If you haven't played FFXII (then why are you reading this fic anyway) here are the Espers and their elements for you. Chaos (Wind), Hashmal (Earth), Belias (Fire), Mateus (Ice), Adrammelech (Thunder), Ultima (Light), Famfrit (Water), Zodiark (Darkness), Cuchulainn (Poison), Zalera (Death) and Zeromus (Gravity).

Chaos trundled, well flew, or whatever you do in that vehicle of his, down the hall to meet his 'son'. Espers reproduce asexually you see, so all of their powers are carried over to the next generation, each of which typically lasts around 1500 years. Young Chaos was only 8 at this time but Old Chaos had some news for him.

As usual, he was found playing inside with Young Hashmal, they were in the middle of trying to figure out what LEGO does when they were interrupted.

"There you are!" announced Old Chaos rather gruffly. Young Chaos sighed and got to his feet

"What is it now Dad?" he asked, the response being a letter thrown at his feet. He read the address, To Chaos, Esper of Wind and holder of the virtue, Wisdom. That's me, he thought. But why did they put my full title? Pushing all doubts aside to some remote corner of his brain, Young Chaos tore open the envelope and looked at the note inside.

To all Espers of the next generation,

Reading that line he sat down again and let Hashmal read the note as well

There has been a greatly disturbing matter brought to our attention, Young Master Zodiark has fled the safety of the citadel and down onto the Mortal Plane! He appears to have had help from Young Cuchulainn and Zalera as they are missing too. In light of this we call you to a meeting but any Espers who fail to attend shall be sought out and brought there with extreme prejudice with the reason that they may be somehow connected to this incident.

Exodus, the Judge-Sal

They both had to read the note a few more times to get the full grasp of it and even then, they were totally dumbfounded by it all. Zodiark! Escape! Never! Nonetheless, they had to attend, quickly tidying everything up they hastily made their way to the Judge-Sal's chambers.

Exodus was old, even for an Esper and his 1375 years showed. He had a long beard and needed a chair to hover around in. However, he was in charge of the entire Esper courts and did a very good job of it according to other deities who resided within the Citadel of Elements.

"Ahem! Ah, Chaos you have arrived" Exodus checked the time. "And early as well. Good job too as I wanted to ask you something, since you have the virtue of Wisdom I think it would be wise, pardon the pun, to appoint you as the leader of this operation."

"Well.." started Chaos

Exodus laughed heartily "I knew you'd be up to it!"

"Congratulations," Hashmal said before adding "Leader." Chaos smiled and sat down next to Hashmal as the other 5 Espers were escorted in. First Belias, who sat down next to Hashmal, then Mateus, who took his place at the end of the row, after that Adrammelech (although most called him Adam) who sat next to Belias, next Ultima, who sat between Mateus and Chaos then finally Famfrit who sat at the other end of the row next to Adrammelech.

Exodus coughed a bit before speaking "Good, you're all here, so now I shall explain why I have sent you here. You have been chosen, because you all knew Zodiark at one time or another, to find him on the Mortal Plane."

This was greeted by startled eyes from the audience.

"Calm down, I know the rumours about the humans down there but I have links with a few who know our existence to be more than myth and they have set up accommodation and education for all of you. Now this mission would most probably fail without a leader, and that is why I have chosen Chaos here,"

Exodus waved a finger vaguely in the intended direction and ended up pointing at Ultima instead.

"To be the leader. I have prepared Shemhazais for all of you, now quickly you must go while the barrier between the Planes is at its weakest. Time is of the essence!"

And with that, the doors swung open and 7 strange creatures trotted in, these were Shemhazais, the mounts of the Espers. They looked like horses with masked heads, horns and a mush faster gallop. After some last minute riding lessons the group were off, punching through the barrier and down onto the Plane below...

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