Do Earthlords dream of Palau days?

A glowing sunset. A bottle of wine, two delicately beautiful crystal glasses. Gentle music come from hidden speakers - and a couple, watching the sky and celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Their five thousandth - or was it in the millions? - anniversary, to be exact.

...It would probably be best to add that the couple in question were not human. Far form it - and neither were they Elder, first or next generation. Not even immortal humani.

But even Earthlords have to relax every so often, and it just so happened that the charming isles of Palau were just so wonderfully, very, very, suited for it.

They seem to be happy here.

"Happy anniversary, Isis."

Osiris' voice carries easily, smooth and confident. He offers his wife some of the Quinta do Vallado they have, gracefully filling the crystal with the drink that brings so many bittersweet memories.

Isis accepts the glass, smiles in return, choosing to relish the moment of rare and utter peace.


Not so utter peace.

"Yes, Sophie." Iris' face twists. Beautiful, inhumane. Ugly. She sets down the sleek phone and locks eyes with Osiris.

They need no words, setting off immediately for the closest leygate. They leave in their wake some insignificances; a several-hundred-dollar hotel room, a luxurious dinner buffet, and a quiet humani sunset.

"Peace," says the woman, voice hard. "Is a fool's paradise."

She sounds angry. With herself, perhaps?

Osiris says nothing as his white armor shimmers into existence around him. He agrees, silently.

Then again, why should he bother?

Of peace?

an; LOL FOR SHORT AND BAD. 'nyways, I wrote this during free study period while stuck at a science camp trying to learn RCHO+2Ag(NH3)2OH=RCOONH4+2Ag+H2O and stuff like that I SWEAR THAT ONE IS WRITTEN ALL OVER MY RANDOM SCRIBBLES OH THE TRAUMA, along with a particularly gory Marvel!centric HG oneshot that I may or may not post depending on if I can actually decipher my handwriting.

yeah, I don't know half the stuff I'm talking about here, kindly excuse my derpiness and cleanse your eyes with Silver Pard's amazing DN fanfics. :D

Osiris & Isis © Michael Scott