Chapter 6

A slight chiming rings throughout the chamber. A crumpled heap on the floor twitches slightly before groaning and standing. A short man in a white coat yawns, discarding the blanket of sleep. The chiming rings again. He groans, stomping sleepily to a table where a dark blue square glows with ethereal green light.

"Why must you be so annoying?" he asks rhetorically.

"Why must you be so sleepy?" a voice retorts.

"I don't even know why I try..."

"Me either. Say, what happened to Oak? Why hasn't he sent me to the Pokedex owner yet?" the voice questions.

"I don't know..." the man says. He picks up a small device on the table, dialing in several numbers.

"...No answer."

"Why don't you try Delia?" the voice asks.

"Alright." He dials more numbers. "Hello? Delia? This is Bill. Why hasn't Oak given me the new Dexholder's information? ...What?"

He starts pacing. "...I... I see. There is no one left?"

He stops pacing. "My condolences. Do you know how to contact the new Dexholder?"

"...He was looking for Masque? Well, I heard recently that Masque was in Vermillion... Thank you for the info, Delia... Again, I'm very sorry for your loss. Goodbye."

"Well?" the voice snarks, "What is it?"

"Pallet is gone. Only Delia and Ash remain."

"What!? That isn't possible!"

"I am aware... Anyways, we are going to Vermillion. We have a meeting with a certain Dexholder to attend!"

A thick fog hangs over the city. The thief stares down at the small seaport town from a perch on the pokecenter roof. Lily sits next to him, staring out at the sea.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" she asks.

The thief remains quiet for a brief time before turning his head to face her. "Yeah, I suppose so. Been ages since I've seen the ocean; the last time was the Great Bay back in Termina..."

"What was Termina like?" asks Lily.


"I'm sorry. You don't have to tell me if you-"

"No, it's fine. Termina is... No, Termina was a very beautiful place. To the south lived this tribe of bushlike creatures who were very aggressive, but who were ruled by this very peaceful princess. Their habitat was this swamp which in the spring would glisten from the light of the fireflies. A giant temple rests in the center of the swamp, but the Deku tribe refuses entry to anyone."

"Of course, the Deku had nothing on the Gorons," the thief grins, remembering the cheeriness of the rock tribe.

"The Gorons?" Lily asks.

"Yup. The Gorons lived on the mountain to the north that was called Snowhead. During the winter, the conditions were harsh and the White Wolfos would appear and kill any who tried to traverse the blizzards. Of course, they couldn't even put a dent in the Gorons, but I digress. During the spring, all the snow would melt and run off to the Great Bay, leaving behind a completely beautiful scene."

"What are Gorons?"

"Gorons are men made of boulders. They are made of rock, the sleep on rock beds, and they even have this dish they call Rock Sirloin! They also know how to make the best beer ever, or so I'm told," the thief laughs.

"Anyways, the Great Bay is to the west. There isn't really much to say about it other than that the Zora and the Gerudo Pirates constantly war with each other. The Zora are a breed of humanoid fish that are surprisingly cultured. I can't tell you how many fans the Indigo-Go's have made when they debuted New Wave Bossa Nova in Clock Town."

Adam laughs again, remembering the performance at the Milk Bar.

"The Gerudo keep to themselves, though," the thief states. He rubs his chin before snapping. "Oh, and to the west of Clock Town is Ikana Valley. As far as I know, the canyon has been deserted for several centuries, but I've heard rumors of a tribe of ninja called the Garo who live there."

Lily looks back to the sea. "Is there anything else?"

"Hmmm... Oh! Yeah, there is. Somewhere between Clock Town and Woodfall is this large open plain where Romani's Ranch is. For some reason, milk from Romani's Ranch is the best I've ever had... I suspect it is because of some sort of alcohol..."

"I can't really think of... Wait! There is something else. Aliens visit Romani's Ranch one night every week before delivery!" exclaims the thief.

"I doubt that," Lily says.

"It's true! The ranch's namesake once asked me to help protect the cows, so we stayed up til nightfall and lo and behold! Aliens, trying to abduct the cows."

"Did they get them?"

"Nah. Apparently, Romani is a very good shot with a bow, but even though she is my age, she has a strange affinity for giving nicknames..."

"What did she call you?"


Lily bursts out laughing, causing Adam to flush in embarrassment.

"Hey! I don't even know why! I only got this outfit recently!"

"Okay, okay! I believe you... Grasshopper." She smirks and giggles under her breath.

"...I can't believe Termina is gone..."

"Yeah, I can't either. It was such a wonderful place," the thief laments.

"Why would he do something like this?"

"What?" Adam questions aloud.

"I didn't say anything," Lily replies.

"Skull kid..."

"Do you hear it too?" the thief asks.


"I told him not to, but he just didn't listen!"



"But no! He thought it would be funny to steal that mask from that salesman..."

"Masque? Who are you?"

Lily gasps, afraid of something.

"Well, Lily? Should we give it up?"

"W-what?! I don't know what you're talking about!" exclaims Lily.

"Sure you do!"

"That voice..." Navi flies from the Pokedex, "I know that voice... somehow."

"I'd hope so, Navi. It's been too long, friend."

"...Lily... Who are you?" Navi asks, flying in front of the stunned girl's face.

"I'm... no one," she replies quietly.

"Ha! That's a laugh! You're looking at the one and only Wi-"

Lily cuts off the voice by jumping off the roof and rushing indoors. The thief stands, turning to face the floating blue pokedex ai.

"What was that about?"

"The worlds are closer than they might appear, Hero."