Prompt: Hello. Hope you are well. I was wondering if you could do a scene where Brian takes David for mass for the first time and the priest that Brian talked to throughout the episode on Tuesday presides mass. and maybe Brian introduces David to the Priest afterword? Just an idea. Hope no one as asked for this yet lol.

Bryan and David walked through the small crowd forming in the isle. He smiled noticing that there were many more people here at mass than usual. "Hey Bryan," a female voice could be heard over the murmuring.

They turned towards the voice. A brightly colored young lady was waving in their direction. Bryan smiled and waved back, before turning back to David motioning for him to follow. "Hey there Anna, so nice to see you," Bryan responded, "This is David, my partner."

"Oh my, it's so nice to finally meet you David. Bryan has said so much about you," Anna gushed. The two shook hands.

"It's nice to meet you to," David replied.

"Well, gotta go, don't forget choir next Sunday," Anna said enthusiastically. Bryan smiled and shook his head as she scampered off.

"Come on, we better sit down, it's about to start," Bryan explained. He took David's hand in his as they walked to the front pews.

People filed out of the sanctuary after the Priest ended the mass. "Come on, I want to you to meet someone," Bryan whispered.

Bryan walked up to the front of the sanctuary with David close behind him. "Excuse me, Father," Bryan interposed.

"David, I presume," the Priest replied. David shook his hand with a polite smile.

"Hello, Father," David responded.

"It's an honor to have you come to our church; Bryan has been a wonderful addition to our church," he explained. Bryan wrapped his arm around David's waist pulling him close. David blushed, almost shying away from the touch.

"No worries, David, we have nothing against that here, God loves everyone," Father told him. He gave a slightly shocked look, relaxing into Bryan's hold.

"Well, it was nice talking to you, but we have to be on our way," Bryan exclaimed.

"God bless you both," Father said smiling.

The couple walked down the aisle and out of the sanctuary hands entwined. "Is it me or is that a really cool priest," David murmured.

"I know, he is," Bryan replied, giggling. Bryan placed a kiss on his forehead, as they laughed together, walking out of the church.