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The Weasleys were eating breakfast the next morning when Hedwig arrived. Ron went to take the letter from her, but she pecked at his hand, and flew over to sit in front of Charlie. Hedwig stuck her leg out, so that Charlie could take the letter, and then took off out the open window.

"Why's Harry writing to you?" Ron grumbled, rubbing his hand as he finished eating his breakfast.

Charlie just shrugged and took the letter upstairs to read privately. He sat on his bed and opened the parchment. He read it and re-read it several times, before falling back on his bed.

Bill came into the room and saw Charlie lying on his bed, the parchment in his hands. He pulled the letter out of his younger brother's hands and read it quickly.

"Charlie?" he called gently. "Are you okay?"

Charlie blinked and looked at him. "I was so stupid, Bill. How do I sort this?"

"You make sure that you're here when he visits and talk to him, and stay well away from Sirius," Bill told him. "But for now, you can stop feeling sorry for yourself and come play Quidditch; we need you to even up the teams."

Harry was due to visit the Burrow a week after he had left with Remus and Sirius. He was dressed in his new clothes; he felt much more confident in clothes that fit him well, and, since Bill had fixed his eyesight too, his self-esteem was much higher.

He was half hoping that Charlie wouldn't be there, when he went to visit Ron, but a small part of Harry wanted Charlie to see him in his new clothes, with his new confidence, so that Charlie could see he wasn't a little child.

Charlie had heard Ron and the twins talking at breakfast. Harry would be visiting that day. He would make sure he got a chance to apologise to Harry and make it up to him. Charlie collected him broom and went out to the garden to play Quidditch with his brothers while they waited for Harry.

Harry stumbled through the Floo after saying goodbye to Remus and Sirius, and nearly crashed into Mrs Weasley at the other end.

"Oh, hello, Harry," she beamed, dusting soot off of him. "Are these your new clothes, dear? They look lovely."

Harry had finally decided on his new jeans, a green top that highlighted his eyes, and his Converse, after an internal debate on what would look best when he woke up that morning.

"Thanks, Mrs Weasley," he smiled. "Are the others out the back?"

Mrs Weasley nodded, and turned back to whatever she had been cooking. Harry made his way into the back garden.

As he came into view of the makeshift Quidditch pitch, Fred and George caught sight of him first. They whistled loudly, making Harry blush.

"Looking good, Harry!" they shouted, identical grins on their faces.

The game paused so that they could come down and greet Harry.

"Nice clothes, Harry," said Ron. "Where'd you get them?"

"Sirius and Remus took me shopping," Harry replied.

"Is that when we saw you in Diagon Alley?" asked Bill.

"Uh, yeah," said Harry, glad that they hadn't mentioned him running away without acknowledging them. He began to feel a bit awkward from all the attention he was receiving. "Can I join the game?" he asked, and they were all soon back in the air.

Harry had walked out into the garden, holding himself in a way that Charlie hadn't seen in him before. Instead of trying to fold into himself and hide away, Harry was standing tall, and looked comfortable in himself. And he looked hot in those clothes.

When the others went down to greet Harry, Charlie hung back a bit. He watched his brothers ask about his clothes, and saw Harry become embarrassed by the attention. They were soon up in the air, but Charlie couldn't take his eyes off Harry, who was darting around, in competition with the twins and Ron.

Harry laughed and joked more confidently than he had before, and he was really happy. He noticed Charlie's eyes following him, but pretended not to notice. He'd address that issue later, this was fun.

They had eaten sandwiches outside for lunch, and stayed out there, as the weather was especially good that day. They had spent the afternoon playing games in the garden, relaxing in the sun and chatting between themselves. Charlie was frustrated; between the twins and Ron, Harry hadn't been left alone all day. He was beginning to think he'd never get a chance to speak with Harry.

Bill noticed that Charlie's upset, and got to his feet.

"Hey, guys, help me take this stuff inside," he said, chucking bits of the left over picnic into the twin's and Ron's laps. They got to their feet, grumbling about the exercise. Harry made to get to his feet to help.

"No, don't you worry, Harry, you can stay here. We'll only be a moment," Bill told him, and with that, he had the twins and Ron marching up the garden, leaving Harry and Charlie sat on the grass.

Harry swallowed nervously and didn't look up. He could feel Charlie's eyes on him.

Charlie watched Harry closely, wondering if the smaller boy would say anything. It appeared that he wasn't going to.

"Harry?" he asked softly. Harry looked up and met his eyes. Charlie temporarily forgot how to speak. He'd forgotten how beautiful those green eyes were. He managed to regain some composure. "I'm sorry."

It was Charlie's turn to feel nervous now. He didn't move under Harry's gaze, as Harry scanned his face for emotion.

Harry could see the honesty in Charlie's eyes, but decided to make him wait just a bit longer. It may be cruel, but the Sorting Hat had wanted to put him in Slytherin. When Harry decided Charlie had waited long enough, he nodded.

"I believe you," he said.

"Harry, it was such a stupid mistake. I don't know what I was doing, what I was thinking. Will you forgive me?"

Harry nodded again, not trusting his voice. His insides felt like they were going to burst with happiness.

Charlie grinned at him. "Can I kiss you?" he asked. Harry nodded a third time, a smile splitting his lips. Charlie quickly closed the gap between them and pulled Harry onto his lap. They sat for a few minutes, until they heard voices.

"Charlie, your brothers are coming back," Harry stated, starting to move from Charlie's lap.

Charlie held him tighter. "Sounds like Sirius, Remus and my parents are with them too," Charlie said, tilting his head towards the sound.

"Are you going to let me go then?" Harry asked.

"I already made that mistake once," said Charlie, kissing the dark haired boy in his lap once again.

The family reached the end of the garden to see the two boys embracing, lost in a kiss. Bill coughed, and the two broke apart.

Mr and Mrs Weasley, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny were staring, mouths hanging open. Remus had his eyebrows raised. Sirius looked like he wasn't sure whether to hit Charlie or hug him, Harry looked so happy.

"My brother, Harry?" Ron choked out. Harry nodded, his eyes showing the worry at Ron's reaction. Ron shook his head, and spoke with a friendly tone. "When did you realise you were gay, mate?"

Harry smiled in relief. "I just kissed him and I knew."