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Ianto shouted Jack's name, but the only response he received was a shush.

"Don't be too loud. We're in public, Eye Candy."

They were in the back of a pub. People sat in the front, drinking and laughing. But there was no way he could get help; he could tell that.

"Are we still in Wales?" Ianto asked.

"Unfortunately, yes. But it's crowded. Your boyfriend won't find us for quite a while, giving us some time alone." John raised his eyebrows and grinned.

"What do you want to do with me?" Ianto tried to stand up. He found that his legs were paralyzed.

"A kiss will break that spell, Cinderella."

"Then I'll wait for Jack, and the kiss is Sleeping Beauty." He growled. When he reached inside his jacket for his gun, there was nothing but a set of handcuffs. "You bastard."

John laughed. "Well, we're going to be here for a while. Might as well have some fun."

"You sick, sick bastard." Ianto scowled.

"Don't tell me you and Jack never-"

"Of course. But he's usually the one to wear them. I don't trust you one step from here, and I get the feeling you're not partial to being cuffed."

They talked for two hours, until Jack finally found them. Once you got past the murdering, the pervertedness, and the attitude, John wasn't a bad guy. Ianto was actually enjoying himself - except for the occasional flirt.

"Ianto!" He exclaimed. "Are you okay?"

Ianto smiled. "Just fine."

"Guess that's my cue." John stood up. "Good to see you, Eye Candy. I see why Jack likes you. Jack, you know you want me. See you next time I get bored." He strutted out the door, flashing a grin at the men.

"What'd he do to you?"

"He was just bored. We talked."

Jack pulled Ianto up. "Are you hurt?"

Ianto fell back into the seat. "I told you, I'm fine. There was no grand evil scheme." He got a disbelieving snort. "Although I can't quite stand, some sort of paralysis."

Jack sighed. "How long til it wears off?"

"It doesn't."

"What?!" He sat in the opposite seat.

"There's a kind of - release, I suppose. Not quite an antidote, but something similar." Ianto paused. He knew Jack wouldn't hesitate to kiss him, but this was a public place. Anyone he knew outside of Torchwood could be here. Sure, it was unlikely that any of his mam's friends would be in a pub, but he had a brother who didn't yet know about Jack and he had a father who, though retired, still liked to go out for a drink with mates occasionally. They won't be here. He reassured himself. "You have to kiss me."

Jack did, instantly. "That's all?"

Ianto remained silent. He regained movement in a few seconds, and stood up. He led Jack back to the hub, where they were greeted with relieved hugs and a handshake from Owen.

He wasn't even tired, but the entire team insisted that he should go home. Ianto had been in hostage situations before, although none as interesting, and he was used to it. So, with Jack trailing behind, he returned to his flat.

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