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Bella POV

I stood outside of Sam Uley's house, indecisive. I wanted to thank him for rescuing me all those months ago, but I was unsure just how to do it. Biting my lip, I knocked once, but no one answered. Hesitantly, I pushed open the unlocked door. The sounds of grunting and moaning enticed me to explore further.

I made my way down the hall toward where the sounds were coming from, trying to keep my steps as silent as possible. I stopped just outside of the room the sounds were escaping from and bit down on my bottom lip as I allowed my head to peer around the door jam. What I saw took my breath away. Sam stood there in all his glory looking every bit like a bronze god and he had his large hand wrapped around his unusually large cock. I could just barely see the tip peeking out from his grasp. The sight set my heart racing., I knew I wanted to see him, but this wasn't what I had in mind when I came. I couldn't tear my eyes away; I took in a deep breath and stifled the moan that was trying very hard to come out. I almost had a heart attack when I heard him growl out in the still room.

"You going to stand there all day, little girl?"

A small whimper and moan escaped my parted lips as I watched him, his hand still moving up and down his incredible length as he moved towards me. His approach reminded me of a predatory animal circling their prey. I couldn't help the deep gulping breath I took in. His scrutinizing eyes made my body feel hotter than I had ever felt before. The mere thought of him touching me and doing god knows what else to me was enough to set me on edge with desire and need.

As he reached me, I could feel heat rolling off of him and the sensation was not unwelcome to me. I stood there trembling, not out of fear, but out of desire for this man. I had never been looked at in like he was looking at me, much less touched. I could feel my knees start to buckle just as his strong muscular arms wound their way around my small body.

His breath was hot against my skin and his voice was low and husky, brushing across my ear as he spoke again.

"I can feel how badly you want me, little girl. Now do as you are told, Angel of Mine, and strip for me."

I trembled with wanton desire and passion, newly awakened. His words brought an instant and unfamiliar longing to my lower regions. I blushed, but I did as I was told, my hands shaking as I slowly removed my top and pants. Once I was bare before him, I stood there, my arms shielding my nude body timidly as I watched him. His eyes were ravenous and peering into my very soul. I felt his arms once again winding around me, his fingers hard and calloused as they moved across my skin. I could feel his hands, cupping my breasts and lightly pinching my nipples. The sensations he was evoking made my breath hitch and a whimpered moan for more escape past my lips.

My eyes widened in innocent shock when I felt his other begin to lightly stroke downwards, slowly inching his fingers from my stomach toward the throbbing area between my thighs. I moaned again, louder this time. The building anticipation had me quivering beneath his scorching touch. I didn't know what he was going to do next, what to expect, but everywhere Sam touched, he left a fiery trail that only he could extinguish. I let out a gasp when I felt his fingers brush just above my mound. I could feel the moisture gathering against my folds and I knew he could, too. His mouth was still next to my ear, his lips brushing the shell and sending a shiver of pleasure down my spine as he spoke again in that low growl.

"Oh little girl, you are soaking wet for me already. I haven't even begun. When I am done, you will be screaming my name in pure bliss."

I trembled as he started backing me towards the bed. I longed for this from him, even if my mind was fighting it, my body and heart couldn't deny it. Something had sparked inside of me and like a siren's call, his demands drew me closer to oblivion.

I watched him, biting my bottom lip and shivering as I heard a low animalistic growl rumble within his muscled chest. I yearned to reach up and touch those chiseled muscles that moved with each breath he took. I let my eyes drift down his body, taking in every aspect of it. His eight-pack just begged to be touched with the barest of touches and his happy trail made me want to lick and nip my way down it. I had never seen such a magnificent man before. Even his cock begged for my attention, standing large and proudly at attention. I was inexperienced, but my thoughts were running wickedly to the things I wanted to do to him and his body and the things I wanted him to do to me. I had never seen a man's length, but I knew instinctively that Sam was large, larger than an average man. Rather than frightening me, this knowledge made me crave more.

His hands brushed in gentle touches over my skin, only to be chased by his hot wet mouth. I arched and writhed beneath his ministrations. He hadn't even really begun and yet, already he was playing my body like a finely tuned violin. He hovered over me, studying me. His eyes were dark as coal with desire and his next words left me a panting mess.

"I wanna do bad things with you, little girl."

His mouth curved up in a smirk when he saw just how much he affected me. I whimpered a soft plea, needing his touch.

"Please, Sam."

My lips parted and I moaned when I felt his hot breath against my neck and moving up to my ear. He spoke again in a tone that was pure panty 'sploding sex.

"You're mine from here on out. You got that, little girl?"

I was lost, incoherent to all thought but my need for him, as I give a very small nod of agreement. I could feel my eyes rolling back in my head as his fingers tapped at my outer lips of my pussy. A growl rumbled into the thick sexually charged air as his thumb began rubbing small circles against my clit, while his other finger slowly began working its way into my pussy, stretching me to a point that was almost uncomfortable, but not quite. I rocked my hips, lost in the sensation of his touches. Each time he pushed his finger deeper or slid it out only to push it back into my depths, I let out a mewl of pleasure. He growled out in response before slipping another finger past my folds and crooking them both, sliding them along my inner walls and hitting deep within me. The new sensation felt so good that I began to tremble and pant, my stomach muscles clenching as I cried out to him.

"Oh God! Sam!" I gasped out, unsure what he was doing to me, but helpless to care.

He nipped and sucked at my neck, whispering seductively in his rough baritone.

"That's right, little girl. Let go and cum for me."

His words intensified the pleasure of his actions as I arched up and screamed in release, soaking his hand and fingers with my juices. I squirmed and gasped as his fingers withdraw from me, the sensation almost too much for my overstimulated body. I tried to shy away, but he wrapped his fingers around my thighs, effectively holding me still while he lapped greedily at my essence.

"Fuck you taste good, little girl," he murmured, almost reverently, from between my parted thighs.

I met his gaze and quivered as his eyes burned into mine. I needed more from him. I needed his long, hard length entrenched in my innermost depths. I didn't yearn for long. Sensing my need and obviously needing the same, he roughly crashed his lips against mine and slid his cock against the outer lips of my pussy, coating himself in the moisture my body offered him. I shifted, needing more friction. The movement caused his member to slip inside of me just a little. The broad tip alone was stretching me and I could feel tears gathering in the corner of my eyes as the sensation snatched me from my pleasurable haze. I clung to him, trembling and drawing in a shaky breath.

"Breathe, little girl. Just relax and the pain will go away in a minute," he rumbled softly in my ear, his voice arousing and comforting me as I tried to do what he directed, tears pricking my eyes even more as he thrust forward through my barrier and fully seated himself within me.

The action forced a pained cry from my lips as I stiffened, my fingers digging into his biceps. He made soft soothing sounds and, in a gentle manner, wiped away the few tears that ran down my face. We both waited, allowing my body to relax and get used to his length. Finally the pain began to recede. Carefully rolling my hips, I moaned as I felt his swollen tip brush against that sensitive spot he had hit earlier with his fingers.

"You can move now," I whispered, anxious to relieve us both of the tension straining our muscles.

I could tell that he was fighting not to move and when I spoke, he didn't wait any longer. He began to favor me with long, agonizingly slow thrusts. Every ridge and vein of his considerable length brushed against my slick folds, causing me to writhe and move in time with him.

I tried to grasp at his hair as we moved, our bodies brushing against one another with each pass, but it was out of my reach. I gave up on his hair, instead curling my fingers over his broad shoulders. I could feel my stomach already tightening with what I recognized as an oncoming orgasm just as his thrusts began to become more erratic and less controlled.

His groans and growls of pleasure were growing louder, becoming an almost continuous litany. Seeking to bring me to orgasm with him, he reached down between us and began rubbing my throbbing clit with his calloused thumb. My breath left me in a whoosh as felt my internal muscles clenching tightly at his cock.

I threw my head back and let go when he whispered almost desperately, "You have to cum now, little girl. I'm so damn close."

I quaked and whimpered at the force of the orgasm as it ripped through me. I fought against the urge to close my eyes, wanting to see him as his climax peaked. I watched with a hooded gaze as his own was triggered by mine. He let out a guttural groan and pressed his hips forward, holding himself deeply inside my still twitching passage. I sighed softly in pleasure as I felt his heated cum filling my quivering channel, brushing my fingers in awe over his face. His tense, almost pained, expression of pleasure smoothed out at the gentle caress. Spent, he collapsed next to me, slowly regaining his breath, and drew me close. I could not help but smile softly as he nuzzled his nose into my hair, seeming to breathe me in. For the first time, I felt completely comforted and almost like I had found my place. I felt a deep sense of belonging as we relaxed in each other's arms, warm and safe with him.

I bolted upright in my bed, shuddering and slicked with sweat, body still twitching with my fading orgasm. Disoriented, I smiled a soft sad smile. A dream, it had only been another dream. I curled back beneath my covers and willed myself back to sleep, the only place I could find the comfort of Sam's arms, wishing again to wake and find the dream a reality. Drifting back to sleep, I heard the mournful howl of a wolf, so close it seemed to be right outside my window. Strangely comforted by the noise, sleep claimed me again.