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Charlie first met Harry in the summer before Harry's second year. Charlie had a tall, muscular frame, whereas Harry, although muscular from Quidditch, was much shorter and more delicate looking. Charlie thought that Harry might snap in half at the slightest touch from one of the rowdy Weasley boys.

They began writing to each other after the first task during the Triwizard Tournament, in Harry's fourth year. Charlie was in awe of the small boy who had managed to out fly a dragon. He had joined the party in Gryffindor Tower for a few hours, congratulating Harry on his performance, and making him promise to keep in touch about the second task.

Harry had written to him after finding out about the Yule Ball. He had confided in Charlie about his difficulties in asking a girl to the dance, how they were constantly giggling in the halls, and whether Charlie had any advice on how to get one on their own without a gang of girls hanging onto his every word.

Charlie had written back, telling Harry that he was gay, and sorry for not being more help with asking out girls, but advised that Harry speak to a girl he was friendly with for dance lessons.

Harry went to Angelina Bell and Alicia Spinnet, two Chasers from the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and they taught him in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Harry was eternally grateful to Charlie for that. He hadn't realised how complicated dancing actually was, and was glad he wouldn't make a fool of himself in front of the entire school at the ball.

They continued to write back and forth, discussing everything from the second task and Harry's schoolwork, to the dragon reserve where Charlie worked and the Quidditch league. In the lead up to the third task, Charlie was Harry's rock. He was the person Harry went to when he needed to vent his anger at the tournament, who provided Harry with lists of advanced spells to learn for the task and encouraged Harry when he felt he like giving up.

When Harry arrived back at Hogwarts, with Cedric, after the third task, and announced that Voldemort was finally dead, it was Charlie who grabbed him round the waist and lifted him up in the air for all the cheering crowds to see. It was Charlie who sat with Harry for the next few days in the hospital wing while Ron and Hermione had their last few classes of the year, and helped Harry pack up his trunk for returning to the Burrow, where he would be staying that summer. Charlie could hardly believe his luck that he would be staying in the same house as this beautiful boy he had grown to care for, for two whole months.

The leaving feast was a celebration of a Hogwarts victory in the Triwizard Tournament, followed by a party in Gryffindor house, as their champion had been in the hospital wing since the third task. The party lasted into the next morning, and many of the older students didn't bother with trying to sleep, as there was only an hour before the breakfast, after which the train would depart for Kings Cross station.

Harry sat on his bed, his trunk already packed, watching as the other boys from his dorm chucked belongings into their trunks. He was tired from the party, and his head was beginning to ache from the loud music that had played throughout the night. He smiled as he watched Seamus throw a pile of clothes into his trunk, only for Neville to remove them a minute later and place them in his. Ron was searching the room for his scattered chess pieces, and Dean was taking down his West Ham posters.

Finally, it was time for breakfast, and Harry was dragged down to the Great Hall by Ron, where he picked at some toast, but mostly sat sipping a cup of coffee, until it was time to leave for the train.

Fred and George joined Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny in their compartment on the train, and started a loud game of exploding snap, causing Harry to growl at them and curl up in his seat to sleep. Ron just laughed affectionately at his best mate, knowing from experience that he was definitely not a morning person, and even less so when he had had no sleep the previous night.

The train arrived at Platform 9 and ¾ and the twins roused Harry enough for him to stagger off the train, colliding immediately with Bill, who had started towards the train to find out what was taking them so long.

"Watch it, Harry," Bill grinned, passing Harry onto Charlie, who grabbed Harry round the waist to keep him upright.

"Sorry, Bill," Harry yawned, peering at him through half closed eyes to see if any damage had been caused. He moved away from Charlie, and leant against the nearby wall as he watched the brothers greet their younger siblings.

There was lots of laughter and chatter, as the family joked with each other and teased Ginny and Ron, who seemed to provide the best reactions. Standing slightly to the side of the happy picture, Harry felt slightly lost, not wanting to intrude on the family moment.

As the family started to move off through the barrier, Harry trailed behind, letting Mrs Weasley fuss over Ron and Ginny, and the twins discuss their latest pranks with their older brothers. It was Charlie who noticed Harry and grabbed him by the hand, smiling softly at him as he pulled Harry through into the Muggle world and away to the car, where Arthur was waiting to take them home, to the Burrow.

Harry settled in the back of the car, next to Ron, and stared out the window as they set off, wondering whether Charlie had felt the jolt of electricity that had spiked through Harry when Charlie had grabbed his hand.

They burst out of the car at the Burrow, Harry and Ron feeling much more refreshed after a nap in the car. The trunks were hauled out of the boot of the car, and Mr Weasley cast charms on them so that the boys could carry them inside.

The redheads and Harry crowded into the kitchen for dinner, and Harry squeezed in between Ron and Fred at the table. The talk over dinner was light-hearted and lasted into the evening. Harry found Ron nodding off to sleep on his shoulder, and Harry himself was having a hard time keeping his head upright.

"Time for bed, I think," said Mrs Weasley. Ron groaned and Harry tried to shake himself awake enough to carry himself up to the top floor where Ron's room was. Before they could get to their feet, Mrs Weasley stopped them. "The ghoul has been causing a few problems, dears, so you'll need to sleep in a different room, just until it's sorted. You don't mind do you?"

Harry shook his head, but Ron demanded to know what damage had been done.

"Just to the ceiling, Ron, all your stuff is fine," Arthur told him.

"Not that you'd notice any damage in that pig sty, eh, Ronniekins?" Bill grinned at him. Ron made to swipe at his brother, but Bill dodged and Ron didn't have the effort to try and get him.

"You'll be sharing with Percy, Ron," Mrs Weasley informed him, and Ron complained under his breath, but moved quickly out the room before Mrs Weasley could catch what he'd said.

"Harry, dear, I hope you don't mind, you'll be sharing with Bill and Charlie?" Mrs Weasley told him anxiously.

"Sounds great, Mrs Weasley," said Harry, trying to stifle a yawn and failing miserably. Charlie and Bill smirked at him, before bowing low and gesturing to the door.

"Your chambers await you," Charlie told him with a laugh, and Harry followed him out the door and up two sets of stairs to their room.

Two beds were set up, with a gap between the two, and a desk and wardrobe stood to one side of the room. Bill quickly grabbed something and transfigured it into a bed for Harry, so that the three beds lay side by side. He indicated to Harry that the middle one was his bed, and headed off to the bathroom, followed by Charlie. By the time they returned, Harry was asleep, fully dressed, on top of his bedcovers. The brothers smiled at the sight of him, and climbed into their beds, to settle down to sleep.

When Harry awoke the next morning, he was in a strange room, and could hear heavy breathing to either side of him. He sat bolt upright in bed, reaching for his wand, forgetting for that moment that he couldn't do magic outside of school. His sudden movement had jerked Bill and Charlie awake, and they glared at him.

"Harry," Charlie began. "As much as we are honoured to have you as a guest in our room, it is seven o'clock in the morning, and the first day of the holidays, and we'd really appreciate a lay in."

Harry sat there for a few minutes, letting what Charlie had said sink in, before shrugging and laying back down, easily falling back to sleep.

Twenty minutes later, Bill and Charlie decided to make their way downstairs for breakfast. Their attempts to fall back asleep had been unsuccessful.

"How does he do that?" Bill muttered, as he passed Harry's bed to reach the door. Charlie just shook his head and followed Bill downstairs.

An hour later, Harry awoke for the second time, and on seeing the empty beds either side of him, decided to go downstairs. Already in the kitchen were Ron and Percy, sitting at opposite ends of the table eating breakfast, and Bill and Charlie who were discussing something in the Daily Prophet over cups of tea. They looked up as Harry walked in.

"Prince Charming has finally awoken," Bill observed. "A full hour after he ruined our efforts to enjoy this lovely sunny morning from our beds."

Harry had sat himself at the table, and seemed to be completely unaware of Percy and Charlie sniggering at Bill's comments. Ron stepped in on his friend's behalf.

"You can't talk to him before he's had his cup of coffee," Ron told his brothers, passing a mug to Harry. "It's like his brain can't understand anything without the caffeine running round it."

"Hey, Harry!" Charlie said. "Harry? Harry! Haaaarrrrryyyyy?! Harry!"

"Wha'", Harry mumbled, squinting up to the left of Charlie's head.

"Over here, mate," said Charlie, and Harry turned his head slightly. "Can you actually see anything without your glasses?"

Harry shook his head, and drank some more coffee. Ron spoke up again for him.

"He finds his way round by keeping his hand on the wall."

"Surely that's not an incredibly safe method of moving around the house," stated Percy, loftily.

Ron scowled at him. "Well it works, and he hasn't fallen downstairs yet, has he?"

"Who hasn't?" asked Harry, who'd finished his coffee and was now nibbling the edge of some toast.

"No-one mate, you sleep alright last night?" Ron asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah, good thanks," Harry replied. "What are we doing today?"

"I thought we could go out and play some Quidditch" Ron told him. The rest agreed with him, and after finishing breakfast, they went up to their rooms to get changed.

Ron and Harry made their way into the back yard, where Bill and Charlie were waiting for them, and were joined a few minutes later by Fred, George and Ginny. Percy was, apparently, very busy with homework, what with it being his NEWT years at school.

They split off into teams, Bill, Harry and George against Ron, Charlie, Fred and Ginny. As they were near to a Muggle town, they couldn't use proper Quidditch balls, in case they got away, so the Weasley boys had a Muggle football that they used as a substitute Quaffle, the winner being the team with the most points when Mrs Weasley called them in for lunch.

The game was fun, and although Harry enjoyed the competitiveness of the games at Hogwarts, he liked that no-one here took it too seriously. The game was full of daring dives, the boys trying to out race each other, and knocking each other off course. They were evenly matched. Harry and Charlie had both been Seekers for Gryffindor, and Fred and George both Beaters, and though Ron, Ginny and Bill hadn't played for the house team, they were still very good at flying.

Two hours later, the game was called to an end. Everyone was exhausted from the flying, and the sun was sweltering, as it was nearing midday. They boys were hot and sweaty, and they trudged wearily back up to the house.

Bill and Charlie had removed their shirts to stop them sticking to their bodies, and as Harry caught sight of their well-muscled chests, he felt his mouth go dry at the sight of them. His felt his face heat up and quickly looked at the ground before anyone could notice, and carried on walking. Charlie grinned and nudged Bill, signalling with his head towards Harry. Bill bit back a laugh and nodded to Charlie.

The two quickly positioned themselves either side of Harry, so that he was stuck between them.

"Hey, looks like you've got a bit of sunburn there, Harry," Charlie told him.

Harry shrugged. "They're my cousin's old clothes and he's a lot bigger than me. They fall loose around my neck, so the sun catches all my neck and back."

"I've got some stuff upstairs that'll help," said Bill. "I need stronger stuff for working in the Egyptian sun; it'll help your burns pretty quickly."

"I'm fine, really," Harry replied, not wanting to cause a fuss.

"It's not a problem, Harry," Bill said gently, pushing him upstairs, and nodding to Charlie to follow the smaller boy.

Once in their room, Charlie pushed the door shut, and tugged Harry's shirt off, being careful not to irritate his sunburn. Harry blushed, and looked at his feet, not wanting to see the look on the older boy's when he saw his scrawny frame.

Charlie whistled. "That's an impressive set of scars you have there."

Harry blushed again and picked at his nails. "Trouble just seems to, sort of, follow me," he muttered. Charlie laughed and suddenly swung Harry up in the air, before dumping him face down on his bed.

"Hey!" Harry yelped, trying to sit up. Charlie pushed him back down very easily and grinned at Harry's indignant face.

"How am I going to help your back if you're lying on it, idiot?" Charlie smirked at Harry who'd gone red again and muttered something about doing it himself. "Whatever Harry. You might be the champion of the Triwizard tournament, but even you will struggle to put sun lotion on that part of your back. Your arms just don't bend that way."

Harry coughed something that Charlie couldn't make out, but he stopped struggling. He felt Charlie's weight settle across his legs, and then squeaked at how cold the lotion was as Charlie began to rub it into his skin.

"Very masculine noise there, Harry," Charlie teased, as he massaged the stuff into Harry's back and neck. Harry just grunted at him, and the room fell silent, as Harry relaxed under Charlie's hands.

When Charlie had finished, he moved off Harry, and told him not to move until the lotion had dried. Harry was grateful for that, as he was now sporting a rather significant problem that could have been very embarrassing, had he chosen to turn over.

Charlie moved over to his desk, where he began to write on a piece of parchment.

"Charlie..?" Harry called his name, softly.

"Yeah?" There was a pause as Harry gathered the courage to speak his next words.

"When did you… you know… find out… that you, were, erm… well that you… you liked boys?" Harry managed to spit out his question eventually.

Charlie smiled to himself. He'd seen this coming, ever since Harry had written to him about the Yule Ball.

"Well, it didn't really just hit me, Harry. I'd known it for a while, and then I kissed another guy and I enjoyed it, and that seemed to be quite a big indicator that I might be gay," Charlie told him, his eyes amused, but his face still serious.

Harry just nodded, and Charlie turned back to the letter he was writing.

"See…" Harry began nervously. "Ithinkimightlikeboysbutimnot sureandihavenoonetokiss."

"Slow down a bit Harry," Charlie smiled at him. Harry repeated his words a bit slower. His face felt like it was on fire, and he pressed his face into the bed he was still lying on to hide from Charlie's view.

Harry felt the mattress dip slightly, as Charlie moved onto the bed beside him. Charlie's hand ghosted across his back, making Harry shiver.

"I think you can sit up now Harry, the lotions dried now," Charlie told Harry, but Harry shook his head and continued to hide his face in the bed. Charlie sighed, and picked Harry up. The boy was small, and fit perfectly into his lap. Charlie leaned back against the headboard, Harry pulled to his chest. "I care about you Harry, I have since I first met you a few years ago, and even more so since you started writing to me this year." Harry nodded, as he waited for the 'but' to come. "But I'm seven years older than you, Harry, and…"

"And what if I don't care about that?" Harry demanded. Summoning his Gryffindor courage, he sat upright, and twisted his body round so he was facing Charlie, looking him straight in the eye. "I trust you, and I care about you, and I don't care what anyone else thinks!"

He looked at Charlie defiantly, daring him to say something. Charlie sighed.

"What are you doing to me Potter?" he asked, and then he pressed his lips to the smaller boy's, knowing that if his mother could see what he was doing, she'd have his balls off for daring to go near her practically adopted son. Harry sat back after a minute.

"Charlie," he said seriously, looking Charlie straight in the eye. "I think I might be gay." Charlie just laughed, and pulled Harry's head back to claim his lips once again.