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*isana POV*

Hi my name is isana yashiro today is a very good day after dealing with all the mess that has been tailing me around and I almost lost my life this is a very good day indeed. right now I am sitting right at my room at my school dorm well.. in front of my dining table just to be precise with you guys. at first I was living alone in here well not alone I guess if you count my cat but now I'm living with two other people besides myself first my cat that can transform into a human girl and then one of the person that just tried to take my life just a few days ago yep that's him of course yatogami kuroh he is a very strong swordsman and a very good cook as well and well he also very… hand..some… I guess… and I sometimes also felt a little weird when I'm around or near him when I near or close to him my would sometimes skip a beat or sometimes it would pounding really fast like a drum and on occasional time I would blush madly around him and also when he near someone else besides me I would feel really sad or my chest would tighten around painfully. I don't understand it what is going on with me yesterday I'm considering of going to doctor to check what is going on with me but I discarded that idea since I think I could figure it out by myself "isana" hmmm I really don't understand this what is going on with me "isana" maybe should i stick with the plan of going and see a doctor to figure this out "isana yashiro are you listening to me!?" I immediately shot my head up just to find *a ready to explode* kuroh in front of me "uuuuhh what? What is it? Did something happen kuroh?" I asked him. "I was asking you to know which is do you prefer a sweet or a salty tamagoyaki(1) !?" I restrained myself from chuckling right he always like this acting . like a housewifes that is preparing a lunchboxes for her family "uuuummm.. I don't really know which I prefer so you can decide it for me kuroh-kun" "okay then I'll put the salty one for you and the sweet one is for her *pointing at neko* lunchbox" "hey I'm not just her I'm neko shiro no neko nyao!" I heard neko protesting at kuroh *ckiiitt* ah there it is the painful feeling that I don't understand there it is. it's always like this whenever I see kuroh is near with anybody that isn't me this feeling pops back to my chest I could feel it my chest it's tightening painfully "etto kuroh-kun I'm gonna be back a little bit late today okay you and neko could have the dinner without me tonight.." what what is it that I'm saying I don't understand how could I say that just now as far as I remember I didn't have any plans tonight so how could I said something that doesn't even exist "alright but why did you have something you have to do tonight?" kuroh asked me "yeah I have something to do tonight it's a little bit important and could took a pretty much long time so you and neko could have thedinner without me since I probably gonna be eating outside…" why…why did I say that? "alright then" kuroh answered maybe I really should gone to a doctor after all…

*kuroh POV*

I wonder what is wrong with him it's almost like he was trying to avoid me when I'm talking to him he didn't look at me in the eye when our eyes met he immediately shifted his gaze to somewhere or something else and when I was near somebosy except him he always look either sad or hurted I don't understand it its almost like he was…he was…jealous at those person geez now I don't understand myself how could I'm thinking that he was jealous because I was close or near other person besides him ha ha ha so funny and now *continues to think* I also sometimes caught him spacing out or blushing when he's around or when he was talking with me but so far the biggest one is this he say he has a business that he needs to take care of what is that? did he either forget or didn't remember that I was always next to him everyday since we met!? if he did have a business I should have know as well! and above of all he also said by himself yesterday that he was bored cause he didn't have anything to do for a whole week! so where does this business coming from!? *haaaah* I really didn't get his attitude recently and also I was always feeling something weird when I'm around or near him I always feel that I have the urge to hug or sometimes… just sometimes alright…. I feel like I was wondering how soft is his skin and lips when I touched it and I also feel a strong urge to just kiss those pale pink lips but f course being the way I am I didn't do it but why did I feel that way…? Well whatever I could always found out about it later but right now I'm more concerned about him he said that he probably going to get home later…right?

*isana POV*

Haaaah it's already 5pm and kuroh-kun and neko usually have a dinner at 7pm its still around 2 hours until thay have a dinner and I said I'll be back late so they can have a dinner without me haaaah… I can't believe how could I say that just now!? well why don't I just wandering around the city that way I probably won't have to be so bored like this

(time skip: until isana already at the city)

It's still at 6pm it's still around 1 hour until they had dinner maybe I should just go to homra bar that way I probably has some people or friends to talk to

(time skip: isana around the way that leads to the homra bar)

When I'm walking around to homra suddenly I see some people that looks like a bad people they probably have a grudge to homra well judging by how they looking at the homra bar...

*bandits POV*

"hey boss look at that kid he looks like he was part of homra look he was heading towards their base" " yeah right.. well.. he does look like one of them!?" "then what are you waiting for you fools! hurry up and take him! so that we can get revenge to those homra guys for messing with us yesterday!" "ye-yes boss right away boss!"

*isana POV*

Uh oh.. this is bad why did i felt like I was being followed by those bad looking guys did I do something to make those guys angry well whatever it's still doesn't change the facts that those guys were after me right now "hey you kuso gaki get back here we need you right now oi kuso gaki!" okay now it's really bad I have to hide somewhere! Ah here! I can hide behind those boxes *yashiro immediately jumped behind one of the box but unfortunately looks like lady luck is not on his side today* oh god please don't let them find me please…please… *deg* "ha ha ha found you kuso gaki!" kuroh-kun help me…please

*kuroh POV*

Okay now what the hell is going on with him its 10pm already and he hasn't gotten home yet what is wrong with him *zeekkk* wha-what is it just now almost like I was being stabbed my feelings is really bad right now maybe I should go and look for him.

(time skip: to school building)

Damn it! Where the hell is he!? I've been looking around for him in the entire school building and I can't seem to find him anywhere maybe I should go and try to look around the city.

(time skip: to the city)

Well the hell with it! I can't find him anywhere urgh now I'm feeling more and more worried about him… uhh just sitting here wouldn't changed anything I have to think clearly and think where would he went when he went to city think..think yatogami kuroh… *ne kuroh-kun let's go to homra bar to eat some desserts* that's it he probably at the red clans base I should go and see if he is there or not

(time skip: to homra bar)

*dubraaaakkk* "hey what the hell is that!?" "how should we know yata-san " rikio and bando answering while sweatdrop "is.. isana yashiro in here?" kuroh asked immediately "deme kuroinu if you're looking for that rascal he's not here and how dare you destroy the door of our base" misaki answered while shouting at kuroh "aka no clanmans I have no business what so ever with you guys but I need to know do you guys has seen isana yashiro around the city?" "no we haven't why are you looking around for him anyway? weren't you always sticking with him everyday?" misaki said with a sarcastic tone "well that is true but today he went out somewhere and hasn't gotten back yet and I well..i..was…worried" "yata-san there's a message for homra!" "well what are you waiting for? show it to everyone!" shout misaki "hua ha ha ha ha ha members of homra" "hey isn't that.. those pieces of thrash that we beat up yesterday!?" bando asked "yeah they are you moron! But that doesn't matter what the hell do they want with us!?" misaki answered "I want you guys to pay me yen for this kuso gaki right here!" "haaaa… kuso gaki what the hell are they talking about?" misaki said in curious tone "hey isn't that…?" rikio say "THE RASCAL!" "ISANA YASHIRO!" kuroh and misaki shout at the same timing "why the hell did they kidnapped him? he wasn't our member…" bando said curious "ha ha ha ha ha surprised homra? we got one of your member right here! we caught him walking to your puny little base so what do you say give us ten million yen and we release him if you don't maybe we should just kill him instead ha ha ha ha ha" so this is the meaning of my bad feeling just now eh he has been kidnapped by those guys "where is he?"
"haaaah what are you talking about kuroinu!?" "I said WHERE IS HE!?" kuroh shouted "kh we DON"T KNOW! there happy now?" misaki shouted also "alright alright boys stop it right now it won't bring us any good if we fought right now" said kusanagi that has been quiet until now "ne anna-chan could you track the location of isana-kun?" kusanagi asked anna that has been quiet as well "hai" anna say while nodding her head

(skip time: until anna finished doing her magic)

"I found him" anna said "what!? Where where?" misaki said immediately "in here looks like he was locked up in here" anna said "alright I'm heading there" kuroh left immediately "oiii deme kuroinu matteta! were also coming since that rascal was caught because he was mistaken as one of our member so were also coming!" misaki said loudly "well since yata-chan do have a point there I won't object and I also tagging along" izumo said "hai"kuroh said "well then lets go didn't they say that they were going to kill him if we don't give them ten million yen!?" misaki asked "yeah we sjould hurry up or they probably going to kill him" izumo said "yeah lets go now" kuroh went to the exit…


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