The Quarry – Chap. 10

Warning: Short lemon at the end.

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Orihime stood, panting and disheveled, blood and dirt streaking her arms and her clothes, a gory stake still in her hand. The clearing was still, dead vampires lying all around her. Aizen, flicking a speck of dirt off his immaculate shirt, mused to himself that she looked like an avenging angel, stern, triumphant, and devastatingly sexy in her vengeance. She had moved with grace and splendor during the battle, spun and twisted and thrust like a dancer, fighting an efficient and violent dance of death.

It had pleased and stirred him. He could not recall when he had last felt any emotion so strongly. He stood up. He decided he would take her right here, now, on the earth that had been sanctified with blood and death. Why not? He could scent blood everywhere, including on his own skin, thrilling him. He imagined tearing off all her clothes and licking every bit of blood from her soft, warm skin, tasting her fully, arousing her to a fever pitch with his tongue and teeth. He would possess all that splendor, all that power and defiance, and compel her to lie in submission beneath him.

He took a step forward.

Her eyebrows lifted. "That was clever of you to take the form of a vampire. I bet they were surprised when you attacked them."

Aizen stopped. He stared at her, facing her across the clearing, his mind reeling with a surprise he could not remember feeling in centuries.

She saw him as he was. She had thrown off his glamour.

In a thousand years, no one had been strong enough to defeat his spells.

She was dangerous.


Pleased that Aizen had held his own and was all right, Orihime extended her senses past the clearning, checking for further threats. All was calm. The vampires she had ended were already beginning to fade away into dust. Only one remained; the blue-haired leader of the group, lying senseless at the edge of the clearing, one arm bent at an awkward angle. She remembered the fire in his eyes, the maniacal grin of delight as he attacked.

She walked to his unconscious body and stood looking down at him. The prudent thing to do would be to stake him as he lay, before he could rise and attack her, before he could kill any more innocents.

She sighed. It was a weakness for which the other vampire hunters had berated her, had warned her could be her undoing.

But although she could attack and kill, it could never be in cold blood. She had never been able to bring herself to strike the first blow.

Instead, she knelt beside the blue-haired vampire. She raised her hands, and her power.

Her golden shield sprang into existence. She barely noticed that Aizen had come up behind her.

Her power sank deep into the vampire before her. His arm, broken and shattered, seemed to melt away and re-form in its original state. And as she continued, his pale skin began to flush; the claws on his fingertips retracted and blunted.

He was a relatively newly-made vampire, she could tell, new enough that she could still restore him, but a very powerful one. Unusual. He had been young when he had been turned. She could sense violence in his life. But at least it would be life. He was coming back. Returning to life. Becoming human again.

The golden shimmer of her power faded away. She exhaled slowly, feeling once again the joy in her power, in the ability to save another human soul from the deathly rictus of vampirism. He was alive, warm and breathing and alive again. She had done it, given him the gift of life.

She squatted back on her heels and smiled as the blue-haired man opened his eyes.

He blinked, frowning as his eyes were unable to focus for a moment, and then he saw the woman in front of him. The human. His prey. What had happened? How had a mere human defeated him? He shook his head to clear it.

"How are you feeling?" she asked, still smiling. Looking as though she had done him a big favor.

Grimmjow scowled. "What the fuck happened?" he demanded, struggling to sit up. "Who the hell are you, bitch?"

"I'm Orihime," she said cheerfully, ignoring all his insults. "And you should be feeling pretty good right now."

He lifted his hands, stared at his fingers, and then ran a forefinger over his teeth, noting the lack of fangs. "What the fuck did you do to me?"

"You were bitten by a vampire," she explained in a cheery voice, "and turned into one, but I just turned you back into a human!" Again, she grinned.

He stared at her in disbelief. "What? No!" he shouted, starting up in anger.

Her smile faltered. "What's wrong? I've saved you," she insisted, still looking as though she expected undying gratitude.

He growled, and it was an animal sound. "Saved?" he sneered derisively. "Turn me back at once, woman!" he demanded.

She rocked back on her heels. "What? You want to be a vampire?" Her eyes widened. "Everybody knows it's a fate worse than death. Nobody wants to be one. Nobody wants to lose their soul. You only accept it once you've been turned because you don't realize what you're missing anymore."

He laughed harshly. "You're freakin' nuts, woman. Everyone keeps saying how terrible it is to become a vampire. But I don't see the problem. You get immortal life, eternal youth, superhuman strength, and the only issue is you have to stay out of the sun and change your diet." He shrugged. "What's the big deal?" He glared at her. "So turn me back, bitch."

Orihime took a step backwards, her eyes wide. "I – I don't know if I can do that."

Grimmjow snarled and flexed a muscular arm. "I may only be a human now, but I can still beat the hell outta any little girl."

Then the moonlight shining on his face dimmed as a shadow came over it. "I wouldn't touch her," said a deep, velvet voice with such menace it made Grimmjow's threat look like that of a toy. The blue-haired man ducked his head, all bravado draining out of him like water.

Orihime risked a quick glance over her shoulder. Aizen, still in the form of a vampire, stood behind her, his face calm and implacable.

When she looked back, Grimmjow was gone, and her superhuman senses heard only the rustling of a human running at full speed through the undergrowth.

Aizen's arms came around her from behind. He spun her around and smiled so that she could see his fangs.

Her eyes were puzzled. "Why are you still in that form?"

A devious glint entered his eyes. "Why not?" he breathed, leaning forward and nipping gently with his fangs at her neck.

"No," she protested, "I don't – mmph..." Her complaint was silenced as he sealed his lips over hers. His mouth was cool, his tongue more demanding than usual. He tasted like ice and smoke, like raw, cold power, rough against her skin. She shivered. In this form, she could feel his strength directly, his aura deadly as a powerful vampire, his clawed fingers digging into her scalp, raising tingles all over her skin and all through her body.

She had never been this close to a vampire except during a battle. It was terrifying, terrifying and somehow thrilling. Aizen's kiss felt almost like an attack, dominating, intense, potent. His arms latched onto her like steel bands that even with her supernatural strength she could not break.

She could not make love to a vampire. She tried to struggle, but it was of no use whatsoever. Aizen held her, and she could sense his amusement at playing a creature she was sworn to destroy. He loved to overstep boundaries. In their relationship so far, all she had to do was mention that something was wrong or immoral, and sooner or later she found herself engaging in exactly that activity with him.

But this was different. She had to get free, had to tell him to stop… but he would not break the kiss, and she could not speak. With his other hand he tore her shirt and bra right off her body. Her breasts sprang free, and the night air caressed them and his fingers traced circles around her nipples. She shivered again, this time feeling desire pooling in her belly. His fingers slipped downward, sliding underneath her panties, cool against the fire of her nub. She moaned in her throat, convulsing with desire, all her resolve eroding as waves of excitement swamped her. She wanted more. She wanted more of him, no matter what form he took. And all at once she submitted, going limp within his grasp. All she wanted was for him to take her, in whatever shape he chose, to feel that unbelievably powerful creature possessing and dominating and... owning her.

Yes, it was wrong, part of her knew... but she wanted it, wanted with a ferocious desire that engulfed her entire body and mind and common sense. She wanted nothing more than to obey his every command. Her entire body vibrated with longing for him. Her soul yearned for his. She realized she loved him, loved him with a passion that would welcome any touch, any contact, no matter how cruel or merciless.

He stilled for a moment, pulled back as his midnight eyes searched hers, boring into her inner soul, laying her bare both physically and mentally.

Then he smiled.

She had never seen a smile that dark. With a shock that flared through her entire body, she suddenly knew. Knew what she should have always known. She was in love and helpless in the hands of a powerful… and utterly, utterly evil creature.


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