or weird – she was doing this for the Bellas, taking one for the team. In fact, if you asked her, she would have maintained that she was simply being assertive, and that she came across as friendly (for the most part). This was the women's locker room at their campus recreational facility anyway, and there was no doubt that the owner of the voice was female – hey, if they both had the same lady parts, what was there to be ashamed of, right?

Unfortunately, the petite brunette on the other side of the curtain did not agree with her. After yelping and covering herself with the curtain, the brunette watched incredulously as the redhead introduced herself with a wide grin on her face and practically forced her to sing for her.

Slightly panicked, a little bit amused, very weirded out and confused (and maybe even a little bit turned on), the brunette did not know how to get out of the situation – she wasn't even sure what situation she was in. The taller girl seemed oddly determined but mostly harmless, so calling out for help seemed unnecessary. No one really worked out this late in the night anyway, which was why she had chosen this time to be there. And the redhead was very attractive, with very attractive lady parts – not that the brunette peeked… much.

Wait, was this what the singing thing was about? Was she getting hit on? If she was, the girl's lucky she's cute, because her lack of personal boundaries was a little alarming. Yes, she's hot, but it's getting late and very, very cold, and if singing will get the weird girl to go away…

The small girl finally relented, ignoring the expectant yet excited look on the other girl's face, and opened her mouth to repeat the words she had been singing a few minutes before.

"I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose, fire away, fire away. Ricochet, you take your aim, fire away, fire away. You shoot me down, but I won't fall, I am titanium. You shoot me down, but I won't fall, I am titanium."

Her voice sounded pure, cutting through the silence in the showers and amplified by the acoustics in the stall. After the first few words, Chloe joined in, harmonizing effortlessly with the smaller girl. The two voices, already great on their own, sounded even sweeter when put together.

It was in that impromptu duet that Chloe suddenly realized that having the same lady parts does not make standing in a small shower stall together naked not a big deal. Even much later, when she was finally back in her room, she couldn't quite pinpoint what it was that caused the shift within her. It could have simply been the aca-awesomeness of their voices mingled together singing her lady jam – she had always loved how that song just… builds. The quality of their voices sent tingles up her spine, the words caressing every inch of her skin, making her feel even more naked.

Or maybe, it was how their eyes had been glued to each other throughout the singing in what had become an intense staring match, and when they had immediately broken their eye contact after, it was only inevitable that they would catch a glimpse (okay, another glimpse) of the rest of each other.

But somehow, as their voices faded, the silence that greeted them made the growing sexual tension between the two painfully obvious. The two girls became even more aware of not just their own nakedness, but the other's as well, and just how physically close they were standing together – it was a fairly small shower stall after all. There was no hiding the appreciation – or rather, the attraction – between the two. Heightened senses saw the darkening of pupils and felt the other's eyes move down their own body. And when Chloe's breath hitched, the brunette certainly felt it on her skin.

Neither of them knew who made the first move, but in a flash, the two bodies seemed to have melded of their own accord, the mouths attached to them greedily seeking the other out. They placed open mouth kisses on each other's skin, nipping and sucking, frantically memorizing each other's bodies with their hands and lips. Chloe felt like her heart was about to break out of her chest. Her own inexperienced hands had been unsure and slightly clumsy but definitely eager, as if mapping out a new territory, while the ones she felt on her own skin were bold and seemed to move with precision, as if already knowing every dip and curve and how to manipulate them to make her toes curl and her knees weak. The cold tile against her back was freezing cold, but the body pressed against hers made her feel like she was on fire.

It was only when the Barden Bell rang from its tower to signify the end of the hour that the brunette seemed to snap out from her trance. She jumped backwards, her eyes wide in horror, as if just realizing what was going on. Before Chloe could even say a word, the other girl darted out of the shower, hurrying to her locker to grab her stuff and put on some clothes haphazardly.

Chloe stayed in the shower, still dazed and just as shocked. She had always considered sexuality to be fluid, but while she had been attracted to females in the past – come on, have you seen the Bellas? – she had never ventured beyond a few drunken kisses to tease the boys at parties. And, given her enjoyable experiences with men and never having struggle in the boyfriend department, she never had cause to question her sexuality. But this was different from a drunken two-second kiss. This was sober, and open-mouthed… and urgent. Not to mention the hands that roamed on bare skin.

The redhead was no stranger to spontaneity, but it bothered her was that she never even got the girl's name – she was usually a lot better at the whole introduction thing – and that she never even gotten the chance to mention the Bellas. As she was walking back to her dorms that night, it occurred to her that she must have come across as a freak given that she had, for no reason known to the other girl, simply barged in on her shower, asked her to sing with her, then proceeded to grope her without having the chance to explain that it was all for an a cappella group. She could only hope that the girl got the hint somehow and showed up miraculously during auditions tomorrow – or that they didn't cross paths again the rest of the year. Because really, that was kind of embarrassing, even for her standards.

But boy, was that the hottest thing she had ever experienced!

Chloe's next day had started out well – after the events of the previous night, she had woken up and decided that it was going to be a good day. She was a firm believer in starting each day fresh. Even sitting in the auditorium while the Treblemakers were being extra scathing with their remarks – well, mostly Bumper – hadn't been enough to put a damper on her mood. There were some pretty vocally talented girls that she and Aubrey were sure they could work with. She knew they could fill in the missing spots on the Bellas easily given a bit of training with the choreography.

Of course, she had been a bit disappointed that the girl didn't show up to the audition… that is, until she showed up. Except the brunette hadn't really shown up to audition.

It was after everyone who had done the audition song had lined up onstage so that the leaders of the four groups could thank them for coming – while Bumper commented about how sorry he was that the girls who had tried out couldn't be on the Trebletones – that they heard a sound from the back of the auditorium. And when everyone's eyes turned to see the brunette sitting in the last row, Chloe felt her heart leap in her chest.

"Auditions are over," Aubrey said, scowling at the amused smile on the smaller girl's face.

"It's okay!" Chloe stammered, scared that the girl would bolt again, "We can hear one more."

The girl rolled her eyes, staying where she was.

"I'm not here to audition. A cappella doesn't necessarily rank high on my list of interests."

"Well, this is a closed event. You're not supposed to be here." Aubrey sounded calm, but Chloe could tell that her best friend was on edge by the way she was gripping her clipboard.

"Uh, guys?" Everyone turned back to the stage to find the source of the interruption, and found the girl who introduced herself as Cynthia Rose standing with a hand on her hip. "I think you should show a bit more respect. This is Dr. Mitchell. She teaches Music Theory here."

Chloe felt her heart stop.

Oh god. What?

The crowd immediately turned back to look at the brunette, who now seemed uncomfortable under the scrutiny now that her identity was revealed.

"Uh, it's Beca, really. Dr. Mitchell is my dad. He teaches Comp Lit here."

Chloe could feel her heart stop.

Teacher? Dr. Mitchell? So does that mean she's not—

"Actually, I'm pretty sure your PhD qualifies you for that title, too, Teach."

Beca Mitchell rolled her eyes, but a small smile on her face appeared.

"Yeah, well, Beca is fine. Cynthia Rose, right? I remember you from one of my classes."

Oh god.

No wonder the brunette had been horrified.

This was so, so wrong. Of all the random situations she got herself into, this one definitely took the cake. She made out with a teacher! She felt up a teacher! Aren't there rules against that? But then again, it wasn't as if the girl – or Beca, now that she can put a name to her face – hadn't kissed her back with equal fervor. No, Beca had been an active and willing participant up until she bolted. She couldn't possibly get into trouble for that, right?

Chloe's palms began to sweat, hoping that Aubrey's super sixth sense wasn't zoning in on her. The blonde had always been able to read her best friend like an open book. Thankfully, Aubrey was busy scrutinizing the young teacher, leaving Chloe to her internal panic.

Damn it, no teacher was supposed to look that young… and hot!

Rooted to her chair, she wished that her seat would magically sprout arms that would strangle her or hide her from this embarrassment she was feeling.

Oh god.

"Whatever, this audition was lame, I have better things to do," Bumper called out over the short silence that ensued. "I don't know why you're all so fascinated – she teaches Music Theory. Those who can, do. Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach actual music, teach music theory, right? Whatevs, I'm gone."

He cracked up, standing up. But before he could leave his chair, Cynthia Rose jumped off the stage and grabbed him by his collar.

"Just because you can belt a few notes doesn't mean you can show disrespect to a member of the faculty," she practically snarled. "Dr. Mitchell got her PhD in Musicology at the age of 24 and is a motherfuckin' badass DJ. You're just too stupid to recognize her shit on the radio and too much of a loser to get into the clubs that she plays at. What the hell have you done other than win a couple of collegiate competitions?"

Another silence followed, half the crowd surprised at the outburst, the other half looking on in interest. Suddenly, Beca, who had been feeling extremely awkward and regretting letting her curiosity get the best of her and showing up at the auditions, walked towards the crowd, hoping to diffuse the situation.

"Uh, Cynthia? You can let go of him now. Didn't know anyone around here knew that much about me, but uh, thanks. Not that I feel like I have to prove myself to a bunch of college kids, but I did sort of crash this audition, so…"

She walked over to where Chloe was sitting, shooting her a fleeting glance before – Oh god – bending over to grab the cup that she and Aubrey had been using as a pencil holder. She turned the cup over, emptying it of its contents, and walked over to the stage, hoisting herself up with her arms before sitting cross-legged right in the center. The people onstage moved aside to make room for her, watching curiously as she turned the cup down in front of her and began to use it to make a catchy beat.

"I got my ticket for the long way 'round, two bottle 'a whiskey for the way. And I sure would like some sweet company, and I'm leaving tomorrow, wha-do-ya say?"

Chloe felt her eyes glued to the brunette, her heart beating as she thought about the first time she heard that voice and what had followed.

"When I'm gone, when I'm gone. You're gonna miss me when I'm gone. You're gonna miss me by my hair, you're gonna miss me everywhere, oh, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

"I've got my ticket for the long way 'round, the one with the prettiest of views. It's got mountains, it's got rivers, it's got sights to give you shivers, but it sure would be prettier with you.

"When I'm gone, when I'm gone. You're gonna miss me when I'm gone. You're gonna miss me by my hair, you're gonna miss me everywhere, oh, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone."

She ended by slamming the cup against the stage floor, the loud thud resonating for a full second before everyone erupted into cheers, immediately asking if it was too late to join any of her classes. She grinned, telling them that her classes were unfortunately full but that there were waitlists in case anyone dropped out. Then, after shooting a discreet look in Chloe's direction, she hopped off the stage and disappeared just as quickly as she had the previous night.

After a few seconds, everyone, upon realizing that nothing else interesting was going to happen, slowly filed out of the auditorium. A few struck up conversations with each other about auditions and the different rival groups. Aubrey, too had stood up to gather up their notes, but Chloe stayed seated where she was, staring off into space.

She found her mind wandering back to the previous night for the millionth time – or perhaps her mind had never left it – and she shifted in her seat, suddenly feeling all sorts of frustrated. She was relieved yet disappointed that Beca had barely acknowledged her presence, if at all. It probably was for the best, but the redhead wished she could know what was going on in the other girl's head.

Teacher or not, it had been the hottest piece of action she'd had in a while, with all of her time going into planning for Regionals. And hearing that the brunette was some kind of musical prodigy – and a DJ!?ugh, as if she needed to appear even more attractive. It was only when Aubrey nudged her asking why she wasn't packing up that Chloe began to really freak out, one single thought in her mind:

Oh my aca-gods, I made out with a teacher. And I want to do it again.