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Rosalie's P.O.V

When I received that phone call from Bella I was shocked to say the least, at first I was confused as why should would ring me on her honeymoon but then when she told me she was pregnant and that she wanted me to protect her and the baby I was more than willing to help.

You see I've always wanted a baby of my own but since my body won't undergo the changes it is impossible. So this way I can be a surrogate mother of sorts and if Bella doesn't survive I will finally have my wish.

So for the most of the pregnancy I've been by her side, which is difficult since that mongrel Jacob black has constantly been around, and I can't stand the stench of him.

But I begin to notice that I'm drawn to the baby inside her more than I should be, I mean always wanting a baby of my own I thought I would want to protect and be there for the baby but somehow this feels different.

And I've also noticed that I don't feel the same around Emmett, when we kiss, it feels wrong and like I shouldn't be doing it. I've never felt that way about him sure it's always been a bit uncomfortable but I just put that down to my experience with Royce and his friends.

I remember trying to talk Bella out of her baby names, the boy's names were kind of bad and just felt wrong but the name Bella picked out for the girl felt right.

When we was telling the mutt the names I was shocked when Bella's spine broke and she fell to the floor and all that was running through my mind was.

I hope the baby's ok.

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