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"Damon" Andie's small whimper echoed in the empty studio

"Why hello Brother" Stefan smirked.

Weren't those roles reversed just about a year ago? Damon threatening Stefan? Having the upped hand? A humanity controlled Stefan, not this..this ripper.

"what Stefan? You don't write, you don't call" the older Salvatore said,

"You need to stop following me" Stefan answered,

"Damon? Damon I cant move Damon" the terrified news-reporter said, a few tears escaping her eyes.

"Stefan, not cool bro. Andie stay calm" the older Salvatore said. Sure, he used her for practically everything he wanted, but at least she was there.

"oh come on, a little cool" Stefan argued, "well, in that case, Andie you can move" the younger sibling said with a sinister smile.

Andie moved across the ledge, just as Stefan strained an angry Damon to no save her,

"Let me go" Stefan said as Andie hit the floor with a thud, her head nesting in a pool of her own blood.

"NO!" a stranger's voice said, hitting Stefan from behind on the head.

The vampire could barley turn around before reserving a drop-kick to the face. The attacker then took him by the arm, flipping his body across to the other side.

Only this time Stefan reacted, grabbing a hold of the attacker pushing her against a wall while Damon made sure Andie was okay. Which she was not.

No heart beat, no breathing.

Damon turned around to see his brother take a bite from the attacker's neck.

Her grey eyes contrasting her inky black blunt bangs, her hair to her mid-back. With a really pained look on her face and a few tears in the corners of her eyes.

That's when Damon's brain decided to work, just as Stefan was coughing blood cursing vervain before blurring away.

The woman slumped on the floor, a shocked look plastered on her pretty face as her hands tentivly touched the wound, only to hiss in pain.

Damon crouched near the girl, biting his wrist holding it to her mouth

"what the hell" she coughed up, slapping Damon's wrist away, just when she starting feeling her neck wound, not hurting anymore.

"great, Vampires" she breathed, raising an eyebrow before losing conscience.

Claire Skye did have a weak stomach coming to blood.